Oct 20, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – Sins of the Angels Launch Party (Just Another Day In My Glamorous Life)


Those of you who follow my My Life’s Quirks posts or who watch my Vlog are well aware of how glamorous my life is.  Yeah…it’s not really.  So when Linda Poitevin invited me to the official launch of her wonderful Urban Fantasy debut Sins of the Angels, I was honored and super excited.  Not only would I meet Linda and be there to witness one of the most memorable days of her life, but I would be able to pretend that my life really was glamorous for just one evening.

The big event took place last Saturday, October 15th 2011 at Collected Works bookstore in Ottawa.  I had never been there before and was intrigued at why Linda chose that particular place to hold her launch.  She told me:

I wanted to have it in a bookstore for logistical purposes (so I didn’t have to worry about the sales end of things myself), and I wanted to keep the setting a little more comfortable and intimate. Collected Works is renowned for the way it accommodates and promotes local authors, and the staff were incredibly helpful in offering advice, answering questions, etc. I also liked the central location, the overall ambiance of the entire neighbourhood, and the accessibility by either bus or car. The final factor was my desire to support an independent, community-minded bookstore…a rare animal these days.

All great reasons (and they really did a very good job that evening).

There was another reason I was excited to be going to this shindig.  I would finally be meeting Carmel from Rabid Reads!  She and I have been chatting via twitter and exchanging books via our men who happen to work together for almost a year now but we had never actually met!  And I would meet her at last!  Woot!

Finally, the night of the big event arrived.  The plan was for Carmel and I to meet at the bookstore with our men in tow, but then the boys would leave to spend ‘guy time’ together while Carmel and I would stay behind and bond over books.  Carmel said she knew who I was the moment I entered the store since I came in carrying a big angel balloon.  (Inspiration struck the day before the event (thanks to a conversation I was having with a friend about the appearance of angels in books) and I made Linda an angel balloon as a congratulations gift.  Linda took her home where she decorated her piano top!)  Carmel and her guy are absolute sweethearts.  That’s what Jason always said about them (although he never actually used the word “sweetheart” since that’s not a very manly thing to say) and he was absolutely right.

Of course, I arrived with my camera and captured some of what was happening during the course of the evening…

The event was standing room only!  About 80 people went to help Linda celebrate the launch of her first book.

Carmel and me, cheesily holding up our shiny new books.  This is the picture that her man took.  And this…

…is the photo that my man took.  Yup.  Blurry and fuzzy.  It must have been the fact that my camera is a little on the older side.  I mean, this photo couldn’t have turned out this much worst than Carmel’s because of the photographer.  It just can’t be Jason’s fault… (love you *kisses*)

I was trying to be subtle and take an ‘undercover’ photo of Linda while she was signing.  Apparently, I suck at being undercover…

…so I went right next to her, snapped my photo and ran away.  I doubt anyone even knew I was there.  *g*

There was cheese and wine from a local winery and of course, there was cake!

Linda’s husband introduced her prior to her reading and had quite a bit to say.  He may have mentioned once or twice how he is hoping for big things with these books because he is looking forward to becoming a kept man.  He was really funny, and it was just as fun watching him speak as it was watching Linda’s reaction to what he was saying.  She cracked up many times.  But what stood out to me the most was how obviously proud he was of his wife.  It was really sweet.

Linda did her first ever reading during the event.  She was very nervous but once she started reading, you could hardly tell.  She rocked it!  And what she chose to read was a great choice, giving people a good look at the hero and the heroine.

Of course, I got my copy of Sins of the Angels signed…

…and I may have plans for this signed copy on October 27th when Linda comes by the blog for an interview. *hint hint*

All in all, I had a wonderful time.  Carmel was great company.  And even though we didn’t get that much of a chance to chat with her (because she was as popular as a rock star baby!) Linda was really sweet.  I loved seeing how happy she was and how truly appreciative she was for everything.  I really enjoyed Sins of the Angels and I hope we get to see the “at least 4” books she talked about at the party.  Because I want good people to succeed and do well and Linda definitely deserves the success.

The lady of the hour and me!

Sins of the Angels Launch Party.  Just another day in my glamorous life, and just another one of my life’s quirks.

You can read Carmel’s post about the event here and Linda’s here.

And if you are curious, here is the angel balloon I made for Linda.  I’m actually using the photo from her post because it turned out way better than any of the pictures I took of her.  lol  (The angel is about the size of my three year old son)

  1. Julie, thank you for the lovely recap of the evening! It was great meeting both you and Carmel, and I’m sorry I didn’t have more time to spend chatting with you. You’re right about it being a busy night…it kind of passed in a blur! I’m so glad you could make it to the launch, and I’m really looking forward to my visit to the blog on the 27th. Have a great weekend! 🙂


  2. YAY!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy your first author event was awesome and so enjoyable! It looks like you had a blast! I actually just bought her first book at my local Hastings last night and I can’t wait to read it. 😀 I’m also happy you were able to meet Carmel in person and I hope this means the two of you can start actually hanging out some. Maybe you and Jason can go on a double date with her and her hubby, then you can all have some fun time away from the real world. 😀 I think it’s super sweet that Linda’s husband introduced her and you could tell he was very proud of his wife. That part almost made me tear up! I love the balloon and I’m heading over to check out Carmel and Linda’s posts.

  3. I love the balloon and I love the re-cap. It looks like it was a fabulous release party!! smiles…

  4. Hilarious post Julie! I thought you were just going to exclude Jason’s crappy pic but nooo, you had to illustrate his poor photography skills. Luckily he’s a good sport. LOL All in all it was a great event and I can’t wait to do it again sometime! ooh, and yay for us finally meeting! 🙂

  5. How fun 😀 Yay for going there.

    But they ate that pretty cake!? Too pretty to eat

  6. Linda – I was so happy to see the amazing turn out. It’ll be even busier in April, for sure! Better order two cakes. 😉

    Deanna – It was just so cool to be there! 🙂

    Christi – 🙂

    Carmel – Yeah…he didn’t know I posted both photos or kind of took a jab at him. I asked him if he read my post when he got home from work. He said no but then read it right away. I looked at him with my most innocent expression when he was finished and he just harrumphed and walked away. I suppose he’s used to my blog posts by now. LOL

    blodeuedd – I know! That cake was lovely.

  7. Loved that thank you!

  8. Lovely party, I so envy you 😀 Thanks for sharing your photos with us and telling how the party went, sounds like you had a lot of fun 🙂

  9. I’m happy to hear you had an amazing time at your first author event! Be careful. They become quite addicting! 😉

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