Nov 10, 2011

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My Life’s Quirks – How Did I Not Know This Show Existed?!

I hate folding laundry. Hate it. It sometimes takes me weeks to motivate myself to do it. My kids get one pair of socks in their drawers every day that I’ve rummaged out of of the clean laundry basket each morning because I just can’t be bothered to fold the entire basket.  Jason bitches that he has no socks.  I tell him to suck it.  But in a nice way.  Okay, maybe not so nice.  But I digress.  When I finally convince myself that people should live out of drawers and not laundry baskets, I need to fold the laundry while watching TV.  I need the distraction to keep myself from throwing everything out and buying all brand new stuff.  But since I need to focus on my task, I can’t watch a program that requires too much of my attention.

I few weeks ago, I was perusing my online cable guide looking for something partly mindless to watch while I folded my 6 baskets of laundry (I may let it get out of hand a little bit sometimes.  Maybe.) and I came across The Sing Off.  It was playing on a Canadian channel so I assumed it was a Canadian singing competition show – which would be perfect.  When I switched it on, I discovered that nope, it was not a Canadian singing competition show but an American a capella singing competition.  Meaning, the people who compete on this show have no instrumental backup.  They only use their voices!  And some of these guys blew me away!  I’ve been recording the show ever since and watch it bit by bit through the week while I eat my lunch while the kids nap.

I have two favorites on this show and I thought I would share them with you all.  These two singing groups are very different one from the other but equally talented and just amazing!  Last week, the groups had to perform a melody of three songs by the same artist.  Dartmouth Aires did Queen and Pentatonix did Britney Spears.

And when you watch these, just remember that there are NO instruments, NO music.  All you are hearing is their voice.

See!  I told you they were amazing!  I did a little research and found out that this is the third season of this show!  Hence the title of this post.
How did I not know this show existed?!  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. What terrific talent. I had to scroll around and hear the other groups also. I can see how it would make laundry folding more bearable.

  2. My favorite group by far is Dartmouth Aires!!!!! I love them so much. 😀 I’m glad you discovered this show, finally, and you are really enjoying it. 😀

  3. michelle in colorado says:

    I hope that Pentatonix wins.

  4. Dot – The talent blows me away!

    Deanna – Dartmouth Aires are amazing, but I think I agree with michelle.

    michelle – I would like to see Pentatonix win. And I will be Shocked if they don’t. I’m assuming that Pentatonix and Dartmouth Aires will be the final two groups.

  5. OMG I would so love to watch that show – I watch all manner of mindless Tv and they rock. !

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