Jul 22, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – A School Day in the Life of Me

My day begins at 5:10am.  That’s the time I set my alarm for.  That way, I can hit the snooze button twice and still be in the shower at the hour I really want to be up for:  5:30am.  By getting up that early, I am (sort of) guaranteed at least an hour before my son wakes up therefore giving me ample time to get dressed, eat my breakfast and read for about 30 minutes (or, if I’m lucky and my boy sleeps in a little, longer).  When 6:20am rolls around, I’m in my reclining chair in the living room reading away.  I feel a twinge of bitterness because I must stop reading and get up to wake my husband.  I go into our room, tickle his leg and tell him it’s time to get up and return to my chair.  At 6:22am, I get up again and go to our room.  Once again I tickle his leg and remind him it’s time to get up, and then I’m back to my chair.  At 6:25 I get up from my chair, head to our room, pick up my pillow and throw it at my husband and tell him to get his lazy ass out of bed because I’m not getting up again to wake him because I’m not his frikin’ mommy!  Then I go back to my chair and read until I hear my son wake up and call my name.  (You’d think he’d be calling ‘maman’, but no.  Thanks to the daycare, my son calls me ‘Dooie’.  It’s cute unless it’s your own son, let me tell you…).

By 7:00am, Jason’s out the door and the first of the daycare kids arrive.  By the time the clock hits 7:40am, I have 6 kids in my house all jumping up and down to super loud Wiggles music and fighting over the same toy car.  Yep, that’s my house at 7:40 in the flippin’ morning!  Things quiet down by 8:45am.  That’s when the two school aged kids are on the bus and off to school.  *sigh* Now, I’m left with the 4 two year olds.  (You’d never believe it, but my house is SO much quieter after the five year olds are gone!)

Usually by 9:00am, I have to change my first poopy diaper of the day.  That is normally the time of day when I start to question whatever possessed me to open a home daycare.  I change a minimum of six poopy diapers a day – SIX!  And there is no end in sight because even after my own boy is potty trained, I’ll still have the daycare kids’ diapers to change.  In fact, thanks to my career choice, I’ll be changing poopy diapers FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!  Holy crap!  (No pun intended!)  Did you know that you can pinpoint whose diaper is dirty simply by the way the room smells?!  Seriously!  Who knew?!

Then I continue through my daily daycare routine:  free play, snack, outside play, craft/educational activity, lunch, nap, snack, meet the bus, snack, meet the other bus, snack, then count down the minutes until wait for the parents to come for their kids.  The little ones are mostly gone by 5:00pm leaving only my two.  Then, I’m in my kitchen starting to prepare the evening’s supper.  I turn on the TV, and only once I’m sure my kids are sufficiently distracted do I allow my mind to wander.

Hmmm, let’s see.  I close my eyes for a moment and let my mind escape.  It welcomes the break after my looooong day.  Today, I think I’ll be Patricia Briggs’ Mercedes Thompson.  No, I was Mercy yesterday.  Today, I’ll be Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels.  Yes!  I am Kate.  And in my hand, I am holding Slayer, my trusty magical saber.  Its weight is welcome in my hand as I am about to meet Atlanta’s latest villain that only I can stop.  I raise my arm and am ready to strike when a hissing sound comes from the corner of the room.  Curran.  He is, as usual, not happy with what I’m doing.  It’s kind of annoying how he fears for my safety — but he means well and he’s good like that.  Maybe once I’m finished ridding the world of this nasty piece of work, I’ll take him home and show him just how exceptional I think he is… *shakes head* I get those yummy dirty thoughts out of my head because, right now, I cannot afford to be distracted.  I spin around just barely missing my foe’s attack.  I drop to the ground and raise Slayer above my head.  I hold my breath wishing for the magic to hold when suddenly, a little man runs past me smelling of rotten fish and moth balls.

WTF?!  That is when reality sinks back in.  I look around only to see my five year old daughter say:  “Mommy, what are you doing?  You look weird holding your spoon over your head like that!”  I look in my hand and sure enough, I am not holding Slayer  (damn).  I am only holding the wooden spoon I have been using to beat mix the meatloaf.  *sigh* The little man is only my son with yet another poppy diaper (seriously, where does it all come from?!…).  And the hissing from the corner is not Curran (double damn).  It’s only a stray cat that has somehow gotten into my house…wait!  What?!  I shoo the cat out of my house as my husband arrives home from work.  He leaves a pool of pants by the front door and asks when supper will be ready while heading towards our bedroom to change out of his work clothes.

Thus continues my ‘real life’ day.  Serving the meatloaf, giving the kids a bath, putting them to bed, prepping activities for the daycare, filling school bags, making lunches for the next day and possibly ‘entertaining’ my husband before being able to settle down, write on my blog then get cozy with my book.  And only when I can no longer keep my eyes open do I go off to bed and to dreamland.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my life and I LOVE my job.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get to see the wonder of a little one’s discoveries.  I shake my head every day, but I also laugh out loud repeatedly because of something one of the little ones did or said.  It’s so true that kids say the darndest things.  And two year olds are marvellous company!  While falling asleep, I reflect back on my day and think about tomorrow – a brand new day…

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be Jeaniene Frost’s Cat Crawfield – with Bones.  Yes, definitely with Bones…  Mmm, I think I’ll save that one for after the kids go to bed.  😉

A school day in the life of me.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. Oh wow do you have a busy day!! I have 6 and 4 yr old boys and now that the 6 is home for the summer…yeah..house is pretty crazy. I can’t imagine multiple small children running around…LOL

    Thank goodness for BOOKS!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Wow…I’ll have to slap my hand the next time I say I never have time to read. It takes a very special and patient person to work with young children. Lord knows I would cut out for that kind of work.

    I love your role playing mental breaks. And I thought I was the only one who daydreamed about fight scenes and um, other types of scenes. 😉

  3. Mandi – Yes, yes! Thank goodness for books. Seriously, how did I deal before I discovered them?!

    Jen – No, you are not the only one who enjoys the daydreams…lol

  4. Dang Julie…..idk how u do it!! that just reminded me of why i never had time to read when my kids were little and i only had 2!! I do regret not reading but i prob wouldve been a horrible mother!!! Hang in there!

  5. Your post is like taking a trip down memory lane!! I did home daycare for 6 years so that I could be home with my kids and not have to put them in someone elses daycare. I loved it, but it had its good and not so good moments.



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