Nov 7, 2011

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Question – What Is The Last Book You Pimped To Everyone?

Readers.  Yeah…we can get a little passionate about our books.  And we may sometimes get a little overexcited about a book that we’ve read that we just loved to pieces.

Sometimes when I finish reading a book, I will email or tweet certain friends and recommend the book to them because I know it is of a genre or style that they would enjoy.  Other times I try to forget that I read a certain book and want to place it at the very bottom of my recycling box.  And sometimes my reading experience while delving into a book is so powerful that I just want to climb on top of my roof and shout about said book to one and all.  And of course, once I’d get down from my roof, I would tweet and Goodreads and facebook and blog the hell out of this book just to make sure that I didn’t miss anyone.

There are a few books lately that I have read that I think EVERYONE should try – I am a book blogger after all so pimping books is what I do.  But I believe my biggest LOUDEST book pimp of the year would have to belong to Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett.  This book slew my socks off, it was so good.  (Check out my review here if you are curious)  I loved loved loved that book and I threatened people into reading it suggested to pretty much everyone I knew to give it a try.  And those who did loved it too!

That leads me to my Question this week.  What is the last book you pimped to everyone?

  1. This one is quite easy. I’ve been pimping Maya Banks In Bed with a Highlander to my goodreads monthly group read (which wonthe voting poll!) and to Deanna (I havent read it yet though!) 😉
    And again to Deanna Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series. Ironically it’s all historical romance’s but maybe being so close to December makes me pine for a good old fashioned romance!

  2. I was totally over the moon with the latest Suzanne Enoch – A beginner’s guide to rakes. Both the title and the cover don’t fit the book, but I call this one the best historical romance I have ever read. So, if you are into historicals, please try it out! review is on my blog,

    And thanks to the chance to pimp it out some more 😉

  3. You always have the greatest discussion points. 🙂

    The most recent book I pimped around to everyone was Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Lani Taylor. However my most epic pimp campaign was waged just a few months before that with Karie Marie Moning’s Fever series (which I picked up notably quite late in the game). Some books I’m selective in who I suggest read them (IE: a lot of the books I read I’d only recommend to girls) but the Fever series should be essential reading for everyone.

    And you know what? I still haven’t read Kindling the Moon. I’m ashamed to admit one of the things that’s kept me from picking it up is the description of the romantic interest. Mustache’s are just so … ewww for me. But picturing him as Johnny Depp does help. 😀 Thanks for that! I’ll pick this series up just as soon as I finish my book of the month assignment from my reading group.

  4. I have some friends who are anti-romance so I totally kept pushing Lisa Kleypas’ Hathaway series on them, and they finally caved a month or so ago and agreed to try them. Total success! They’ve all asked me for more Kleypas. 😉 I’ve also been pimping Meljean Brook, but I think some people are weirded out by steampunk.

    Oh, and I’m totally adding Kindling the Moon to my TBR!

  5. I won that one 😉 I am getting it soonish. Got to pick adn choose and yes had to get it

  6. I have been trying to pimp SHADES OF GRAY by Brooke McKinley, but it is M/M so my list of people to pimp it to isn’t very long, but if you like M/M or have wanted to try it, this book is PHENOMENAL!!! OMG, I loved it!!

    Otherwise, it would be Richelle Mead’s SUCCUBUS BLUES….

  7. Hmm the last book in this genre would be Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles – loved them!
    Oh I bought Kindling the Moon after your rec by the way LOL

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

  8. I have been pimping THE IRON DUKE by Meljean Brook for a year now – most recently a couple weeks ago when I was reading the follow up book HEART OF STEEL. LOVE. THIS. SERIES! I also have been pimping GEIST by Pip Ballantine and the STORMWALKER series by Allyson James.

  9. Imperium by Nicholas Olivo. This is his first novel, an urban fantasy, and I LOVED IT!!! It was kind of the same style as Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, if you’re a fan. It has a half-god, vampires, gremlins, werewolves and even incorporates New England folklore. Awesome!

  10. Ally – You’ve been pimping a book you haven’t read yet? You’re funny. lol

    aurian – You gave it 11 stars out of 10! You really did love it!

    Jessica – I have my “all-time pimp” and the Fever series is definitely one of them. It’s just amazing, isn’t it?!

    Sarah – I agree that some people are a little put off by steampunk (I’m usually one of them) but there is just something about Meljean’s steampunk that makes it amazing. Definitely a good series to pimp! 🙂

    blodeuedd – Woot!

    Christi – You pushed me over the edge with your review for Succubus Blues and I am so glad I read it. It was great great great!!!

    Shelleyrae – Yes. Love that series! Definitely worth pimping. 🙂

    twimom227 – Heart of Steel was incredible. LOVED that one.

    Mackenzie – I really want to try the Jim Butcher series but with so many books, it’s a little daunting. Maybe I’ll try your recommendation instead. Thanks! 🙂

  11. I’m totally ga-ga over Julie Anne Long’s historical regency romance series, Pennyroyal Green. Some titles: LIKE NO OTHER LOVER; THE PERILS OF PLEASURE;SINCE THE SURRENDER. These are the last that I’ve been shouting from the roof top.

    My all time shouts go out for D.B. Reynolds’ Vampires In America Series, starting with RAPHAEL bk 1, JABRIL bk2, RAJMUND bk3,SOPHIA bk4 and next weeks DUNCAN bk 5. These are the best written, sexiest, most romantic,action filled Paranormal Romances I’ve ever read.
    Julie, you think up the best questions!!

  12. Haha, yes Ally has been pimping both of those books/series to me. I find it funny that she hasn’t read the Maya Banks one yet. As for Kindling the Moon, yes after your review and a few other peoples I knew I had to read it. I still haven’t, however it is sitting on my shelf to be read soon!

    For me, it would definitely be Water for Elephants…I’ve been pimping that book like crazy and I still can’t get how amazing it was out of my head. 😀

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