Aug 22, 2011

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Question – Would It Be As Swoon-Worthy If Your Man Said It?

Picture this: 

You are all cozied up in your favorite reading spot with your current steamy read.  The swoon-worthy hero of the book tells the spirited heroine upon their first meeting:

If I had a nickel for every beautiful woman I’ve ever met, I’d finally have (pause) a nickel.

Then later, after a particularly stressful moment in the story, he utters:

No man is worth your tears, but once you find one that is, he won’t make you cry.

And finally, when the heroine decides that she is worthy of love and that our drool-worthy hero is the man for her, he whispers:

God made woman beautiful and foolish; beautiful, that man might love her and foolish, that she might love him.

When you close the book, your heart feels as though it might swell right through your chest.  You love this hero.  You wish you were his heroine.

Now picture this:

Your boyfriend/husband arrives home from work.  You look up from cutting the carrots for supper and you see that he is holding a dozen roses.  He walks across the room to you and hands you the flowers.  You notice that 11 are real and one is fake.  You give him a questioning look and he says:

I will love you until the last rose dies.

Oh.  My.  God.  I’m sorry Jason, but I think I would be in total shock for one moment if you said that to me…then I’d burst out in a fit of laughter.  Seriously?  Who says shit like that?!

It’s a double standard though.  If my swoon-worthy book hero said that exact thing to his love I believe I would fan myself and *sigh*.  But in real life?  Not so much.

Do I like it when Jason says romantic things?  Absolutely!  But I must say that my idea of romantic has certainly changed over the years.  Now, I love it when he tells me that I am an incredible mother.  I *sigh* when he tells me that he’ll get up with the kids the next morning to give me a chance to sleep in a bit.  And he earns extra mashed potatoes when he offers to do the dishes.  But if he were to say most of the things my book heroes say…that would only creep me out.  Really.  Or make me think he’s reading my books while I’m sleeping.  Which would also creep my out.  Really.

But how about you?  Would a romantic line or gesture be as swoon-worthy if your man said or did it?


  1. Oh I am with you! I love romance books. Heck if we blog about them we love them right? I even have a “I Brake for Romance” bumper sticker on my Trailblazer (swag item) BUT romance to me is my hubby brining me home a Tim Horton’s coffee, taking my son to football practice so I have a few hours of alone time. I love when he strokes my hair as he walks by….but if he ever said have the stuff I swoon over in my books, I’d be exactly like you and burst out laughing.

    Awesome post!

  2. Julie, I would totally burst out laughing too. I appreciate the smaller things (Like when James brings me my favorite coffee, or when I wake up and am depressed b/c I forgot to fill the ice cube trays for ice coffee and see James did it for me) or when he gets up with the kids in the morning until he leaves for work to let me have an extra 20 min or so. Also, playing into this post, I sooo love a dirty talker in books, but I think if my dh started uttering filthy things I would giggle hysterically 😛

  3. hehe…great post, Julie, and so true! smiles…

  4. Dreamy sigh.
    Reality sucks! My guy never does anything romantic ever! I think if he did I would either faint or just burst out laughing and offend him. Although there’s cheesy romantic (novel sort) and there’s thoughtful romantic and I’m sure my guy goes for the latter one more often than not and I just don’t get it but I’m still young enough to want the occasionally cheesy romantic gesture from time to time! Which I’m sure you’ll mock me for so sue me but I can’t help it!

    *hugs* welcome back btw! Hope the holiday was a good one!

  5. Bf has joked around and said a few cheesy lines but yes I always starts laughing. It so do not work in real life

  6. I feel robbed!! Endearments from my hubs are usually along the line of, “Bitch, when’s dinner?” *sigh*

  7. roftl… if someone said those lines to me in real life, I’d wonder what was wrong with the guy, but in books? Totally love it.

  8. The day DH starts to pull the romantic card I’ll know there is something amiss because he is the most unromantic man ever. For example our endearments are not even PG13.
    The only time DH becomes somehow romantic is when he is a bit tipsy, then yes, I’m the love of his life, the most beautiful woman, bla bla bla, but sober he shows me his love by hiding and scaring the life out of me or by letting me watch True Blood in slow motion when Eric is on the screen… that’s love 🙂

  9. Michelle – It really is amazing how our idea of what’s romantic changes as we get older. lol

    Erika – Jason tried dirty talk (the real gritty stuff) once and it just killed it for me. It didn’t feel right. LOL

    Christi – 🙂

    Ally – When I was younger, I liked the cheesy sort of lines too. I would (rarely but sometimes) hear them or have them written in a card and I would savor those. I guess it’s an age thing. Romance changes when kids pop out. 😉

    blodeuedd – I wonder why it works so well in our books then? lol

    Jaime – That is too funny! If those words came out of my hubs, I think I would smack him with a shovel and ask him “who’s romantic now?!” lol

    Colette – In real life I would think the guy watches too much TV or secretly reads Cosmo. LOL

    Bookaholic Cat – by letting me watch True Blood in slow motion when Eric is on the screen… that’s love LMAO! Marcela that’s too funny.

  10. Super fun post!
    My husband is a romantic kind of guy, so I’ve heard a lot of romantic stuff in the almost 10 years we’ve been married, but if he was quoting my books, I’d be on the floor laughing.
    Also, I agree that at one point his ode’s to my blue eyes or round ass ;), may have been incredibly swoon worthy,now I’d much rather here him say he’ll do the dishes or empty the cat litter.

  11. Would a romantic line or gesture be as swoon-worthy if your man said or did it?

    Well, crap! I’d like to hear it at least once. Then I’ll decide if I’m gonna laugh or tackle him.

  12. Lol, I’m with you (though the examples you mentioned the hero saying are so cheesy, that even if I read them in a novel I would find the hero too syrup-sweet and roll my eyes). But yes, fictional heroes are allowed to say much more romantic lines than we would accept from real life men. (Though that rose scene is nice ;-p lol, but just like you, I’m sure I couldn’t help laughing, so might bruise his ego ;-p)

  13. What a great question Julie. I think it all depends on the guy. If he is not normally romantic and randomly comes up with a line like in one of my books I would think he did something wrong and he’s trying to soften me up before the blow. But if he is a guy who normally shares his feelings I can see him saying romantic stuff and doing romantic gestures. Probably not exactly like boys in books but close to them. I don’t have a boy right now so I couldn’t say personally how I would feel one way or the other. LOL.

  14. Yea… my husband is the romantic type so I’d be laughing at him if he ever tried!

  15. I read Jamie’s comment and burst out laughing!!!! That was my husband’s exact words to me a couple of days ago.

  16. CdnMrs – Oh! Empty the cat litter! Now that’s romance. lol

    Dot – LOLOL!

    Stella – Yeah…I honestly couldn’t decide whether or not that rose scene was cheesy or romantic when I first read it. lol

    Deanna – Depends on the guy? I think that makes very much sense. 🙂

    twimom227 – That seems to be the consensus Jen. LOL

    Catassa – Oh no! Not exactly! LMAO!

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