Sep 13, 2011

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BBAW Blogger Interview – Interview with Ash from English Major’s Junk Food

I find the funnest part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week is finding new blogs written by readers of different genres that I would otherwise not have ever visited.  I signed up for the Blogger Interview portion of this week because I figured they would team me up with someone whose reading preferences are different from mine and that it would make the process really fun.  Boy, did they ever pair me up with my ‘opposite’!  lol

I was given the opportunity to interview Ash from the blog English Major’s Junk Food.  I love this part of her About page:

My English education has taught me that in order to be a reader I must always practice close analytical reading and my purpose of reading should be to understand the author’s intentions and what is good or bad about the piece. But I say this is bullshit, mostly, because I just want to read books. So that is what this blog is going to be. Reading books, and reading for enjoyment and not to pick apart everything (although I’m sure some picking apart will inevitably happen).

Right there, it just goes to show that fiction, non-fiction, young adult or smut, readers are all connected by our need to read.  Our enjoyment of taking something so simple to look at as paper with words on them and letting them take us to wonderful places.  Whether it be in the mind of a popular politician or the mind of a love-crazed vampire, we all feel that tug in our guts to pull back the cover and immerse ourselves completely.

So, with that said, let’s get to know Ash a little more.

To start off, can you tell us a little about yourself and your blog English Major’s Junk Food?

I’m a senior at the University of Iowa studying English (surprise!) and nonprofit management. I started my blog my sophomore year to encourage me to read more outside of class and remember why I loved reading in the first place. My blog consists of reviews of nonfiction, graphic novels, and literary fiction, and I’m an essay guru. I also post about life as an English major and I’ve started a new feature on cooking.

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

It sounds really cheesy, but it just came to me. I went to a discussion forum with a professor who talked about the importance of reading cross-genre. He said you can pick up a lot of great pacing tips from reading Dan Brown, even if the content might not be on the same level as Margaret Atwood. He compared it to eating pizza versus eating carrots, both have their place and it’s important to get a balanced diet. I look at the books I read for school as more of the meat and potatoes kind of reading and what I read outside of school as my junk food.

What is your preferred genre to read?

I really love nonfiction, especially stories about the Midwest since I’m from Iowa. But really I like any story about place, whether it’s nonfiction, fiction, or a graphic novel.

When did you realize that this was the right genre for you?

I started reading nonfiction in high school because I wanted to be a music journalist. I read a lot of Rob Sheffield, Chuck Klosterman, and John Sellers. Journalism didn’t stick for me but nonfiction did. I realized there was a whole world of writers who wrote about their lives, which is the kind of writing I always enjoyed doing myself.

Of all the posts you have published on your blog, which is your favorite?

Hard question! My favorite post is probably An Essay? Isn’t That the Thing I Had to Write in School? (Great title!)

So there you go.  That was Ash.  And to all of you Romance and Urban Fantasy readers, if you are up for something a little different, check out Ash’s blog to see what she recommends!

And Ash interviewed me too!  You can visit her blog to see what she asked and what answers I came up with.  I will tell you this much, the girl did her research on my blog and I loved the questions she came up with.

  1. What a fun interview Julie! Thanks for bring someone from a different genre to our attention! 😀 I’m going to have to check out her blog for sure…and of course see the interview between the two of you! 🙂

  2. Great interview! I love Ash’s blog as I, too, was an English major (graduated three years ago). Thanks, Julie!

  3. Rain maiden Jen says:

    I’ll be heading over to check out her blog.

  4. I agrre with you great post title

  5. Interesting your fav genre is nonfiction but your blog is romance and urban fantasy. I’m a fan of the romance and UF so will check it out. 🙂 Making my rounds on BBAW interviews and it was nice to “meet” you!

  6. I loved this interview. I really loved the explanation behind why she chose the name of her blog. I love it too, quite unique.

    I love the name of your blog too, so kick ass.

    Happy BBAW! Thanks for sharing, I found two new blogs to follow.

  7. Hi there 😀 Nice to meet you

    Nonfiction, I really should read more, but, well there is too much fiction I wanna read first

  8. Deanna – I think the BBAW people did good on our pairing. 🙂

    Julie – Her blog’s title is great!

    Rain maiden – Good. 🙂

    carolinareads – 🙂

    A Tale of Many Reviews – I like your blog’s name. 🙂

    Lenasledgeblog – That’s what’s great about this BBAW – all the new blogs you find and all the new people you ‘meet’! Thanks for following. 🙂

    blodeuedd – I agree. Our to-read piles are already overwhelming! lol

  9. Loved reading more about Ash, fun how you got the name for your blog!

  10. I love Ash’s blog, though I’ve never apparently clicked over to her About page and really enjoyed the snippet you shared! Thanks for the great interview!

  11. This interview turned out so well and I had a great time answering your questions. This was so much fun–even though we were total opposites!

  12. Amy – That definitely seems to the people’s favorite answer – and I would agree. Love it. 🙂

    Erin – Love that snippet!

    Ash – I think it turned out great. 🙂

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