Jul 14, 2010

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Silly Stuff

So I was playing around on Goodreads when I came across a list of books. Not just any books, mind you. The title of the list was “Humorous, Weird, Shocking and / or Plain Awful Book Covers”. I don’t remember exactly how I came across this list. I really hope I wasn’t looking one of these books up and stumbled across this list — that would be down right embarrassing… Today, I thought I would share with you the book covers that made me scratch my head the most (and admittedly, made me giggle a little too). I’m also going to tell you what their Goodreads average rating is and you can tell me if you think, just by looking at the titles and the covers, if the ratings are well deserved. Enjoy!

“The Big Penis Book” – avg. 4.00 with 3 ratings.  Released in 2008.

“Tickle His Pickle” – avg. 3.79 with 58 ratings.  Released 2004

“Dick.  A User’s Guide” – avg. 3.00 with 3 ratings.  Released 2003

“Penis Enlargement the Easy Surgery-free Way” – avg. 4.00 with 2 ratings.  Released 2005.

“The Big Book of Breasts” – avg. 4.38 with 32 ratings.  Released 2006.  (I’m sorry, but this is so photoshopped!!!)

“Bend Over, Big Boy” – avg. 3.20 with 25 ratings.  Released 2008

“Up My Alley” – avg. 3.67 with 3 ratings.  Released 2009.  (this is #1 on the list! lol)

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    I’m at a loss for words…

  2. Jen – I know what you mean…


  4. Mandi – you have to admit though that it’s a little creepy…lol


  6. So going in this Sunday’s WTFckery post!

  7. sooooo funny!!!

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