Aug 11, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – An Update on the Cheerios Situation

Last year, I posted this delightful post about my dealings with Cheerios.  I’d like you to read it because I know you’ll get the same warm and fuzzies I do when I read it. 


I’m sure that those of you who have children, grand-children or even younger brothers or sisters will appreciate my situation. There is one thing that truly makes me question everything I know about the universe. One thing that makes me wonder if magic is at all possible, or if Toy Story had any truth behind it. And that one thing is Cheerios. You know what I mean…

You vacuum and swiffer and sweep until there are no more Cheerios anywhere, then you turn your back and Pow!

The Cheerios are there!

Where do they hide? What do they do? That is what this article is all about.

In my ‘snack’ container is where I assume they are — where I assume they stay. But I am starting to believe they are intelligent and cunning and are able to escape without alarming anyone. I am thinking they are more than just a snack or breakfast food. They are very sneaky these Cheerios. They are very good at hiding. I often find them in the strangest of places — especially among my kids’ toys. The only explanation I can think of is that while no one is looking, this is what they are up to:

As I said, they are quite good at hiding…

…but they are sometimes unsuccessful and there are some casualties.

I often wonder how there are so many of them?! How is it that when I look down I only see two, then look again a couple of seconds later and I see 7! The only thing that comes to mind is that they must make like bunny rabbits.

They might freak me out and make me question my sanity, but I refuse to let them get to me. I kind of expect them to create an army one day, to avenge their dead…

But don’t worry about me, I already know how I’ll deal with them…


Now that was the original post.  That went up June 10th 2010.  I’m sure that you are all looking for an update.  You are wondering if the Cheerios do indeed still drive me up a frickin’ wall.  Well, I am happy to say that the Cheerios are not as abundant since the little toddlers are now three years old.  But that doesn’t mean I am any less frustrated and puzzled – because the Cheerios have been replaced with Goldfish Crackers!

Oh, they look innocent enough…

But really, they are sneaky

There are still casualties…

But most survive.  Often, I find them next to a ‘friend’ in strange and compromising positions.  That only convinces me that they think they rule my house and party with the gummies and the animal cookies.

Don’t you worry though.  I can “take care” of them as I took care of the Cheerios.  In fact, I have a newer, quicker method.  *insert evil laugh*  (I may have become a little more wicked thanks to them too…)

My dealings with Cheerios…and Goldfish Crackers.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Omg, I love this post 😀 I wanna play with food

  2. “party with the gummies and the animal cookies” Julie you are sick “cookie” LOL
    I looove this post “evil laugh” and all. It goes perfect with my #evilme

  3. LOL at the update! Know what it is at my house? Those darned clear juicebox straw wrappers. Every time I pick one up, two more appear out of nowhere!!

  4. ROFLMAO!!!!!! Oh man Julie, that is funny! I’m glad that you posted your one from last year since I missed it but you crack me up big time! Sorry to hear gold fish are taking over your house…glad to see you can at least get rid of them quickly with the vaccum! 😀

  5. Think of the children! LOL.

    Oh I spotted a rhino animal cracker doing something rated R with one of the gold fish!

  6. hehe…it may be time for you to get out of the house more. ROFLMAO!! smiles…

  7. blodeuedd – It’s fun! 😉

    Bookaholic Cat – I was actually thinking about your #evilme while I was doing this. lol

    Patti – And they stick to your feet too! I can understand why those would be annoying. lol

    Deanna – You always have to have a plan to get rid of pests. 😉

    Katie – I thought you would spot that…lol

    Christi – You think? Really? LOL

  8. Freaking hilarious. I have the same problem with legos, although the casualty list usually just involved my of my husband’s feet.

  9. LMAO Cherrios are the bane of my existance. I love them with a passion and have been known to go outside the home and never be told I have some sticking to my clothing.

  10. Show them who’s boss Julie! Lol, So adorable! The problem at my house are dryer sheets…like little white ghosts I slip on.

  11. LOL I bet you had a riot doing that. LOLOLOL


  12. Sara – Legos! OUCH! Toys on the ground is the reason I wear Crocs in my house. lol

    tori – How on earth do they stick to your clothing? LOL

    Skye – Dryer sheets are dangerous! I’ve slipped on those more than once. lol

    Francesca – Thanks! 🙂

    Michelle – I have fun, but my daughter has more fun. She plays with them when I’m done! LOL

  13. I love how twisted your mind is.

  14. Oh Julie! Abso tute ly terrific! I love how your mind works.

    I once played with veggies in the fridge in a similar manner for a photo collage. But the Cheerios/Goldfish thing is priceless.

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