Dec 5, 2011

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Question – Were You a Reluctant eReader Reader?

I love books. Now you’re probably scratching your head and thinking “Yeah Julie.  We know . Duh.”  But what I mean I that I love print books.  There was a time when the idea of an eBook was almost too much for me to wrap my mind around.  Really though, where are the pages?  Where is that book smell? Where is the comfort that comes from holding a book in your hands?  Where is that feeling that you get when you first open a new book and hear that little ‘crack’ sound from the spine?  I’ll tell you where: not in an eReader.

Then one day, I saw a book being reviewed in blogland and everyone loved it. So, of course like the good little book addict that I am, I needed to have it. Well, it was only available in eBook format. “Gasp and Grrr” is what I said.  Not long after that, I discovered NetGalley.

I have trouble reading on my computer for a long time in one sitting.  I get eye-aches.  The third book in one of my auto-buy author’s series – the last book in the series – was available on NetGalley. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!  I wanted it it.  Now.  So I invested in an eReader.  Reading on an eReader wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it would be.  So after reading the NetGalley book, I picked up the eBook everyone was ranting and raving about.  It was good.  Very good.

Now I read on my eReader once in a while.  If a book isn’t available in print, I’ll read it on my Kobo and not think twice.  I like how it’s slim and light.  I still prefer print books because I really do like the feel of the book in my hands, and I like how I can just open it and read right away even if I only have 3 minutes to sneak in a page or two.  But I do see how eReading isn’t the devil.  Besides, there are SO many ePublishers out there and some of the books they release are just awesome and I would have missed so many great titles if I had decided to keep being a bit of a snob towards eBooks.

So that’s my story about eReaders.  What about you?  Were you a reluctant eReader reader like me or did you love the idea from the moment it was introduced?

  1. Nancy McGregor says:

    I never wanted an ereader, I just couldn’t understand how anyone could lose themselve in a digital device.
    I received an email from an author with a snippet of her book and as I read the snippet, I realisedI was just as lost as with a book.
    My husband bought me a Kindle last year and now I never read print books. I do occasionally buyread a paperback but under great duress lol. I love being able to instantly receive a book and and having storage space for all my books. We have an ipad now and I’ve done the same with my magazine subscriptions.
    I do miss covers and new book smell but that’s it. I just can’t go back now.

  2. I am still a reluctant ereader. I have read ebooks but I find I dont like them as much as when I am reading them from a real book. Something about it. Dont get me wrong, it is very handy and saves space. But I just love holding the book, smelling the new print, touching the pretty covers. So I guess I will always be a paper girl and occaisonal e-reader!

  3. Definitely reluctant here. I REALLY did not want to give in, but as a book reviewer, it was a necessity, plus I wanted to read all those e-book only books, so I gave in. I still prefer print, but i do love my Kindle! smiles….

  4. Ereader all the way! I stumbled upon it really back in 2008 and spent aaages reading on my laptop until May 2010 when ereader’s became more affordable and bought my Sony PRS-600 (I think) with some money my Dad left me then in May this year I upgraded to a Kindle (keyboard) and I’ve loved it because it means being able to read american authors is so much easier. One click = Love!
    I’ve since read on my boyfriends ipad with ibooks which is awesome too but itunes only seems to sell popular comtemp romance and urban fantasy! Not as wider range of ebooks as amazon in the UK itunes app.
    I’ve also read some novellas on my iphone with the kindle app and it’s love! Next year I plan to upgrade my ereader again to either a new kindle or to the Amazon Fire when it’s released into the UK!
    I hate the smell of books, but I like the memories they hold and you remember the last time you read it and if you find scraps of paper in it with notes and bookmarks etc I like that too. I have to admit that I went about 3 weeks without touching my kindle because I had several urban fantasy books that I was really enjoying reading I just wish Kindle would sync all your devices like apple does when you read so if you read on your phone it syncs with your kindle etc!
    But I like that ebooks take up no space so in a one bedroom flat I find that really amazing and I like that living in the UK I can still get my hands on ebooks released the same time as America instead of having to wait weeks for it to become available in book format. I’m impatient like that you see 😀

  5. As soon as I heard about e-Readers I was all over them.
    I live in a smallish town and I don’t drive so if I wanted most books on their release date I had to buy them in eFormat. They’re also cheaper and who doesn’t love a good deal?

    There are still books that I prefer in paper form. I can’t imagine reading Lord of the Rings on an eReader, for example. I also like to keep sets together. So if I have all the Sookie books I’m not going to buy the next release in eFormat, even though it would probably cut the price in half.

    Now, the only thing I can complain about with eReaders is
    that it’s too easy to buy books and my credit card is slightly overburdened by my habit. 😉

  6. I was reluctant, too, but so many books aren’t available in hard copy now that there are so many e-book publishers out there. Also, the convenience of ‘on-demand’ books won me over (versus driving forever or waiting weeks for an order to come in). On my very, very long commute to work (we’re talking 4 hours a day, folks!), an e-reader is so much lighter and easier to manage than print books, especially paper backs. However, I still prefer print books for 2 reasons: 1) the dreaded ‘please recharge if you wish to keep reading’ issue has left me in a panic more than once, and 2) more than once I’ve been on a plane and had to wait an annoyingly long and boring time for the flight to be in the air before I’m allowed to read again. Times like that, I look longingly to the hard copy readers.

    Basically, if book stores were better stocked, cheaper, and if books came out in paperback versus hardcover right away, and if the books I wanted to read were available in hard copy, I probably wouldn’t use an e-reader.

  7. Like you, I love books…meaning I love the way they feel & the way the smell, the beautiful covers & the way the pages feel in your hand…that being said, I am also a technology geek, so I jumped on the eReader bandwagon right away. I own 2 Nook’s, the Tablet & the Simple Touch, & love them both MUCH…the ease with with I can purchase a book the minute I need a new one without having to get in the car & drive to the bookstore is such a great perk & also being able to travel with the one device that houses so many books is so great! No0 more having to take a stack of books with me when I travel. I still buy actual books, but only for my most favorite of series…the ones that I will want in my library forever. I was running out of room for all the books I had, so having an eReader has been a big help with that issue also.

  8. Cassandra says:

    I’ll probably always be a reluctant e-reader but I’ve learned to compromise. I work in a second hand and antiquarian bookstore so I am able to pet read the books with the beautiful bindings and illustrations that can’t be experienced by the reader in the same if it were digital. But I do have the Kindle app on my iPod and like be able to have the back up copies for those times when I am some how stranded without a book (or I’ve finished one without having a second right away). So it’s a little of both worlds for me. I don’t think I’ll ever give up my print and paper but the ebooks aren’t as evil as I first thought before.

  9. I was more than reluctant – I was drug into the modern era of ebook reading kicking, screaming, and clawing. ; ) I’m one of those highly old fashion types that loves just about everything about books – the weight of them in my hands, the way the light illuminates the page, and most especially the smell of them. I also have this image of myself one day having the perfect library – one with vaulted ceilings, floor to ceiling books, and a little ladder that rolls around the room. In this perfect library I also have a giant oversized “man chair” next to a fireplace where I will read the 1000s of books I’ve accumulated over the years (preferably all in hardback). It’s my little slice of imaginary heaven.

    So, when someone suggested I consider an e-reader I was naturally adverse to the idea. It just wouldn’t be the same. No book smell. The light would be weird on the reader screen, and how would I ever populate my library with books? It took years to wear me down, but what finally pushed me over the edge was the idea of saving money. I went through a tight patch financially where buying books was a challenge – and suddenly the e-reader prices looked appealing, so I bit the bullet and got a Kindle with a nice little book-like cover.

    In retrospect, I’m not sure how much money I saved as I started devouring a lot more books. What I came to love about the reader was the convenience of instant books. No more calling around to bookstores and driving half way across town to pick up the next book in a series. No more waiting days for amazon books. Now I finish and book and BAM, I instantly have another on my device.

    These days most of my books are on my Kindle. Someday I’m going to go and buy all the books I really loved in physical form too (for my library of course *grin), but for now my e-reader has taken over my literary life.

  10. Reading this makes me think I am just like you 🙂 Everything fits and this is exactly how I feel

  11. Lol, I still don’t have one. I do read ebooks on my computer, with no problems at all. And it makes it super easy to check on Twitter and email every so often.

  12. Rain Maiden Jen says:

    My husband got me a Kindle for my birthday. I loved it, but it caused me to have bad eye strain. It got so bad that I returned my Kindle. I now have an iPad and it’s not so hard on my eyes. I can say that I still prefer to get my books in paper form.

  13. I immediately fell in love – finally i could access books for a reasonable price without the unreasonable postage costs. It opened up genres for me that simply aren’t available here on bookshelves – particularly the UF and cozy mystery genres. I am still reading on my iPod though I would like a Kindle or other dedicated e reader.
    I really don’t care what format a book comes in, the content is what matters 🙂

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

  14. I totally was anti e reader when they first came back. Then I hemmed and hawed about if I wanted one or not. Once I got mine though it was love at first sight. My family thinks I’m weird because when I have an ebook I love, I’ll also buy the print one. 🙂

  15. I was a very reluctant ereader. But during my husband’s last deployment, print books became a huge problem, as in huge piles of books everywhere in our bedroom. I had books over flowing book shelves, books shoved under our bed, books stashed in kitchen cabinets, books in bags in closets, books in the garage…..I do not like to borrow from the library for two reasons: I like to re-read books and my library very rarely has the types of books I read. But my book buying was out of control.

    So I made a compromise with my husband. I agreed to get an ereader to make our house less of a fire hazard (and easier on the movers every time we have to move) and only by the book in print if it was part of a series I collect.

    My ereader is the best thing I ever purchased. I really worried I would miss print books, but I don’t. I never have to worry about my kids pulling out my book mark, I can make the font as big as I need it, I never worry about having to hide the cover from my kids or people in public and my ereader is actually easier to take places than print books.

    I wish I could say it has saved me money, but that would be a complete lie. I actually spend more money since I can get the book right away and if I absolutely loved the book, I buy it in print to add to my collection. My ereader has only added to my addiction.

  16. I like both, my Kindle and paper. I waited until Kindle 3 because I’m one of those who want the bugs worked out before I dive into buying. Now I’m obsessed with putting books on the Kindle. Especially free books which lately have been like every day. Notice I said I’m obsessed with “Putting them on” not reading them. There are only so many hours in a week to be able to read. I’m prepared for the apocolypse I have so many books on the Kindle. But I have paper books to read too. Now I try to read a Kindle book for every paper book. Just to justify the obsession. Actually I like reading from both, but find rifling through pages to find a name or salient point easier with paper than the e-reader.

  17. I was like you. I scoffed at the idea for a few years. I finally bought a Kindle a few months ago, and I love it. I still prefer my actual books, but an ebook is great, too.

  18. Oh you can’t imagine how anti-ebook I was. I thought they were evil (joking ;-p) and never wanted to have anything to do with them. Then I got myself a Kindle and everything changed. Not only did I get to love ebooks, but nowadays (mostly thanks to Netgalley and authors sending ebook review copies) I read about 3-4 times more ebooks than paperbacks. Though there are some aspects I miss with ebooks (beautiful colourful cover, being able to leaf through the pages find passages, look at it on my shelf), ereading is much more convenient: I can make mark ups, notes and highlights in the book (I would never write in my print copies!), which comes handy for reviewing, I love that I have tons of ebooks on my KIndle I can choose from, and it is easier on my wrist than holding a paperback. So I’m torn, I love things about both, but I guess just for the sheer pleasure of looking at it on my shelf I still prefer a bit more print books.

  19. I’m very much like you on this one Julie. I was very reluctant and I still am. My Mom gave me her old Kindle so I used that every once in a while before it died. Now I just use the Kindle reading application on my phone when I have to read an eBook. So Yes, I am still that person who would much rather have a book than an eReader…but props to anyone out there who lives and breaths their eReader. LOL.

  20. I got my first ereader as an experiment. I thought it would be great for travelling, but I didn’t think it would replace “real” books the rest of the time. Well, I was half right.
    It was absolutely fantastic for travelling! I carry just my ereader. I started with a Nook and now I have an iPad. That’s it. I used to carry a whole suitcase of books, and visit at least one bookstore on every trip. Now, it’s just my iPad. I never run out of great stuff to read.
    But almost all my reading is on my iPad. And Netgalley is definitely my drug of choice. But pre-ordering new books and having them magically appear and midnight is so awesome. It’s the finest magic a reading addict could ever have imagined.

  21. My hubby is a total geek and got me an ereader back in 2004 (long before the Kindle and Sonys first came out) because he hated that I always took 10 books on vacation with me. I was instantly a convert, but the selection wasn’t that great back then, plus the screen was backlit (hard to read on the beach LOL), and there was no instant downloading. I got my first Kindle in 2008 soon after they came out. I was instantly in love. If I had my way, I would never read another print book. I’ve never been one of those people that loved the physical medium of books. To me, it’s all about the stories themselves. I couldn’t care less how they are delivered to me. Plus, I find it hard to hold physical books due to repetitive stress injuries in my wrists so I probably wouldn’t read nearly as much as I do if I had to use physical books exclusively.

  22. Every year when I get my Year End bonus I strive to buy something just for me. ipod, laptop…something just for me. Hard to do but I think I deserve it *wink wink*. Anyhow, a few years ago the Kindle was my special purchase. I thought it would be cool to have and perhaps I’d read a few books. NOPE! My Kindle is stuffed with books. I LOVE MY KINDLE. I’d rather read on my Kindle. I hate holding the heavy books and bending the pages back so far so that I can read once it gets close to the binding.
    I also love I can increase the font size. I’m only 43 but I swear my eyes are going on me.

    Great question.

  23. As you know where I like is not easy to find books in English and the ones I found are very expensive, for that reason I LOVE my precious aka Reader. Also I’m a technology maniac. DH knows this when buying a gift for me, he knows I prefer a new reader/laptop/ipad/phone than to jewelry or clothes (I’m not including shoes in that category, shoes are something else…).

  24. I find this hugely fascinating because as we run away from e-books we have to realize we are reading a blog! I mean we are e-reading (laughs). So if we are reading a blog why not an e-book, why we are avoiding the change from book to e-book? Don’t get me wrong I too love the smell of books, how they feel and even the yellowing of pages of my favorite book as it gets older. However I have indulged into the electronic world too, mainly because it’s cheaper! And I don’t have to hear my husband say “why do you need another book when you have all these”, he does not see the new ones come on the Nook. 🙂

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