Aug 8, 2011

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Question – Are There Some Overseas Covers That Just Blow You Away ?

Do you know what amazes me?  How a publisher’s art department in the U.S. can interpret a book so differently than a publisher’s art department in the U.K. (or anywhere else for that matter).  How the same exact book, published on opposite ends of the world, can end up with such different cover images.

One thing that is cool about Goodreads is that it’s pretty much international.  That means that you can see the cover art from many different publications right there on your computer screen with a simple click of your mouse.  I have to admit that sometimes, I feel a little jealous of readers in other countries.  Why?  Because sometimes their covers for some of my favorite books are just SO MUCH PRETTIER!

Most of the time, I am completely content.  But sometimes, meh…  Here are a couple of examples of covers that I consider ‘fine’ in North America but that are just knock outs in their overseas counterparts:

The covers for Ilona Andrews German editions of Magic Bites and Magic Bleeds are beautiful!  (Actually, the German covers for the whole series are just so darned pretty.)

And the covers for the UK editions of Larissa Ione’s Lords of Deliverance…just wow!  I really don’t mind the North American cover for Immortal Rider, but put it next to the UK cover…no contest!

So that is my question for you this week:  Are there some overseas covers that just blow you away when compared to their domestic version?

  1. German covers are pretty much always interesting, Scandinavian and Dutch covers too. Even Russian covers sometimes 🙂

  2. I do love the Ione UK covers SO much more than the boring US ones.

    What else…oh dunno. I forget to easily

  3. I often find myself in love with UK covers. Two of the most notable ones where I wish I had the overseas version:

    Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers books. I like the US version, but Germany’s cover is so fitting. For example:

    My Soul to Steal (US)
    My Soul to Steal (German)

    Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan books. Example:

    Iron Crowned (US)
    Iron Crowned (UK)

  4. kara-karina – I can’t say that I’ve seen any Scandinavian covers yet. I’ll have to keep an eye. Thanks!

    blodeuedd – The UK art departments really do know how to make beautiful covers. 🙂

    Chelsea – Wow! the Iron Crowned cover! The UK one is TONS better!

  5. Wow, Good question! I actually never thought about looking at other covers. I’m now going to start keeping my eye on the lookout.

  6. I agree with you, German covers are very pretty and sometimes, not all the time UK covers are better than USA.
    Turkish covers are not so good… here is a sample of Morganville Vampires,999,999/Ara/Tumgruplar/Tumkriterler/Tumformatlar/rachel+caine

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