Aug 29, 2011

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Question – Do You Read Snippets?

There are many cool things that have happened for readers since the invention of the internet and social media.  Through twitter, facebook and websites, authors can now share teasers from future installments of their books quite easily.  They can tweet a single line or they can post full paragraphs within minutes!  It’s a really cool aspect of the internet – one I know many readers love.  They get excited when a teaser line is announced.  They get giddy when a particularly steamy piece of dialogue is ‘leaked’ onto facebook.  They sometimes even break out in a little dance when an author posts the first few chapters of their next book.

I must admit that I was one of those people.  I would *squee* a little when I saw that the publisher added the first chapter of one of my favorite author’s next installment at the end of the current one I was reading.  But then something not quite right started happening to me.

I noticed that I would sometimes want to read the excerpt before I was even finished the current book.  When I read it, I would gobble it up like a greedy person.  Then I found that after reading the snippet, I wanted more.  So I would stalk the author’s website looking for more – needing more.  But that’s not the worrisome part.  After I found every snippet I could find, I would start to crave the next book.  I would circle the release date on my calender in big red marker then sit there on the floor rocking myself back and forth until the book came out.

Okay, not really.  But I did eventually find that instead of making me look forward to the next installment, it would cause me to over think the next book.  Then when I finally got the brand new book in my hands, I didn’t enjoy it as much because my brain had brought it somewhere it had no business of going.  So I stopped reading excerpts and snippets.  I will read teaser lines because those don’t give away enough to cause me any trouble.  But I don’t read anything more than that.

Which leads me to this week’s Question:  Do you read snippets for an author’s upcoming book?



  1. I do if they’re included at the back of the current book I’m reading. But I have a much shorter attention span than you…once I’ve read it and put the book down, I tend to forget about it until I see the new book on the shelf and think, “Oh yeah, I wanted to read that!” My daughter claims I have ADD…she may have something there. Good thing I’m not quite so offhand about what I’m writing, lol!

  2. Hi!

    No, I hardly ever read snippets. I read book blurbs but not the snippets. Well wait that’s not 100% true. I do read snippets from Diana Gabaldon but this because there is a 3 yr wait in between books. But her’s are the only ones I read. I don’t read snippets or excerpts.

  3. Nope, well if they are at the back of the book yes

  4. Sometimes, like others I will read if it is in the back of the book. I tend to not read online. Those several chapter previews often spoil the book for me so I wait until I can read the entire book.

  5. Sadly, I don’t read them. It’s like torture to not have the entire product, especially if that tidbit is really good!

  6. I used to always read the ones in the back of a book but found it would torment me not being able to have the rest of the story. I stopped reading them a few years ago and only when I really need to for blogging reasons do I do so. It’s just too darned frustrating to be patient. lol

  7. If I’m already reading the series then no. If it’s a new book I want to try out then yes.

  8. I’m all over the snippets. Love them. I’m super greedy when it comes to my favourite authors.

  9. Linda – “My daughter claims I have ADD…she may have something there.” LOL!

    Michelle – I’ll read blurbs too. And sometimes I read the blurb for the next book before I actually read the first book. That’s not a good idea because sometimes they give just a little too much away. lol

    blodeuedd – I find reading the excerpts at the back of a book can sometimes appease you if you’ve just ended your current read on a slight cliffhanger. But then again, it can also just make it worst. lol

    Dot – I agree. Too much is sometimes not better.

    Smash Attack – I totally 100% agree with you Ash. Torture!

    Rhianna – Yes, being patient really sucks sometimes. lol

    Jen – Ooo good point. Very nice Jen!

    CndMrs – Greedy is okay sometimes. 😉 And by the way, your avatar makes me giggle Each and Every time I see it! lol

  10. I am soo guilty. I can’t help but read it

  11. It depends. I really, really love the teaser chapter 1’s at the end of books that are part of a series. I love them even more than an epilogue. They seem to make a good book last a little longer and I love that. I also like knowing where the series is going in the next book.

    As far as snippets on social networks, I am not a big fan when I know that I am buying the book anyway. I tend to avoid those just because it makes the wait seem longer. I really don’t like the 6-sentence snippets…for me, those are just unsatisfying in so many ways.

    I do like snippets/excerpts though when I am debating buying a new book from an author I haven’t read before. Those give me a really good idea if I am going to like the writer’s style. These are the ones that get me in trouble with my kindle…read that snippet and then have the instant gratification of being able to download immediately and finish the book. I buy a LOT of books that I never would have before this way…and read quite a lot of them. This is how I find most of my erotic novellas that I read.

    Great question, Julie! smiles…

  12. Tyraa – If you can handle it, why the heck not?! 😉

    Christi – Reading snippets before reading a new author is a great idea! Smart cookie you…

  13. I will admit that there is a particular author whose blog I stalk in order to get snippets, I may have a word file with snippets cut and pasted from her blog… unfortunately I did find her latest book was not as enjoyable as I had hoped. I think I did obsess too much and that affected my experience of the book. I don’t know if it will stop me from continuing to visit her blog and reading snippets but I have stopped the cutting and pasting.

  14. HECK NO! I don’t liek the tease, I want to be able to read the whole book. I already get excited enough about the release date coming for my favorite books, series and authors that when I read the first chapter of the next book it starts to put me in stress mode. I will say that the only snippet I’ve read recently was the first chapter to Delilah Marvelle’s next novel (Coming out January 1, YIPPY!!) and the only reason I’m still sane is knowing that she’s sending me an ARC copy as soon as she gets them. LOL. It really did get me excited about this new series coming out, not that I wasn’t excited enough, but that’s the only one I’ve read recently.

  15. I used to read them, but not lately. I rather wait for the whole book and have the “complete” experience.

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