Oct 22, 2011

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News – The REAL Lover Reborn Cover!

JR Ward posted the final cover for the tenth installment in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover Reborn.  The first cover was just something they threw together so they would have something to put in Penguin’s Publishing Catalog.  Now it’s been touched up and the few changes that JR requested were taken care of and it’s done.  Here is what the ‘original never final’ cover looked like:

Here is the finished cover:

The changes are subtle but it’s just enough to make me like it SO MUCH BETTER!  I love the blue eyes against the gold/yellow/orange color of the cover.  And I think it helps my perception of Tohr now that his face is half missing.  Strange that, but it does.  It’s still not quite how I envisioned Tohr, but I think I just picture the Brothers to be a bit older than they actually appear.  I believe I see them as closer to my age.  I wonder why that is… *g*

Lover Reborn, Tohrment and No’One’s HEA story, is due out March 27th 2012.  Here is what JR Ward posted on her Facebook page about the book so far:

Tohr’s draft is finally done! He came in at a WHOPPING 754 manuscript pages, a total of 176,937 words AND he’s going to expand as I go through him the next two times soooooo we could be looking at a Rehv length (Avenged is the longest book in the series so far.) So… man, I’m wrung out- time to go for a run to work out the kinks!

So what do you guys think of the cover or the potential length of the book?

  1. I can’t say I’m totally in love with the final cover but it is a big improvement over the first version.

  2. Well, the changes are subtle, but it sure is better. And I too picture most immortals to look older than in their twenties. Wishful thinking perhaps.

  3. Paranormal Haven – I agree with you. Not the best cover, but better.

    aurian – Wishful thinking makes sense. 😉

  4. I agree with all of you. Still not my favorite cover but it is better. I am really anxious to read this one.

  5. I don’t love it but it’s better than the first version. I’m with you, I also picture the brothers a bit older.

  6. I also like the new cover much better than the first one. I need to get it changed on my waiting section…I also need to read the damn books…I really thought I would have them read in 2011, but I think that resolution is going to have to move to 2012…

  7. who cares about the cover! im crazy excited for the story! ive read all the books an they are darn good! i guess i myself always invisioned them as looking in there late twenites an early thirties, but of course they all give off centuries of living. Any who i wonder though will she be talking about the other love interst in the stories i.e Wink wink! you true fans know who im askign for. Any who cant wait going to have to make a countdown for this!

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