Jul 5, 2010

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Question – When Do You Know How You’ll Rate a Book?

I started reading the ‘Mercy Thompson’ series last week.  While reading “Moon Called”, at about the 50 page mark I told myself that I will totally be giving this book 5 stars.  And sure enough, I did.  That got me thinking about other books I’ve read.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I can usually tell withing the first 100 pages how many stars the book will end up with.  There has maybe been one or two that have surprised me, but other than that…nope.  100 pages.

That leads me to my Question:  When do you know how you’ll rate a book?  How many pages in are you usually?  Can you think of any book that has really surprised you and turned your opinion around near the very end?

  1. Sometimes, with UF, you’ve got to give the book time to develop because of the world-building. If it’s the first book of the series, oftentimes the first part of the book is somewhat slow and confusing as you absorb the rules of this new world, then the action picks up and off you go. In that case, the rating at the beginning tends to change by the end. I’m thinking of Magic Bites, the first Kate Daniels book. I wasn’t that into it initially, but by the end, I was totally hooked.

    I’ve also read a fair number of self-published books on my Kindle (mainly because they are cheap) and they are often uneven. Most of the self-published books I’ve read suffered from a lack of good editing. Often I find that they start out great, but about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way in, they lose their oomph. Based on the beginning, I start out thinking 4 or 5 stars, but by the end, sadly, they are often down to 2 or 3.

  2. Jen, good point about the UF books. That darn world building! lol

  3. Agree with JenM about Magic Bites, took me a bit to get into it but is now one of my fave series.

    I’d say that by 100 pages you’ve definitely got a feel for the characters and the writers’ style and you kind of know….unless something really weird happens, the only thing that can mess it up for me at that point is a bad ending. That happens rarely for me, but it does happen.

  4. I think i can tell if im gonna like a book by the first 50-100 pages but i really have to read the whole book for me to decide my rating.

    I just love the journey of books…the ups and downs, the highs and lows…so all that weighs in on my decision.

    And…since a lot of stuff happens towards the end of books, that is usually a big factor. I esp love the unexpected!!

  5. Patti & Sharon, I guess why I can tell soon into the book is because I base my rating on whether or not I’ll want to read the book again. Even if I really enjoyed the way a book ended, if I’ll never want to re-read the first half ever, I know I can’t give the book a full rating.

  6. First, I’m jumping up and down because you gave Moon Called a fiver. The best book ever 🙂

    I think about my rating the entire time I read. By pg 100 I form an idea…but there are so many factors that can change it..sometimes the last 5 pages something happens and I think..doh! The rating goes up and down.

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