Oct 27, 2011

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Interview with Linda Poitevin plus Giveaway

You may have seen this author mentioned or this book talked about a few times on my blog lately.  There are two reasons for that.  The first is that the author, Linda Poitevin, lives right around the corner from my house!  Okay, maybe it’s more like an hour away and across a bridge or two, but that’s almost like being around the corner from me!  The second reason, and the real reason, is because Sins of the Angels, Linda’s debut UF book, is very imaginative and well written and it’s a book I am excited to recommend.  I am thrilled to be part of the Angels Gather Here blog tour and to have Linda Poitevin here today to answer some of my questions about the book and the world she has created within it.

Welcome to Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks Linda!  Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Thank you so much for having me, Julie! It’s great to be here. 🙂

First off, why don’t you tell us a little about your newest book, Sins of the Angels?

Sins of the Angels is a dark urban fantasy that is part thriller, part police procedural, part paranormal, and all action (with a romantic element). It follows Alexandra Jarvis, a homicide detective on the trail of a serial killer who is a Fallen Angel, and Alex’s new partner who is a hunter sent by Heaven to capture the same killer—but Alex doesn’t know that, of course. Interestingly, many reviewers have also pointed to a mystery element, so this book crosses a lot of genres. 🙂

Sins of the Angels is your debut Urban Fantasy book.  Congratulations!  When exactly did you write it?

It is, indeed my debut UF…and thank you! I’m pretty excited about it (understatement of the century, lol!). As for when, that’s a long story spanning approximately ten years. Suffice it to say that life got in the way rather a lot. 🙂

I mostly finished the manuscript on two separate occasions, finally finished its third rewrite in early 2009 in a polished-enough form to send out to agents…and then did a fourth complete rewrite over the summer of that same year based on recommendations by my amazing new agent, Becca Stumpf.

How did you come up with the idea for this series?  Did it come from a dream or was it an idea that just popped into your head?..

A song inspired the story, actually. Angel, by Sarah McLachlan. The lyrics “you’re in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here” made me wonder: what if the arms of an angel didn’t bring comfort; what if they brought something else entirely; what if someone fell in love with an angel but they couldn’t ever be together? A single scene grew from those questions, and the story from there. Ironically, that first scene never made it into the book, because by the time I was halfway through writing the first draft, the story had morphed from single title paranormal romance (which is what I thought I was writing) into the beginning of an urban fantasy series. The scene that started it all just didn’t fit anymore.

In Sins of the Angels we meet, yup, angels.  There is Aramael, Mittron, Verchiel…  How did you come up with the names for your angels? ( Because let me tell you, they are very angelic.  Except maybe for Seth.  Great name…not so angelic.  😉

Would you believe there are whole dictionaries of angel names available? Demon ones, too. They’re everywhere…online, in print…it’s awesome what you can find when you go looking, lol! Verchiel is an actual angel name (though don’t ask me where these dictionaries come up with the names in the first place), and Mittron is a variation of Metatron, who ranks as one of the highest angels in mythology.( I used the variation because Metatron was a little too reminiscent of the Transformer’s Megatron.)

I actually made up Aramael’s name… I think, perhaps, he might have whispered it into my ear. 😉 I found Caim’s name listed as a fallen angel, and as for Seth, the name might not be angelic, but he’s not your standard angel and the name is perfect for him. According to the baby name book I have, it means “the appointed,” which is exactly what he is.

The story in the book revolves around detectives trying to solve a serial killer case.  You really describe police procedure well.  On your website, I noticed that you wanted to be a police officer but “weren’t allowed”.  But did you ever work in a police station?  You really seem to know how police officers go about investigating a crime scene.

Alas, yes, the recruiting officer for the RCMP mis-measured my height and I came up as too short for the height restrictions at the time (those no longer exist). I ended up as civilian member , however, and worked as a dispatcher for 2 ½ years in Prince George, B.C., which is where I met my husband. He has been  a member of the force for 30 years and is currently a sergeant working in drug prevention. Between my own knowledge and many discussions with my husband and his former partner (a kick-ass female cop who provided strong inspiration for Alex), I had ample guidance in police procedure!

Caim, the main villain in your story, is creepy.  No, let me rephrase that.  He is Cre-epy!  What characteristics do you think a villain needs in order to be able to really shake up your readers?

He is Cre-epy, isn’t he? I think it’s because we really get inside his head. As a writer, he shook me up because I could understand his motivation and maybe even feel a little (reluctant) sympathy for him. He honestly believes in his mission and his reasons, and the fact that I get “why” goes right inside me to up the ick factor.

You touch a little on the workings of Heaven and Hell.  Yes, you ‘go there’ and describe The One’s limitations and why terrible things happen to people here on earth.  And God is a ‘she’ – and she is almost vulnerable!  Why did you write her that way?  Were you ever worried your book would be seen as a bit controversial?

Ooh, good questions! And thank you for “going there” too. 😉  God is female for two reasons: first, the feminist in me sees no reason that idea isn’t possible; and second, because I wanted to do something different from how we generally view that deity. What better way than to perceive the Creator’s feminine, “motherly” side? Her vulnerability (which you’re absolutely right about) stems from the biblical idea that “God created man in his own image,” an idea that raised a whole lot of questions in my writerly brain. For me, the image idea went far beyond the physical: if humanity was created in God’s image and we’re so totally imperfect, what does that say about God? The answer to that question—and others like it—opened up a whole realm of possibilities for me, and for layering in all kinds of additional conflict.

As for controversy, the possibility has certainly crossed my mind, lol. But while some people may object to my portrayal of the One, I think most will understand that Sins is a work of fiction…nothing more, and nothing less. 🙂

You told me that you are currently contracted for two books and that books 3 and 4 depend on sales.  Is four the number of books that you would like to see in your Grigori Legacy series?  Are they all going to star Alex? 

At the moment, yes, I see the series ending with the fourth book. That said, however, I didn’t know there was a series at all until halfway through the first book, and I didn’t know there’d be a fourth until I was halfway through the second, so apparently anything is possible, lol. But I do have the wrap-up planned at this point and don’t see anything beyond that. And yes, Alex will definitely feature in all four books.

Can you give us a little spoiler-free sneak peek into Sins of the Son, the next chapter in your series due out March 27th 2012?  Is that even possible?  lol

Sins of the Son revolves around Seth’s part in the overall series arc. Readers will learn what he was ‘appointed’ to do and who he really is, and be introduced to some new characters, specifically Lucifer, the Archangel Michael, and a Fallen Archangel by the name of Samael. The One’s personal conflict deepens, the possibility of Armageddon draws closer, Alex remains the main character in the book, and Aramael again features prominently. Will that do? 🙂

Okay, Flash Four time
Flash Four questions about books and writing ~

How long, from start to end, did it take you to write “Sins of the Angels”?
Ten years. Thank heaven that’s not my usual time frame, however! Sins of the Son was written in six months and I’m trying to cut that time to four months for book three, Sins of the Righteous. (You’re right…it’s hard to do this in one or two words, lol!)

Did you see yourself being a writer as you were growing up?
No. I’ve always written, but it was never encouraged as a career option when I was young.

In what room of your house do you write from?
I’ve given up on writing from home…too many distractions! I do my creative writing at my local coffee shop, where no one interrupts me to ask what’s for dinner, when I’m doing laundry, or if I’ve seen her bus pass/sunglasses/cell phone, etc.

Do you tend to come up with the title for your book before you start writing it, while you’re writing it or when it’s all done?
Before – though that changed with Sins, which was originally entitled The Tenth Choir. I find that having a title helps me shape the story.

Flash four questions about random things ~

Sweet or salty snacks?

What color is your toothbrush?
Brown – I use an eco-friendly one made from a recycled wood handle with a replaceable head.

Your high school experience:  good or bad?

What do you like on your pizza?
Tomato, olives, green pepper, basil, caramelized onions, artichoke hearts, feta cheese…not necessarily all together.

Thanks again, Linda, for taking the time to crunch some answers for me.  And to all of you who are fans of Urban Fantasy, you should really try Sins of the Angels.  A truly unique read that will leave you panting for the next book.

Thank you so much for having me here, Julie. I had a great time, and really loved your questions. 🙂

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