Sep 1, 2011

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No Google :(

I have a small situation.  Well, not me really.  Rather my blog does.

You may have noticed over the past few days that if you try to access my blog via Google Reader or via Google Search, it takes you to a blank white screen.  A freakin’ blank white screen!  It seems Google has deemed my site as being ‘possibly compromised’ and is therefore ‘protecting its users’ by blocking access to my blog.  Apparently, some a**hole decided to try to attach some movie pirating something to my blog.  Hubs and I checked and we can’t see it.  We’ve run scans ad diagnostics and nothing was there.  Even the GoogleBot thing found nothing.  That is why I am saying they tried to attach the crappy piece of sh*t program thing that is now making my life hell and is turning me into not a very nice person.  I mean, why would someone do that?  What the hell is it gaining?  Do they not realize that someone’s blog is usually extremely important to them and often becomes their outlet for stress?!  Do they not realize that someone’s blog is often how they connect with new amazing friends?!  If they do, they don’t care.  Because they are scum and complete selfish bastards.

End of rant.

Not really, but I’ll try to control myself from here on out.  *deep breath* Okay.  I’ve put in a Request for Reconsideration to Google so they can scan my blog and see that it’s all good to add me back to their search engine.  This may take “weeks”.  *screams* Until then, all is not lost.  You can still access my blog through twitter links or facebook links or by typing the web address directly into the address bar at the top of your screen (  And you can still read it through Reader, you just can’t click on it to leave a comment. *reaches for the wine* “screw that” *reaches for the vodka*

So I’m really sorry if all this is causing you confusion and frustration.  I really appreciate each and every one of you who visit my blog each day.  You make this stress worth it.  Well, I don’t appreciate the a** hole who tried to spam my blog.  I hope he eats a bad apple – with a worm in it.  But everyone else, you are marvelous.  I believe that each and every person should be told at least once a day that they are amazing, and this is me, giving you your quota for today.  You truly all rock.

I’ll keep you posted.  And if you are reading this in Reader and want to comment, copy and paste this link into  your address bar:

  1. Woah. I’ve never heard of such a crazy thing! I really hours it gets resolved ASAP! Hugs to you!

  2. Oh Julie, I’m so sorry to hear that! 🙁 I can’t believe it, actually I can because some people are just EVIL! I don’t know why they targeted your blog but we’re ganna get them…I have my pitch fork and torch ready to go on the hunt! 😉 I had noticed that I tried to go to your blog through google reader and recieved the white screen but I just figured that for some reason the link was being slow! Sorry I never mentioned it, but I’m happy someone did! By the way…you are an AMAZING person. 😀

  3. That just straight grimey. I hope you guys are able to sort it out. I was noticing the white screen but, I would just delete everything except your web address and was able to get to the site. I’ll help you beat up the people who did this to you. 😉

  4. Julie…that sucks but no worries…we all love u and i googled u and while ur blog doesnt come up, ur facebook page does so at least thats something. hang in there!

  5. I hate that this happened to you!! I hope that it gets resolved soon!

  6. Julie that sucks! People are so effin oblivious to their own selfishness. Sorry 🙁

  7. I totally don’t get why people do this. I hope it gets cleared up without too much trouble.

  8. That sucks majorly! Just to let you know, I was reading this via Google Reader and was able to click on the link to the post and see your post and comment. Not sure if that means something but thought I’d mention it 🙂 Hope it all gets corrected soon.

  9. Thank you everyone. Yes, it sucks. Yes I want to hurt the people who did this. We’ve worked on it and are still working on it. We’ll get it all figured it out. And my ‘we’, I of course mean Jason. Because I looked at one page of code and lost all use of my brain. lol

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