Nov 14, 2011

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Question – All About Historicals

This week I am talking Historical Romance and Historical Fiction books.  I have a post coming up later today that will explain in detail my experience with reading the genre, but this morning, it’s all about YOU.

I would like to know:

Do you read Historical Romance or Historical Fiction books?

If yes, what is it about the genre that you enjoy?

If yes, what kind of Historical books do you prefer reading?  Regency, Middle Ages, Highlanders in kilts and nothing more?…

If you don’t read the genre, is there a reason why not?

As I mentioned above, this afternoon I will be posting about me and Historicals.  I will also be posting the details for my Historical Romance Week Giveaway so be sure to check back.

  1. I love regency historicals! I don’t know why. I enjoy being in that world – I feel more transported when I read about the past. And also, I think there is more opportunity for angsy-iness (a quality I love in historicals). Things are simpler, yet more things can go wrong. Little things mean more. Hmm!

  2. Do you read Historical Romance or Historical Fiction books? Yep, especially when I feel like I need a break from UF/PNR.

    If yes, what is it about the genre that you enjoy?
    I’m a history nut so I like that, but I also love a hot guy, wielding a large sword. *snort*

    If yes, what kind of Historical books do you prefer reading? Regency, Middle Ages, Highlanders in kilts and nothing more?
    I LOVE the Kilted hotties, but also Regency and Medieval. As long as the storyline is good I’ll enjoy it. I really enjoy Linsay Sands and Julia Quinn

  3. I love to read historical romances about Scottish highlanders. I love them almost more than my paranormal romances. 🙂

  4. Barbara Elness says:

    I love historical romance and I read them in a variety of eras, but I do have a soft spot for Highlanders. I love history, so reading about how people lived in times past is very enjoyable to me and the lovely romance is great too. I do read historical fiction occasionally, but not too often. I also read a variety of other subgenres, like UF, PR, SciFi, Steampunk, and Contemporary romance, and I like to mix it up with my historical romance.

  5. Oh yes I love historical romance and I am not picky about the era. It can even be a 1945 love story. There is just something so magical about going back in time. Especially if the author a really gifted writer and can transport you back with her.

    For the women – I like the gowns and I like all the rules that can be broken. Just having a woman sit astride a horse can be scandalous.

    For the men – I am a total sucker for the men who are hard and they become soften and in love with their women. I love them in breeches and tall boots. The jackets and cravats and so sexy to me. Shall I go on about kilts? *sigh*
    Men can be so tough and masculine without cussing or over the top coolness with tats and piercings.

    Ok I admit it, I like that the woman are usually virgins going to their wedding bed. It is just so damn romantic to me.

    Big time Julie Garwood fan and I recommend her to anyone who wants to give it a go. I also really love Lisa Kleypas & Sarah MacLean.

    Cheers, MichelleKCanada

  6. I love Regencies and Victorians, but I’m not a fan of medievals or highlander romances. To each their own, right? I read historicals all the time. In fact, I normally rotate between historical romance, contemp. romance, PNR and urban fantasy. That way, it all stays fresh for me and I don’t get into reading slumps. As for why I enjoy them, I really couldn’t tell you. Maybe it’s all those repressed feelings and longing glances. I’m also an Anglophile, who used to read biographies of the English monarchy for fun, so maybe that’s why I love the historicals so much.

  7. Carolyn – It makes sense that even though things were simpler, things could go very wrong. Not as many band-aid solutions existed back then and it made for more interesting stories. 🙂

    CdnMrs – I’ll have to try a medieval book sometimes. You are not the first to suggest that.

    Scooper – I was told to be careful because HR can get addictive. I believe it! 🙂

    Barbara – I like the idea of mixing it all up to keep things fresh. That makes total sense. 🙂

    Michelle – I did enjoy the gowns. And the men in suits are just too dapper for words. 😉

    JenM – I will have to try a Victorian to see what I think. I really liked the Regency books I read so I’m a little nervous about branching out too soon. lol

  8. It’s certainly no secret that I LOVE HR’s. I am really into Regency but I have read one or two medievals. I’d like the Highlanders if it wasn’t for those dang “kin”‘s and “dunna”‘s. I have so many faves, Balogh, Kleypas, JA Long, Quinn….so many. I like them because of the transport back in time to a romantic era. Of course everything in that time was not as rosy as they make it in the novels but I’m looking for escape and don’t really want too much of the underbelly of the era.

  9. I am so excited about this week and I can’t wait to read all of your fun reviews and events! 😀 You know that I love historical romance but I also enjoy historical fiction. I’m not really picky with what era. I have read a lot of Regency recently. I also enjoy books that are based on true historical events…especially King Henry the VII! I just find the history for him so interesting. Oh and what I find so fun about Historical Romance is the guys. I love the clothing and how the guys are so proper, holding womens hands when they get out of the carriage, bowing to them, dancing when it wasn’t dry humping each other…the language is also wonderful to read. The whole thing makes me want to put on a big fluffy dress, put my hair up in some elegant fashion and ride around in a carriage. 😛

  10. Wow, I’m a late responder and the lone dissenter. I just can’t get into historical romances! I have no fascination with the various eras (not gonna lie, I have no idea what ‘Regency’ even means), and can never relate to the characters. Or, if do relate to the characters, it’s usually because they seem anachronistic – too modern for the time period. I just can’t win! My biggest struggle is with the language and tone the authors use. I can’t get into it.

    All this being said, I’m still willing to try and looking for the one that will change my mind. It’s such a huge market that I’ve not tapped into.

  11. Love Historical Fiction, but not restricted to any particular era. If they are well written, I love them all. I’m not sure how to articulate what it is I love about these books, I just do. Always have. I love the bad boys & the strong, gruff men. I love when the rake sets out to seduce the innocent & falls head over heels with her or when the uber hot Scotsman abducts the neighboring Laird’s daughter & then realizes he is never going to give her back because he can’t live without her. There is something a little more basic, a little more primative, a little more possesive about these men, that I find irresistable. Meredith Duran, Eloisa James, Tessa Dare…these women know how to write a HR that will knock your socks off! If you want a little bit of UF or Paranormal with your HR, then try Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander books. The woman is a genius!!!

  12. Dot – That is, I’m sure, the only reason I can’t do Highlander books. If they spoke with a modern American accent, I’d be great! lol

    Deanna – The men were quite fun in the books I read. Thinking about men today, it almost seems against their nature to be the way they were in the early 1800’s. lol

    Sara – I was like that too really. I think it’s about finding the genre of HR and the voice that appeals to you. Or it’s just not for you. Either way. 😉

    Michele – “There is something a little more basic, a little more primitive, a little more possessive about these men” Yes! You are so right. 🙂

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