Sep 7, 2011

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Silly Stuff – How to be Outrageously Successful with the Opposite Sex

I was cursing along the pages of Awful Library Books looking for some funny books and covers to share with you this week, I’d even saved a few to post, but then I came across this gem and knew I had to devote an entire post just for it.  I laughed so freakin’ hard while reading these pages…I had tears.  I only hope you all feel the same way I did.

Published in 1991 – scarily enough not all that long ago…

And even though I have many things I could say about these pages, I’m just going to post them here and let you read them.  Enjoy!

Oh. My. God. ROTFLMAO!

  1. Why I didn’t learn about this book years ago, it would have save me from many lonely nights!
    I loveeee the “Intimacy Card”… priceless!
    Thank you Julie for sharing this gem with us. You are a good friend.

  2. I enjoyed reading his methods. He does have that women are attracted to humour down pat. I am totally a sucker for a man with a personality and wit. Now seeing as I am married and have been for almost 18 yrs, I’m way past needing a book like that but he has the confidence and humour that women sure do like. Bet there are some great tips that some guy could use. Thanks for sharing.

  3. O_o *blink blink* O_o

    That is all…LOL!

  4. Lol, a letter where he talks about sweating, how did that man get women at all

  5. BookaholicCat – The Snuggle Certificate makes me giggle. lol

    Michelle – I agree about humor but some of this would just make me questions the guys’ sanity if he approached me with it. LOL

    Jen – I’m right there with you…

    blodeuedd – I wondered the same thing while reading that! LOL

  6. I don’t perspire that much normally?! WTF? This is so sad, I’m embarrassed for the guy!

  7. Sad, yes, this book is sad. It illustrates how things haven’t changed much on the dating scene for 20 years. Maybe internet dating sites have trumped the personal newspaper ads but the message is still the same. Everyone needs to connect and it is damn hard to find “the one”. The “love” cards are a bit scary; do you suppose he/she got a box of 500 for $10?

  8. Wow, Wow, Wow! That’s all I can say. I am a single woman and I’m pretty sure some of these things would drive someone away in a heart beat. I can’t believe this was written in 1991! O_O Crazy! (Side note, love your new about me picture!)

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