Oct 18, 2011

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Review: Shadowed Soul by Stacey Kennedy (1 Night Stand #41)

Paranormal Erotic Romance
October 6 2011
39 pages
Decadent Publishing
Received from author

Yummy Man – Bryce
Kick Ass Chick – Ellie

From Goodreads –
Four months have passed since Ellie’s heart was broken by her cheating boyfriend, Gerrid. Sick of mourning, she sets out in search of a man to make her forget. Madame Eve of 1Night Stand arranges for Ellie to meet just the man at Nocturnal Nightclub in Miami. Bryce is not only sexy as sin but full of mystery. He does things no man should be capable of. Ellie might question his fast speed, cold hands, and even the way he bites at her skin―if he wasn’t so determined to awaken the part of her that’s been buried by lies.

Days have passed since Bryce’s last feeding and his vampire hungers demand to be sated. But feeding is not his only intention. Ellie seeks to be a different woman, to gain power for herself, and Bryce plans to push her to discover it. To show her she can do things she never thought possible and force her to see the strength she yearns for already lives inside of her.

Ellie will have to choose, expose all of herself, or remain hidden in the dark shadows. But Bryce will have to make a choice of his own—let her go or keep Ellie forever?


Holy hotness Batman!

When I received this short story from the author, I had no idea that this was book 41 in the 1 Night Stand series.  This is a multi-author series that revolves around Madame Eve’s online dating service.  What Madame Eve is known for is setting up couples who are just looking for one night stands as a way to get over someone or get past something or just to make them happy for one night.  But even though these people are primarily looking to Madame Eve for an escape, they seem to find more.  Much more.  And after 41 books, I think it’s safe to say that Madame Eve has some incredible matchmaking skills!

Stacey Kennedy’s contribution to the series, Shadowed Soul, revolves around Ellie.  Ellie contacted 1 Night Stand to help her get over her cheating bastard of an ex-boyfriend Gerrid.  Gerrid.  Just the name tells you he’s sleaze.  Ellie just wants to have one night of insane no-strings attached passion.  Not too much to ask, is it?  Madame Eve sets Ellie up with Bryce, a tall dark and yummy man.  Bryce.  Let that name roll off your tongue a bit.  Bryce.  Just the name tells you he is hotness incarnate.  The instant Ellie and Bryce meet, fireworks erupt and Ellie knows that her high hopes for the evening will definitely be met.

I liked Ellie.  You can tell that she is a fun person but that she’s lost herself a bit.  She has let her past relationship chip away at her – something I know we’ve all done.  Not thinking he could ever end with anyone because he’s well, a vampire, Bryce enjoys the idea of helping women find their true worth again.  He makes them feel empowered and sexy and after spending just a little time with him, they feel better.  And not just because they just had incredible sex – mind you I’m sure that helps.

This is a very short story, but even so you still get a good idea about the characters.  Although most of the time the characters aren’t the focus; their actions are.  And holy crumb what action they may be!  This is a very steamy little story.  Almost right from the beginning right up until almost the very end.  Have a glass of ice water to throw down your shirt when you are done reading because holy moly.

I think that’s probably why I found the ending came too abruptly.  The characters are so hot and steamy and they want and they desire then they part.  Then a couple pages of stuff happens that I don’t want to spoil, then it’s the end.  It really is “wham bam thank you mam”.  But even with the quick end, the book is fun.  Steamy steamy fun.  You can definitely read it in one sitting and you’ll be panting by the end.  You really will.

3.5 stars

Want to see what I’m talking about?  Be sure to come by tomorrow because Stacey sent me the scene where Ellie and Bryce first meet to share with you!

  1. This book sound funny. Sometimes I’m looking for a short book and I think this could be perfect. *lets the name Bryce rolls in her tongue*
    I can’t wait to read the scene tomorrow. Great review.

  2. oooh, I didn’t realize that Stacey had another book in this series. I have read 2 others of hers from it, Takedown (M/M) and the follow-up to that one, Somewhere in Between (Menage.) I will have to check this one out too.

  3. Ohhh excerpt day tomorrow, I will stop by and have a look 😉

  4. Thanks for the thoughtful review of Stacey’s book! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Christi, I’m happy to hear you read and liked Stacey’s other 1NSs! It’s a fun series, so diverse, something for everyone. Thanks for following the series!

    Heather Bennett
    Decadent Publishing

  5. This sounds like such a fun book and series. I mean 41 books about one company that hooks people up for one night of hot, crazy, steamy, passionate, sex…I’d say sign me up and I’m definitely going to have to check this one out, plus some of the others. 😀 Great review Julie and I look forward to tomorrows post.

  6. Stacey Kennedy says:

    Thanks Julie! You know I love reading your reviews!! 😉

  7. Bookaholic Cat – I just love the name Bryce! lol

    Christi – And I may have to check out her other two. 🙂

    blodeuedd – Steamy steamy…

    Heather – 🙂

    Deanna – This book has made me curious about the others in the series. lol

    Stacey – Thanks for asking me to review it! 🙂

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