Jul 7, 2010

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Silly Stuff

Fail Blog was my inspiration this week. Get ready giggle a little, and maybe even laugh out loud a couple of times.

This has to be breaking at least a couple by-laws.

…I don’t get it…

Aug!  I have that problem ALL THE TIME.  It’s so annoying!  I’m so glad someone finally came up with a solution!  Ear clamps – of course!  (Okay, maybe I’m a little full of shit here…  Do crows really take people’s glasses?!  I think if a crow came at my face and removed my spectacles, I would be having nightmares for the rest of my life!  lol)

Well golly-gee.  Everything you need for one hell of a party / wedding in one spot.  Who says Wal-Mart is the one-stop shop?  I think this guy wins hands down!  😉

  1. Those are great! I actually stopped at a gas station once that had a “no t.p. in the toilet” sign like that – I made hubs leave and gas up the car at the next exit – yuck!

    Love the name of the general store, LOL!

  2. Patti, you guys left that gas station?! But why?! lol Good call I think on your part to leave…

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