Oct 3, 2011

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Question – What Makes a Great Hero?

This week is the flip-side to last week.  I asked you what qualities you look for in a great heroine, and this week we’re talking men.

For me to really be drawn to a male lead, he does not necessarily need to have a big…shoe size.  Nor does he have to have abs of steel or hair that is kissed by the sun on a hot summer day.  Okay, maybe those qualities are nice, but I wouldn’t say they are absolutely mandatory.  I mean, look at the times when a secondary character takes your attention away from the lead guy and he’s not always mister man-candy.

Personality has to be the most important thing for me.  I like a strong and confident man, but he can’t be an ass.  Can he be a little arrogant?  Yes.  But he has to have a limit and he has to be able to, if not at the beginning of a book then at least by the end, open up and knock it down a notch or two.  He has to be a sweetheart (even a closet one) and he has to want to take care of his lady.  I like the man to compliment the woman and not overpower her.  I love when the guy gets all ‘mine’ too.

Okay….that was a little allover the place.  lol  Maybe you guys will be a little more eloquent when you answer:  What are traits that make a great hero for you? 

  1. Andrea deSherb says:

    First and foremost,he must be KIND, them he must be hot, self confident, but NOT arrogent,and generous of spirit.

  2. Vulnerable. He might stuff it away in a dark little box beneath a hundred memories, but I want a glimpse of vulnerability somewhere. I need to see that he can feel, that he has a reason to need somebody.

    A sense of humour is important too, even if it’s an awful one. A guy’s sense of humour says a lot about him.

    Oh, and huge man-parts. Well. I’ll settle for “more than adequate.” 😛

  3. Flaws, that is what makes them seem human. Wether or not human isn’t a deal breaker, there are some super hot heroes that would barely fall in the human category. And I like to see some kind of change, be it caveman protectiveness never before seen or revealing a hidden soft side (if it’s just for his lady and no one else that works too)!

  4. Vulnerability, protectiveness, honesty, and HUMOR!

  5. For me a great hero needs to have confidence, intelligence, a sense of humour and a little bit of vulnerability. It doesn’t hurt if he’s easy on the eyes either.

  6. Great question Julie! I agree with you, he doesn’t have to be the sexiest, strongest, biggest man with a nice…erm…package but personality is HUGE. I love with a character is funny, maybe a little arrogant (like you said) but there has to be apoint. I like loyalty and the whole “mine” thing is sexy as hell! I also will admit that I have a little weakness for men with dark hair and light eyes…rawr! But yeah, personallity and loyalty to his friends and family and, of course, his woman is HUGE!

  7. andrea – You’re so right. He does have to be kind. Even hidden, kind is very important. 🙂

    Lucy – I can’t believe I forgot to say sense of humor! That is super important for me too. Even if it’s a dry or strange humor, it’s important. Good one!

    Lexi – I like the hidden qualities too. Especially when it surprises even the hero. 🙂

    Smash Attack – Perfect list Ash!

    CdnMrs – You said it better that I did. Very nice. 🙂

    Deanna – Loyalty! Very important. I agree with you there.

  8. He has to be smart, sexy, confident, caring and have a good sense of humor. And his mom should be dead or living in another world so she won’t give any problems to our heroine.

  9. Generosity, bravery, honesty and protectiveness

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