Dec 8, 2011

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Silly Stuff – 101 Best Opening Lines

Since I posted my “Yesterday Was My Birthday Giveaway”, I decided to post my Silly Stuff today.  I went to one of my stand-by site and found this gem.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:  Awful Library Books never disappoints.

I give you 101 Best Opening Lines (Meeting People).  Published in 1983.

“I’m writing a book on opening lines.  What would work on you?”  Oh boy…

“Look!  You made my ice cubes melt.”  Oh.  My.  Gawd!

“Haven’t we McMet before?”  Seriously?  There are no words for that one…

“I’d like to make a copy of your face to take home with me.”  Umm…creepy much?

“A good line if you’re a fast quarter-miler (can be embarrassing otherwise)”.  No shit.  LOL

Thank goodness I have never been approached by any of these opening lines.  I almost dare someone to try one.  lol  Have you guys ever heard a really cheesy opening line?


  1. Those “lines” are cheesetastic. *shivers*

  2. Ugh these are horrible Julie! 😀 The McMet and photocopying ugh.. and the timing my run, and then later discussing running shoes and foot problems.. Really? that sounds anything but romantic to me (smelly feet, blisters, ewww) :-/ horrible book, did the author really believe these oneliners work?!

  3. Wow..lame…lame lame lame. I hope any guy trying those gets slapped, LOL

  4. I actually liked #28. LOL. Though I agree, the copy one is creepy.

  5. OMG I’m lucky I was never on the receiving end of those lines. They couldn’t be more cheesy and lame. My favorites are: “Look! You made my ice cubes melt” and “I’d like to make a copy of your face to take home with me.” …. Call the cops there is a creepy stalker one the lose…
    Thank you for the laughs.

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