Aug 15, 2011

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Question – While Blog Hopping, What Are Some Of The Posts That You Never Miss?

I visit many blogs in a day.  Well, I try to at least.  Most through Google Reader, but many by going from blog to blog.  Of course, there are some posts that are more fun than others to read – some weekly features that I look forward to more than others.

I know on my blog, my Monday Question seems to be my most popular posts, followed by my Reviews.

Over on other blogs, I enjoy watching Vlogs (IMM or weekly updates or whatever) because I think it’s fun to see and hear the people behind the blog.  Katie always has a really fun WTFckery post on Sundays that I never miss and I quite enjoy Ally’s Book Thoughts posts.

I can go on and on about the posts I try to never miss on my favorite blogs, but I’m not going to.  If I did this would be one loooooong arsed post.  Instead I’m going to open the floor to you by asking you:  While blog hopping, what are some of the posts that you never miss and where can I find them?  And what are some of the most popular posts on your own blog?

  1. Great Question and I will be back to read up on some of the answers.

    On my site
    I just started a Tuesday Teaser and joined a big group of bloggers that follow that. Just a simple post some lines on the book that you are currently reading. I receive a lot of comments on that day but they are mostly the meme folks. My hope is that they will like what they see and return. I know I have found a few blogs that way and I frequently use visit now.

    My “faithful” folks show up on my Wednesday’s Guilty Pleasure post. I get a lot of traffic that day, not necessarily a lot of comments (maybe 8-12) They are my most fun blog posts and now I am hosting guest spot Guilty Pleasures. This week I will have my first guest author, Leslie Lee Sanders.

    Biggest traffic is my giveaways. Recently I held 2 separate interviews with team members from Outlander the Musical. First interview was with singer Allan Scott-Douglas and I gave away a 2 CDs. I had thousands of visits.
    The next interview was with Kevin Walsh the composer of the CD and a CD giveaway and I got about a thousand hits. That was the most traffic on my blog yet. I am guessing that my post on Thursday where I post all about meeting Diana Gabaldon this past weekend will get a lot of traffic too. She has so many fans.

    On other Blogs
    I use my Blogger dashboard frequently (almost daily) and scroll through all the updated blogs and have chosen to follow. If there is something of interest I will for sure visit and comment. If there is a book that I have read, I usually stop by and and read their comment to see how closely we reviewed. I like doing that.

    I love your blog because you have a schedule and I can rely on what is up. I am an organized person so I appreciate a schedule. Plus you have a great layout. Easy to follow. This is one of my favourites to visit.

    I like to visit the giveaways and I enter frequently. I really don’t like giveaways that make you jump through hoops. I pass on those ones. I am not a fan of a requirement to join Facebook “likes”. I like to keep my FB private and not fill my feed with author/blogger stuff. That is where Twitter comes in.

    I’ll check back because I am curious.
    MichelleKCanada @AnotherLookBook
    Another Look Book Reviews <<see I'm not putting my link so it shouldn't go to spam folder lol

  2. I don’t miss Parajunkee’s Book Blogging 101 posts on Thursdays and Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos does a great Misadventures in Stock Photography every Monday.

  3. Michelle – Another Look Book Reviews < LMAO! Your name at the top of your comment is your link. 🙂

    Your Guilty Pleasures are on my ‘do not miss’ list. They are a lot of fun and they give an insight into you. And guests for that post is a great idea! As for my schedule, I stick with it most weeks, but sometimes if I have an interview or a giveaway, I’ll bend it a little. 😉

    Patti – I never miss PJ’s Blogging 101 posts either. She’s such a wealth of information! And I’ll have to check out Chris’ post. Thanks!

  4. I like Katie’s WTF posts. But I daily check out what is going on here, wouldn’t miss it, and browse my dashboard on Google Reader.

    On my blog, “Sexy Man Tuesday” is the clear winner as far as the stats go. It also generates the most comments, rightfully so. It is also the most difficult to write each week, since I’m trying to stay away from celebs; but that will change and has already.

  5. Off the top of my head, I am thinking Smexy’s Top 10 book news each week (on Friday’s)….I find all sort of info there.

    Then there are several author’s that run Man Candy features each week which I simply can’t miss…Pamela Clare, Allison Pang, Lorelie James, Gena Showalter. ;o)

    And of course, I love the book reviews so I check out the scores and make sure that I read the reviews for the books that are receiving high marks.

    And I always try to catch your vlog…just because it is fun, but Friday’s are bad for me to catch things so I usually have to go back and look it up the next week!


  6. I love Katie’s WTF post 😀 And Chris’ Linkity posts cos I always find something funny there

  7. I look forward to Parajunkee’s BB 101 posts and Fiction Vixen’s Random Friday posts.

  8. Aw thanks! Glad you enjoy the WTFckery :). So much WTF on the netz.

  9. Dot – I love that your sexy man days are non-actors to date. I can see how tricky that would be…but it works out great. 😉

    Christi – Yeah…my vlog… I really have to get off my a** and do one. lol I love your reviews – even though they always make my wish list that much bigger. 😉

    blodeuedd – I really have to check Chris’ posts…

    Book Vixen – FV Random posts are really fun. Especially when they are totally random! LOL

    Katie – Yes, I can see how there would be no shortage of WTF ideas on the net. LOL

  10. Ditto to Smexy’s Top 10 lists on Friday.

  11. Wow, I think my Bookfessions posts have been the most popular or a review that I write for a book that all my followers have alread read.

    For weekly posts I must check out…I love your questions posts but I also love your “my life’s quirks” I don’t think you post one EVERY week but when they go up I know I have to check them out because they always make me giggle!!!!!

    I also enjoy Christi’s Topless Tuesday posts and I think that’s really it for weekly posts that I must check out every week…

  12. As Deanna I love your “My Life’s Quirks” and your questions on Mondays. I also always read “Smexy’s Top 10” on Fridays and Katie’s WTFckery posts on Sundays. Deanna’s Bookfessions are like my book-aholic meetings. There are so many more but I don’t remember them now (lazy to name them all).

  13. Aw just saw this now! Thank you!

    I adore your News posts on a weekend (and if you don’t post I miss them!) & like others your life quirks posts are awesome and your question posts are good too!
    The Bookaholic Cat’s Cats-ilious Thursday posts are so cute and funny and her Movie trailer’s because she always posts good films!
    Paperback Daydreamers book confession posts are fun too!
    Book SoulMates US vs UK book cover posts are few but I enjoy them!
    Katiebables Book pimpage posts work for me.
    And finally I also love About Happy Books Question of the week although she doesn’t really do them much anymore!

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