Sep 1, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – Still Four More Things People Don’t Tend to Know About Me

So I’ve told you things about me that made me normal, and I’ve told you things that make me strange. Now I’ll tell you things that just make me odd.

1.  I have to have every single part of my toast buttered to really enjoy it.  If there is one corner that seems to have been missed, I will not think it’s as tasty.  Is it all in my head?  Of course.  But I still want butter everywhere.

2.  During the winter, I wear socks in my house all the time.  I have cold feet, what can I say.  And all year round, around my house when the daycare kids are here, I wear my Crocs.  That way, when I step on a toy (which will absolutely happen at least 6 times in a day) I won’t curse because my trusty pink Crocs protect my feet.  Now, do the math.  Yup.  That means that during the winter months, I wear socks with my Crocs.  *gasp* I know!  But be consoled in knowing that I don’t do that outside of my house.  Ever.  That’s just tacky.  *g*

3.  I often question the reason we have bugs on our planet.  Probably more than I should.  Bugs well…they’re nasty.  And I know that some bugs are good for our soil and they fertilize it and blah blah blah…but seriously, why else are they around?  Mosquitoes?  Black flies?  Roaches?  Why why why?  I sometimes think the only reason they exist is to creep me the hell out.

And spiders…don’t even get me started on those…

4.  Remember when Kate Moss first came into the spotlight and one of the things that made her stand out as a model was her non-existent eyebrows?

I have had crazy dark and freakin’ huge eyebrows all my life.  When I was going into grade 6, my mother tweezed between them.  Yes, I went from one to two when I was going into grade 6.  *le sigh* Then, when I reached grade 12, I decided to clean up the underside.  And finally when Kate Moss ‘came out’, I decided to tweeze the hell out of my brows.  And since then, they have never been the same.  I still have to pluck them every day since they don’t seem to have a problem growing where I don’t want them to be, but the part that counts is a mess!  I never leave my house without filling them in a bit.  I don’t have a problem leaving my house with a mess of hair (mostly) and I don’t care if I’m not wearing makeup.  But my eyebrows have to be on or I won’t anywhere.

Don’t judge.  If you had my brows, you would do the same.

So there you go.  Now, after reading that, I bet you are feeling a little less neurotic and a little better about yourself, aren’t you?  Good.  That’s good.  😉

Still Four More Things People Don’t Tend to Know About Me.  Just another one four of my life’s quirks.

  1. Okay, now you’ve done it. You know that in all future VLOG’s I will be transfixed by your eyebrows. And I wear Crocs with a fuzzy lining around the house in the cold weather. We live in the northern climate, no one should look askance. The toast thing is just a bit over the top.

  2. LOL Julie…u r sooo funny but i have to agree w/Dot that ill be cking out ur eyebrows on vlog!

  3. I like butter too. That picture kind of looks like cinnamon toast, which I am now craving but cannot have. That’s just evil.

    And I agree with Dot and Sharon; I’ll be checking out your brows too!

  4. LOL. See Julie, this is why we love you so much. You can be honest about your quirks and actually have several in common with us. 😀 I also contemplate the real reason for certain bugs. I know we don’t have a use for mosquitoes or flys. 🙁 I also have the problem with my toast but I must say I don’t own any crocs…but you must do what you gotta do. 😀

  5. Julie I’m like you and your toasts but not just with butter but with anything on it, nutella, jelly… Everything has to be evenly spread.
    Crocs… let’s just say I hate them with or without sucks.
    What about Spiderman? Do you have a problem with him too?
    *running to watch your vlog and stare at you eyebrows*


  7. hello Julie I rather enjoyed your spectacular and tremendous eyebrow


  9. mr lab book says:

    my name is keane, I am a big gay man with downs

  10. mr lab book says:

    Sarahhhhhh <3

  11. mr lab book says:

    Rachel’s snatch

  12. I am no longer Dawes. I am cheese.



    she’s so THICK AND FAT. I like hentai aswell. My name is Brandon Evans. Also knows as


    . I will steal the moon with the help of my minion socks

  14. hello Brandon I quite like Shannon too

  15. general brevis says:

    My step-daddy eats my ass in front of my mom, but I don’t care. I clench my duvet as I try to control my body from melting from the heat emitting from my step-daddy’s jet black phallus. As I moan uncontrollably, i let out a massive “oh deaaaar give me your kobheaaaad”. My mommy, is now soaking and ready to get filled.
    My name is Brandon Evans, and this is my pawn shop.

  16. Loved this blog shannon

  17. Didnt read it

  18. cheesyboi says:

    i have aids

  19. Gibmeister69 says:

    Yo lit fucking content my guy, them crocs are dogshit tho

  20. MassivelyHungMan says:

    This makes my massive hog rise

  21. sorry julie i didnt know your name wasn’t shannon

  22. Bradley Devey says:

    Julie I bet you’re so fit, Slide your digits babes yeah?

  23. BlogConnoisseur says:

    Julie There’s a serious drought of blogs and I’m getting extremely fucking pissed off. I am extremely disappointed with your work ethic.

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