Aug 23, 2011

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Review: The Renfield Syndrome by JA Saare (Rhiannon’s Law #2)

Urban Fantasy
August 23 2011
221 pages
Mundania Press
Received from author

Kick Ass Chick – Rhiannon Murphy

From Goodreads
Vampires, and werewolves, and demons, oh my.

Rhiannon thought facing off against a deranged child vampire was the most dangerous task she would ever have to undertake, but she’s about to discover making a deal with a demon is far, far worse. Sent forward into another reality, one in which vampires are now dominating nearly extinct humans, she realizes the sooner she returns to her vampire lover, Disco, the better.

Unfortunately, time changes a lot of things; including those most trusted around her. When she’s faced with a loss and betrayal unlike any she has ever known, her focus shifts from severing the debt between the demon that wants to kill her, to exacting a revenge that will bring forth consequences she never could have fathomed. By reaching out to the darkness lingering within her, she’ll find the strength to push forward despite the circumstances that would see her dead and buried.

After all, when it’s all said and done, all that she has left to lose is her soul.


“Rhiannon’s Law #22.  You can’t lie to yourself, so don’t bother trying.”

*happy sigh* And with that first line, Rhiannon is back and I am so happy she is.  Not only because JA Saare left us hanging with one hell of a cliffhanger at the end of Dead, Undead and Somewhere in Between, but because Rhiannon is awesome.

The Renfield Syndrome starts off exactly where the last book ends off.  For months I have been wondering what (and this is the part where I must warn you that there is going to be a spoiler for the first book right about now) happens to Rhiannon after she gets dumped off 101 years in the future by that awful demon.  The awful, conniving, trickster, arse-wipe of a demon.  Well, I have to tell you that since reaching the end of book one, I have been speculating about what could happen to Rhiannon, Goose, Paine, Disco and the others.  Let me tell you that what actually happens isn’t anywhere near what I thought might happen.  The reality didn’t even cross my mind!  Maybe I was too narrow-minded in my thinking, but wow!  JA really pulled something spectacular out of her hat.  Even if at times I wanted to say “Why?  Why?” I trusted that she would take the book to a good place and I was right.  This is still very much an Urban Fantasy book, so there aren’t any fluffy little cupid babies running around on fluffy white clouds, but I felt satisfied with how everything turned out.

I still really enjoy Rhiannon.  Spunky and full of fire, she makes me wish I was more like her.  I would love to have her clever retorts!  There weren’t quite as many in this book as the last one, but with everything she goes through, she doesn’t really have the chance to be her snarky self.  Does that mean that she is quiet and subdued?  If you think that is even a possibility, you have not read book one and you really need to.  I not only like her for her wit, but I like how real she is.  She is not afraid to show her fear or confusion or vulnerability.  Even though she is surrounded by vampires and demons and other such creatures, she is still easy to connect with.  She is a fantastic read.

The other character that is unforgettable from the first book is Disco.  Oh Disco.  So, so delicious that Disco is…  But as yummy he is, you really get a taste of his power and a reminder that he is in fact a vampire in this book.  I was even almost angry with him for a half a second.  But how can you stay mad at him?  I am very curious to see what happens with him in the next book.  After reading this one, Disco’s character can go anywhere really.

Paine was a surprise for me.  A good one.  And Goose?  I really like him and he is so good for Rhiannon.  The villain was just a piece of work and I’m sure we’ll see her again in the next book.  There were plenty of new characters but Carter seems to be the one that stands out the most.  At first he seemed alright, then I may have wanted smack him a little from time to time.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I wanted to flat out backhand him!

The story takes you to so many places, it’s amazing.  And the pace is so quick.  It’s very hard to put this book down once you start it.  It just flies by and by the end, you want The Ripple Effect (the third book in the series) to come out Now as opposed to next year!

As I read this book, I kept saying one thing over and over and that is:  “Ho-ly shit!”  The Renfield Syndrome is how a second Urban Fantasy book in a series should read.  It grips you from beginning until the very end while giving you high action moments, happy moments, OMFG moments and tender moments.  Fans of UF should not miss this series.  With characters you will not forget and a storyline that will enthrall you, you will be hooked like the rest of us are.

5 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“Annoyed now, Carter muttered, ‘Are you always such a smartass?’

‘No, not always. That character trait is generally reserved for the fucked up situations I find myself in. Like this one, for example.’”

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The Renfield Syndrome
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  1. *bites nails* Yep, I need this series, or any book by her 😀 I keep hearing such great things

  2. Rhiannon’s clever retorts are some of the best in books. I’m reading this one right now. So great! ♥

  3. Fabulous review Julie. I need to make sure that Book 1 is on my TBR list right now!!!!

  4. blodeuedd – Yes you do! And I have to try something different of hers too.

    Smash Attack – Totally agree with you. Her wit is amazing!

    Deanna – Yes you do! You’ll love it! 🙂

  5. Great review, Julie!!!! This is NOT an easy review to write because you don’t want to give away anything, and you did a great job with it! LOVE LOVE LOVE this book AAAH!!!!!

  6. There has been a lot talking about this book for the last couple of days in Twitter-land and now after this review I think I have to read it too. So, I just added book 1 to my TBR list. Great review.

  7. Pamela – Your review with Natasha made me giggle. You, um, sort of took it over! LMAO!

    BookaholicCat – OMG! You totally have to tell me when you read it. I can’t wait to see what you think!!!

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