Sep 22, 2011

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Review: Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews (Kinsmen #2)

Sci-fi Romance
September 16 2011
98 pages
Received from author

Yummy Man – Venturo Escana
Kick Ass Chick – Claire Shannon

From Goodreads –
Claire Shannon is a killer. She uses no weapons, only her mind.

Born on a planet locked in a long war, Claire is a psycher, a woman with the ability to attack minds and infiltrate a biological computer network where psychers battle to the death. But when the war abruptly ends, Claire must hide her psycher’s ability to survive. She is deported to a new planet, a vivid beautiful place, where she meets Venturo Escana, a powerful psycher, whose presence overwhelms both her mind and her body.

She thought she had left war and death behind, but now she must fight for her new life and this battle might just cost her everything…


Silver Shark is a short story by Ilona Andrews and is the second story in their Kinsmen series.  Now, I am about to tell you guys something that may shock and surprise you.  I really like Ilona Andrews’ writing voice and style.  This writing couple is responsible for one of my two mostest favorite book series in the whole world.  Okay, okay.  I know this isn’t really a crazy revelation to those of you who visit here often, but I just thought it was due repeating.  And because I love these two writers’ style so much, I am open to reading everything they write (even though I have yet to read everything they have written so far *hides*).  They could write a story about a merman who wields guns to save the world and I would read it.  They could write a YA story about a lost moose who is secretly a handsome lumberjack, looking for love in the middle of the forests of the Canadian North when he stumbles upon a gentle rabbit/cyborg who is being chased by evil maggots before he realizes that he too is a cyborg living in an alternate reality where he is actually a prince who has been sold into the sex trade, um…okay, maybe I wouldn’t read that.  But you get my drift.

“Get to the point Julie.”  Okay.

I don’t list sci-fi books on my list of favorite genres.  But I have read some and am usually in awe of the author’s imagination.  To create such worlds in one’s mind and to translate that onto paper for all to enjoy, it just blows me away.  And seeing how I am already in awe of Ilona’s imagination, I figured that a sci-fi story written by them would be great…and I was not wrong.

Because I am familiar with these authors, I went into this book not having read anything about it.  And that is the reason I was caught off guard (in a good way) in the very first chapter and also what lead me to not wanting to put the book down!  Let me try to explain this without massacring it… Claire is a Captain on her planet and she is at war.  She is a lethal soldier, only she won’t attack you with weapons – she’ll kill you using her mind.  She is what is referred to as a Psycher.  She, and others like her, plug into a biological computer network and do what they must do while plugged in.  Suddenly, the war ends and she is on the losing team.  Because Psychers are so powerful, they are all ordered to be killed.  Claire manages so mask her true identity and gets deported to a planet that is essentially the opposite of the one she grew up on.  Where her birth place was gray and sterile, her new home is bright and colorful.  There, she meets Venturo and fun ensues.  He is yummy.  The end.

Based on the beginning of the story and the fact that Claire is hiding her identity and her ability, I assumed that the end of this story would be very predictable.  You know, it would entail Claire being ‘found out’ and that resulting in the mandatory begging for her life and that is when the hot man would spare her because he loves her so darned much because he is a lost soul and all that jazz.  (Do I read too many romance books?  Maybe.) That is not what happens and I was very happy with the way the story flows and the way it ends.

I loved Claire and I loved Venturo.  Even though this was quite a short story, they are fully developed characters.  You don’t feel like you are missing any info about them.  You just want them to be happy and to succeed.  The world was nicely complex too.  Details galore so it was easy to envision it in your head.  Really though, do we expect anything less from Ilona Andrews?

Overall, I really enjoyed this story.  It was quick and interesting.  But most importantly, it held characters that were wonderful to read and a story that gripped me from the beginning.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“’Just out of purely academic curiosity, how exactly are you planning of defending me?  Ven asked.  ‘You have no weapons, no combat enhancements, and your mind is inert.  Are you planning on beating Sangori’s assassins off with that tablet or were you thinking of a more theoretical approach?  Should I look forward to you giving me a detailed analysis of a knife sticking out of my back?  If I happen to die, will you deliver a slide point presentation describing my valor at my funeral?’

‘Are you finished?’


Books in the Kinsmen series –
Silent Blade
Silver Shark

  1. Great review Julie! I didn’t realize that this was actually book two of a series. I’m glad you brought that to my attention. Do you think you’ll go back and read book one? Is this going to be a novella series? I really need to read some books but this couple…I know I’m missing out on a lot. Oh and your moose story cracked me up…a lot! It just kept building and changing and I couldn’t help but laughing. 😀

  2. OMG, I love the way that you write your reviews, Julie!! LOL…and I actually didn’t even read this (I REFUSE to let you suck me into another series, no matter how good they are), but I did skim it enough to enjoy your humor. Love you, girly! smiles…

  3. I love Ilona Andrews too. The writing is just so witty and engaging!

    I really enjoyed this story as well.

  4. Yeah, as far as I’m concerned, Ilona and Gordon could write the phone book and I’d probably read it and want more. I’m so excited, I just won a copy of the Angels of Darkness anthology which includes their Alpha:Origins novella and I can’t wait to get my hands on that one.

  5. I’d read it 🙂
    I really need a Andrews fix now, lol, I am waiting for my Kate book to come

  6. Deanna – I’m glad I was able to make you giggle. 😉

    Christi – Love you too Christi, even though you make my tbr list explode when I read your reviews too. 🙂

    Jen – I read your review and saw that we felt similar when it came to this book. When it comes to many books actually…lol

    JenM – “Yeah, as far as I’m concerned, Ilona and Gordon could write the phone book and I’d probably read it and want more.” LMAO Very true!

    blodeuedd – Yes, WHEN are you getting Magic Bleeds?!?!

  7. Did you see the Andrea snippet that Ilona posted on her site yesterday? Unfortunately, the book won’t be out until next May. I’m so sad to have to wait that long.

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