Oct 24, 2011

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Question – Have You Ever Fallen Out Of Love With An Author?

Confession time.  When I first got into reading as an adult, I was lucky to come across some amazing books written by some amazing authors.  I vowed I would read everything they ever wrote and I would love and cherish everything I ever read that came from their hand.  Just a note, they were all YA.

Most of you are aware that my love affair with YA was short lived.  Once I discovered Urban Fantasy and Paranormal and Contemporary Romance, YA took a back seat…waaaaaay at the back of the bus.  I still read some, am still amazed at how much better the genre seems to be since I was in high school, but mostly now I read books intended for adults.  But I remember the vow I made to myself when I started reading and I still check out the books written by the handful of authors I swore I would never abandon.

*le sigh*

Then the unthinkable happened.  I picked up a new book by one of those authors and…wait for it…didn’t enjoy it.  In fact, I almost DNF it.  The style was the same, the characters were the same and the pace ran the same.  But I didn’t enjoy it.  I even tried re-reading one of the books I adored and couldn’t get enough of the first time I read it and…I didn’t enjoy it at much.  That surprised me.  Yes, I have mostly outgrown the genre, but reading books written by this author (even after discovering the more adult books) still brought my joy.  It’s just suddenly I don’t feel the same amount of love for these books. *sniffle*

Am I still grateful to this author for helping create the reading monster that I am today?  Absolutely.  Will I continue to read the titles she comes out with?  Most probably not.  If she writes adult books, I’ll check them out.  But I think my love affair with her YA books is over.  🙁

So how about you.  Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever fallen out of love with an author?

  1. I fell out of love with a historic romance author that I loved when I was in my twenties. I used to read everything by her and she was an auto buy. Then a little while ago, some of her stuff went digital, and I picked a book up that I remembered loving. I didn’t finish it. It just didn’t enthrall me like it used to and I don’t know why. It makes me scared to reread other authors on digital now that are coming out with their backlist. But the good news is, I’m loving the stuff by the newer authors out there, so maybe it’s just a matter of my taste changing.

  2. even though I read her I have allen out of love with Janet Evanovich. Now it’s more this twisted loev-hate relationship and it makes me sad.

    Fell out in love with JR Ward too

  3. Vicki Casso says:

    YES I have! But that is all I am saying 🙂 no names but this author went down a road that was too meaningless and too repetitive. There are a number of books in the series and I purchased about 5 more than the one I threw across the room in frustration and I haven’t picked one up since. I doubt I will ever try any of these books again :(. It makes me sad but that’s what free will is, they do what they want and I do what I want.

  4. Yeah that kind of happened to me with Janet Evanovich. I still adore her but her Stephanie Plum books are not auto buy anymore. I still get them but not on the release day like I used to. I usually wait until I will a gift card or something and then use it to purchase her newer books. Sad I know. Well it makes me sad since I love that series.

  5. Oh yes I have. Not particularly on any genre but I have fallen out of love with an author, sometime due to the story or just didn’t like it any more and maybe it was really a very very bad story *le sigh*

  6. This happened to me with the writer who got me back into reading after a long hiatus. I fell in love with the Anita Blake series and couldn’t get enough- I would buy them all I release day. But then the style of the books changed so drastically and I tried to keep the faith but after a few book hurling moments, I said goodbye to the series that brought me back into reading and moved on.

  7. Blackwater Mama says:

    I was introduced to Paranormal and one of the first authors I read has gone in a direction in her series that I will not follow!! But the good news is that there are PLENTY of new authors that I love!!

  8. You did not just fall out of love with an author but a whole genre! 😉 One author comes to mind that I will never read another book from, but I was not really in love with her to begin with. She ended a series with a very disappointing book. Should I name names? One name I will say is Julie Garwood..she is my first adult book love. I could not get enough of her books, but I was disappointed with her latest, The Ideal Man. I will still look forward to her books, just not buy them on release date. I think some authors just get worn out, so they just write something to try and please their fans with another book. I would rather wait a while for a new book and it be good than them keep popping them out and not enjoy it.

  9. Yes several! One’s even a quite popular author in the world of romance but I’ve just lost interest and some of it seems quite repetitive which makes me sad.
    I’ve also fallen out of love with one series an author writes but still make myself read the series in hopes, one day it may improve! Le sigh…

  10. Eve – It’s amazing how we grow as readers. It makes sense that our tastes would almost mature as we do. 🙂

    blodeuedd – I hear many people think about stopping JR Ward’s books after each installment. 🙁

    Vicki – Five books. Yeah…I think it was time to let her go. 🙁

    Michelle – Sometimes it’s just time to let a series go. Or wait for a gift card like you. I like that. 🙂

    smittenskitten – A really really bad story.

    Fayfi – I have heard that many times about the Anita Blake books. That is one of the reasons I’m nervous to try them. lol

    Blackwater Mama – You are SO right about the new authors. There is some spectacular new talent out there!

    The Book Diva – That’s too bad about the last Garwood book. I remember how excited you were about it. It was my first one and I thought it was good. Maybe I would have thought differently if it was my 10th or 20th. lol

    Ally – You’re right about some authors becoming repetitive. It’s understandable when that happens, but still a little sad. 🙁

  11. I still love some authors, but I don’t like their books written in the 80s anymore. But with the times, their writing styles changed too. From the top of my head, can’t think of any author I really stopped reading (I am very loyal), but I do change genres. I used to love fantasy, and now read almost nothing in that genre anymore.

  12. I haven’t fallen out of love with any authors or genre but I could say I love some a bit less and I’m not following their releases as I used to do. If I learn his/her new book is good I may read it but not with the same fervor I had before.

  13. Great question! There’s definitely been authors that I’ve gobbled up and then…meh. Some authors it’s because of the direction they’ve taken a character *cough* LKH *cough* or sometimes it’s because once they’ve gained some notability they become pretentious and self-important.
    I definitely understand the idea of reading something that was appealing several years ago and finding it lackiing now too. That however, I chalk up to my own issues/personal growth/whatever.

  14. Yes, yes I have. I’m not scared to name names :mwahahaha: Janet Evanovich lost me. I dedicated a huge post to her on my blog..and Amazon :Yes I did: I owned every one of her books…then sold em on ebay

    Also, *Cough* LKH *Cough*

    If one of my favorite Assassins doesn’t get her head out of her repetitive ass I will not be reading a certain magical stone series anymore either… Just sayin’

  15. I have fallen out of love with some authors recently. Some of the authors that I used to devour books by, have become something that I just can’t get my excitement up about. I hate this because some of them are mid series, and I enjoyed the series before, but I just can’t get excited about reading the new books. I have bought some, hoping I could get excited about once I started reading, only to end up not finishing them. Many now are just being ignored, until/if I get eager to read them again.

  16. I was a huge Stephen King fan in my late teens and early twenties but when he released the Dark Tower series I abandoned him since I wasn’t interested in it. It was years before I ventured back to him.
    While I have been known to devour everything by an author I don’t auto buy based on a name – the books description/contents still have to appeal to me.

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

  17. aurian – You are SO right. Authors grow as we grow. Great point. 🙂

    Bookaholic Cat – You’ll still read them but you are not in any hurry. I understand that feeling too.

    CdnMrs – I think sometimes publishers have to just know when to tell an author it’s time to let it go and move on to something new. That’s what spin-offs are for right? To avoid over doing it in a series…

    Erika – I’ve actually never read Janet’s books. Now you have got me curious. Curious enough to try her? Not really, no. But enough to check her out on GR at least. lol

    June – Oh no! Mid-series falling out of love is almost s annoying as it is sad. 🙁

    Shelleyrae – If you actually let the blurb do the talking and not the author’s name, you are a stronger girl than I. LOL

  18. What a great question! And YES I have, I have actually fell out of love with an author and a genre. I hate it, because I remember the rush to get every new book and now I see she has new one come out and I don’t even read the summary. She has a ton of books in one series and I noticed about 1/2 through the series they all have the same formula. On top of that the errors in editing and story lines killed me. She’s had two books come out recently and I don’t think I will ever read them. So sad because her earlier books rocked my world!

  19. Yes, I’ve fallen out of love. The S. Plum series for certain. The early books are screamingly funny, but the later books … been there, done that. And Diana Gabaldon. Still love the first 4 books of the Outlander series, but hated 5, didn’t care for 6, and reviews convinced me not to read 7.

  20. Oh yeah. Since I have been reading voraciously for over 20 years now…there are definitely authors that used to be on my auto-buy list that I don’t even look at anymore. Our reading styles change and grow and mine DEFINITELY have. Flip side- 20 years ago, I worked in a bookstore and read a TON of new authors who honestly SUCKED at the time. Lately I have picked up a few of those more recent works and found that I LOVE their style now. ;o) It goes both ways… smiles!

  21. I used to read every last thing I could find from Dean Koontz. I actually bought a book more than once because I’d forgotten I’d already read it & it looked so good, lol. But then…somewhere I stopped enjoying his storylines. I haven’t really read anything from him in ages but I still pick up his books when I see them.

  22. Oops, by “pick up” I mean “look at in the store”. Realized that sounded like I was still buying them after I hit submit!

  23. Yes. Sometimes I just lose interest, but when an author writes for a very long time, or takes a long break and starts writing again, their style usually changes. Which is fine, but not necessarily something I want to read.

  24. Didi – I think it’s even worst when you were absolutely in awe of them then they go and stay stagnant. 🙁

    Suzie – It’s good to hear that at least the first books in the Outlander series make you happy. Too bad about the later ones though…

    Christi – That makes total sense. Authors grow just like readers grow. 🙂

    Allison – That is one author that I’ve never read but who I hear a few people feel the same way about.

    heidenkind – You are so right. Often it’s not the author that changes, it’s you as a reader. That’s what happened with me. The author still rocks, just not my world anymore. 🙁

  25. Laurell K. Hamilton is the first one that came to mind. I can remember reading her Anita Blake series non-stop (as in, no I can’t do X, Y, or Z – don’t bother me, I’m reading) but somewhere along the way the books turned into these massive orgies and the heroine became horrible to read.

    I also stopped the Wheel of Time series by Jordan because I couldn’t find a single character who I sympathized with anymore.

  26. This is a very good question Julie…for right now I’d say I have never fallen out of love with an author, at least to my knowledge. Right now my favorite authors are still my favorite authors but we’ll see if that ever changes in the future. It makes me sad to think that it might change in the future…so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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