Oct 12, 2011

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Review: Slow Ride by Erin McCarthy (Fast Track #5)

Contemporary Romance
304 pages
Mass Market Paperback
October 4 2011
Received from publisher

Yummy Man – Diesel Lange
Kick Ass Chick – Tuesday Jones

From Goodreads –
As a tribute to her late journalist father, Tuesday Jones is planning a career benefit, auctioning off racing memorabilia and meet-and-greets with drivers. Ex-racing star Diesel Lange has had his own brush with death, and is determined not to waste another minute of his life- especially when he meets Tuesday. He wants nothing more than to shift their romance into high gear, but he knows she’s still grieving. Can Diesel do the one thing he could never do on the track and take it slow?


Slow Ride is the fifth book in Erin McCarthy’s Fast Track series.  A series I fell in love with after reading the very first book.  A series that captured the same magic found in book one in the second installment.  A series that has still been making me happy but not quite like the first books since the third book.  And even though Slow Ride still eludes the deep emotional connection that the first books delivered, it still managed to capture the fun and sexy style that this series is known for.

Slow Ride is the story of sports journalist Tuesday Jones.  In the prologue, we find out that Tuesday’s father has passed away from cancer and that she is not taking it very well.  Who’s to blame her after all?  I found Tuesday to be a fun and spunky character in the last book, The Chase and this book has made me like her even more.  She has sass and is not afraid to say what is on her mind, but she is somewhat mindful of it so she’s not a total b*tch.  She’s funny and smart too.  Overall a good character to read.

Also in the prologue, we meet Daniel ‘Diesel’ Lange.  I liked him immediately.  How he treated Tuesday right off the bat was just so… *sigh*.  You can’t not like his character.  Does he have flaws?  Of course.  But they were character flaws and not writing flaws.  He wasn’t made out to be anything that didn’t fit his personality.  He was in a really bad car crash and has had to retire from racing – even though he’s only 30.  The accident still haunts him and he really doesn’t want to talk about what happened.  He tends to hold things in because that’s how he copes.  Basically, he is a man.  It is very frustrating to someone who is trying to get to know him and someone who loves him though.

Tuesday and Diesel had almost instant chemistry.  (I say almost because their first meeting was in a cemetery and for me to say that their red hot chemistry started at that meeting may be a tad inappropriate ;))  Tuesday needs to be in charge of everything around her, but in the bedroom she tends to prefer the man take over – and Diesel is more than happy to take charge.  I suppose he is a Dom, but not in the hardcore BDSM way.  He’s gentle yet firm.  He knows what he likes and he’s not afraid to tell ask for it.  I found Tuesday and Diesel to be compatible in every way.  They were a well written couple.

What I found odd is how Tuesday turns to liquor when she is feeling stressed or down about her dad.  I think what miffs me the most about this is that I don’t understand how Diesel stays with her while she’s dealing with that.  He’s concerned and worried and thinks things are not quite right, yet he stays.  Yes, I understand, true love and all that stuff.  But it all started before he fell in love with her.  I know that some people do tackle their grief with alcohol, and I understand that these people shouldn’t be left alone just because they may drink a little too much, but it all just felt off to me.  I think the reason I found it so strange in this book is because it felt as though the author was just trying to give Tuesday a fault (other than her ‘regular ones’) that would add tension to the couple.  It all just felt forced to me.

To be honest with you all, I was worried going into this book.  You see, I really enjoyed the last book…right up until the end.  I was so upset at what the author decided to throw at the finally happy couple, it ruined the book for me.  I was concerned that this incident would play a large part in Slow Ride seeing that Tuesday and the heroine from the last book are best friends.  Well, the incident was mentioned…and actually sort of dealt with.  There is sadness involved with how it all turned out in the book but I was actually happy with how it all went.  I know many readers felt the same way after reading the last book as I did and how it all ends up in this book leaves me to wonder if the author always planned this to be how it would be or did she change the story a bit because of how readers felt.  Not something I’m going to ask her, but I am curious…

Overall, I enjoyed Slow Ride.  It’s a sweet and sexy contemporary read.  We do get news and visits from the characters from the past installments which is always nice.  And really there was only one issue that rubbed me a little oddly.  Tuesday was great.  Diesel was great.  Together they were great.  Just why the drinking?…

3.5 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“’If you put these shoes back on you’re going to break your ankle.  I think I’ll just carry you t the car.’

That sent a thrill zinging through her.  How hot was that?  ‘Really?  You’re going to carry me?  But I’m too heavy,’ she said, because that’s what you were supposed to say.  It was a compliment-seeking play that all women knew.

Unfortunately, Diesel didn’t know the conditioned response, which should have been something like ‘Are you kidding?  You’re light as a feather.’

What he really said was, ‘Don’t be stupid.’”

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  1. I am sure I would have enjoyed it too 🙂 Book 4 was good even if the drama at the end was unnessecary

  2. I probably shouldn’t have read this review yet, since I plan to read the book next week. It will be interesting to see if the drinking bothers me now…. LOL! Great review, Julie! smiles….

  3. blodeuedd – Book 4 was cute. But the end bugged me too much. But until the ‘unfortunate incident’, it was a sweet book!

    Christi – I’m curious too now. 🙂

  4. Fantastic review Julie! I remember your review for The Chase and how you weren’t sure you wanted to continue with the series but then Jacked Up is about one of your favorite characters and you guess you’d keep reading them, lol, so I’m glad you did since you enjoyed this book. This couple sounds wonderful but I can understand what you are saying with the drinking thing. I haven’t read this series yet but I have seen where some authors will have a vision of a book in their head and sometimes while writing that vision they have to add and subtract things…except sometimes they don’t and they force that particular issue, that’s kind of what this sounds like. Maybe if she would have left the whole drinking part out you would have given this book a 4 or 5 star rating. I’m glad the issue from the last book that you hated so much seemed to be resolved and I’m glad that I’ve decided to wait to start this series so I don’t have the bad ending just sitting around until I read the next book. I’ve got this series on my TBR list and I hope to start it next year. I can’t wait to see what you think of Jacked Up. 😀 (I’m pretty sure that’s the one that you were going to keep reading this series for.)

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