Sep 29, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – Conversations With My Family

Set up – Jason comes home from work.  He hears the TV and freezes at the sound.

Jason:  What are the kids watching?

Me:  A DVD I dug out.  It’s the French kids morning show.  They are teaching phonics or something.

Jason:  Oh, I thought the people on TV were having sex.  All I kept hearing was ‘woo woo” and ‘k’ ‘k’

Me:  Um…is that what you think we sound like when we have sex?

Jason:  Well…we could always hope. 

Me: I’m not sure what to say to that…

Set up – Jason and I are gone for most of the day into the city.  My parents are at my house watching the kids.  When we get back home, my 6 year old daughter runs to us, holding Monarch butterfly wings in her hand.

Daughter:  Mommy, daddy!  Look, I got butterfly wings.

Me:  Um, just the wings?  Where did you get those?

Daughter:  I took them off a dead butterfly.

Me:  O-o

Daughter:  It’s okay mommy.  It was already dead.  And the wings were almost already off by themselves.

Me:  O-o

Daughter:  See?  *shows off her find with the biggest smile on her face*

Jason:  Isn’t that how Hannibal Lector got his start?

Me:  O-o

Set up – My daughter and I are watching Hannah Montana on video.  I comment that all the boys have that long-ish hair and ask her if the boys at her school have that hair cut too because I don’t recall seeing it around here.

Daughter:  I don’t like boys with long hair. 

Me:  Some boys look good with long hair.  Like Johnny Depp.

Daughter:  Or Santa!

Me:  Yes.  Him too I suppose…

Conversations with my family. Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Ha. So cute and funny!

  2. Good, really good. I miss those days with the kids and those astounding conversations. Now it’s just DH and me and although we can be cute together too often it’s more eye rolling.

  3. Jason is so much like Yiğit, that is scary.
    I love – “Jason: Isn’t that how Hannibal Lector got his start?”

  4. O.M.G…these are HILARIOUS Julie! I love this feature. 😀 I think the wings and the santa comment made me giggle the hardest! 😀 Thanks for the great smile this morning. 😀

  5. Lol, I love the 2nd one 😉

  6. Oh My goodness!! Your family is adorable! I was really not expecting Santa!! That is the cutest thing ever!!

  7. Ally – 🙂

    Dot – Jason and I are eye-rolling. It just happens that sometimes the eye-rolls are funny. lol

    Bookaholic Cat – You’ve said that Jason and your DH are similar before. I’m not sure if I should be happy for you or sad… *g*

    Deanna – I like the Santa one…

    blodeuedd – The seriously creeped me out. LOL

    Shannon – I wasn’t expecting Santa either. Sometimes, you really want to laugh at something they say, but you can’t because it will hurt their feelings. And I wanted to laugh when she said that not because it was funny, but because it was so unexpected! lol

  8. That butterfly story is classic. I can almost see the expression of horror on your face. 😉

  9. Oh, these were great!!

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