Nov 24, 2011

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Review: Avenger’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walden (The Lost Angels #1)

Paranormal Romance
November 1 2011
Mass Market Paperback
416 pages
Signet Eclipse
Received from publisher

Yummy Man – Uriel
Kick Ass Chick – Eleanor Granger

From Goodreads –
When four female angels were created for the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Azrael, a chaos spurned by jealousy erupted, and the archesses were secreted to Earth. The four favored archangels followed, prompting a search that has last millennia. But for Uriel, the former Archangel of vengeance, the search ends the moment he lays eyes on Eleanor Granger, his one true arches. Can he protect her from the danger lying in wait for her-and win her heart?


This is the first time I have had to write a review like this so I hope you all bear with me for I may sound a little discombobulated.  I knew I would have one hell of a time with this one when I didn’t even know how to rate it.  Now I’m not talking “should I rate it 3 or 4 stars?”  I mean “should I rate it DNF or 1 star?”  You are probably scratching your head thinking “how does she not know whether or not she finished the book?…  Silly Julie.”  But you see, technically I finished it.  I know how it ends.  It’s just that about twenty percent in, I wanted to DNF.  I just wasn’t getting into the book at all and the characters were frustrating me to no end.  But since I received this book from the publisher and since quite a few people seem to think this is a great book, I read on.  But I did skip lots.  I mean pages at a time.  So even though I did reach the end, I didn’t read it all.  There go my confusion.  But Chelsea made the most sense when she said to rate it one star since I do know how it ends, so that’s what I decided to do.  One star it is.

Let’s start with a short summary of what this series is about.  The Lost Angels series by Heather Killough-Walden is about the Archangels Uriel, Azrael, Michaela and Gabriel.  About 2,000 years ago, The Big Guy, to thank them for their devotion and exceptional service, created a mate for each of the four Archangels.  But before they could get to them, the mates vanished to Earth…and the Archangels decided to follow them and find them.  2,000 years later and the guys are still looking.  The concept is really neat.  Each of the four angels is to get his own book describing how he comes across his mate.  Unfortunately, the first book Avenger’s Angel, didn’t grab me.

For me, my ??? for this book began at the end of chapter one and into chapter two.  Chapter one happens when the Archangels first arrive on earth.  Avenger’s Angel is Uriel’s book, but chapter one is about Michael and Azrael.  I actually read the back of the book for minute to make sure that I had read right and that this was supposed to be Uriel’s story.  I was wondering why I was reading about how Michael and Azrael fare when they first arrive on Earth and why Uriel is not even in that scene.  They don’t even know where Uriel ended up!  We do find out where vampires come from in chapter one, which was kind of cool, but otherwise I was a little baffled.  Then we start chapter two and we are in the present day and all four boys are cool and dandy and they are aware of where the others are and they can meet and chat in the blink of an eye.  Umm….what?  That just confused me a little and just seemed a little roughly put together.

Uriel is an actor now and is super popular.  Why an angel who is immortal and ageless would decide to become an actor and star in a movie that could (and does) propel him to super-stardom is beyond me.  (Yes, they mention that in the book but I don’t believe it’s ever really answered.)  Uriel meets his mate Eleanore at a book signing.  Ellie is gifted with all sorts of powers which is pretty cool.  But what continued to make me wonder about this book was that one of her very a first thought is “Christ, I’m falling for this jerk.  I’ve barely met him and I’ve already got it bad.”  They may have spoken three words to each other at that point.  Okay, more than that but not by much.  Unfortunately, I think that the rough transition from chapter one to chapter two and this ‘I’ve just met him and I’m falling’ put a bad taste in my mouth and from then on the book didn’t have much of a chance with me.

I found Uriel to be a bit of a jerk.  I suppose that was how he was supposed to be written but I didn’t appreciate a lot of what he did or say.  I would have liked him treat Ellie a little better.  Even though she is his intended, he could have been a little softer towards her.  He could have considered her a little more often.  Ellie was a little annoying too.  Yes, her life is a little upside-down now, but still I didn’t get a strong connection to either of the two main characters.  I didn’t mind the other Angels but again, didn’t feel truly connect much with them either.

I did enjoy Samael more though.  I suppose he would be classified as one of the villains in this book.  Well, maybe he’s more of a nuisance.  He is also an Angel and is a little bitter than the Big Guy didn’t make a mate for him.  So he intends to find the others’ mates and have one for his own.  I didn’t get why there was a deal made between Samael and Uriel for Ellie – well I did but not really at the same time.  I wondered why the story had to go that way.  But there were times when I wanted Samael to end up with Ellie instead of our hero.  I think that was another clue that this book just wasn’t working for me – I really should have been rooting for the H/h of this book and not for the ‘nuisance’ of the story.

The ending was a little busy and there were too many things left open for me there too.  But mostly I didn’t feel the characters at all and I had trouble getting into the book after reading the first couple of chapters.  And even though I kept reading in hopes that it would grip me a little more, it did not.

I know that there are quite a few people who read this book and who were in love with it.  They can’t wait for the next book, Messenger’s Angel due out in June 2012.  I am still undecided if I am going to give book two a try.  May not be a bad idea because that way I’ll know if it’s the world and the voice that rubbed me the wrong way or just Uriel and Ellie.  I guess I’ll wait and see what others think of book two before making my decision.

1 star

Books in the Lost Angels series –
Avenger’s Angel
Messenger’s Angel (June 2012)

  1. You did really well explaining yourself and the reason for your rating. A 1 or a DNF is always difficult.

  2. Also, the author didn’t do her research in regards to the heroine’s profession. Jane at DA called her out on this.

    I thought the book had promise but I had a big issue with the heroine never being kissed even with her hiding and on the run. Also many things were supposed to be taken at face value by the reader without any explanation.

  3. I don’t understand why it should take an archangel 2000 years to find someone. Is she 2000 years old then? or re-incarnated?

  4. It was at DA I read the review of this one and at once I thought no way! And you sure tell me the same

  5. really that bad/ crying :'(

    really wanted this

  6. I know you tried hard to get into this book. I’ve been in your shoes too and I know how disappointing it feels when you want to like a book and as hard as you try you just can’t.

  7. Michelle – It is! I didn’t even want to write this but I was told I should. lol

    Katie – Really? Hmm… There is just too many off pieces for me. 🙁

    aurian – I don’t understand it either! lol

    blodeuedd – But you’ll find it on some blogs and it gets a great review! So strange/interesting how that works… lol

    roro – Just because I didn’t click with it don’t mean you won’t. The 1 star isn’t unanimous among bloggers. 🙂

    Bookaholic Cat – I really did try! *cry*

  8. Wow! I was looking forward to this released on audio, I read a few books from this author, I found them for $99 cents (kindle) on amazon and really liked some of her books so I was excited when I found out that her new series was going to be on audio.. what a bummer… thanks for your review, audiobooks are expensive and I got to be picky.

  9. Great Review. I’ve really felt that I was the only one that didn’t get the cracktastic kool-aid because it seemed like everyone else simply looooved this book. There was just to much wtfery that my suspension of disbelief hit critical mass by Chapter 3. It was a total DNF for me.

  10. I thought that book, Avengers angel was great every auther explains there characters differently and im looking forward to the second book. But yes i was a little confused in some of the chapters but sometimes you need to read it again to fully get it. And I dont think that book deserved 1 star, thats kinda stink when that auther put time and effort into it.

    well thats my opinion

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