Dec 29, 2011

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My Mostest Favoritest Reads of 2011!

Do you know what is easy to say?  “I’m going to write a ‘favorites of 2011’ list!”  Do you know what is not so easy to do?  Yup.  Write a ‘favorites of 2011’ list.

Do you guys go back and look at all the books that you have read in one year?  Not necessarily the physical books, but at least a list of them?  I read 125 books in 2011.  Not as many as last year, but still pretty impressive if I do say so myself.  And when I look at the titles of the books I read, I can’t help but feel that I read some pretty damn good books.  Did I miss many books that I just “absolutely have to read”?  Absolutely.  Will I ever get to all of the books I am told I absolutely must read?  Bubble bursting moment here but probably not.  But I still think I made a pretty good dent in my to-read and wish lists this past year.

When it came time to write my Favorites of 2010 list, I had trouble.  Mostly because I had to go through all the books I read in that year and try to remember exactly what I thought of them.  I may have gone back to read some of my own reviews too.  I bet you’re thinking I must have felt kind of ridiculous doing that.  Well yes.  Yes I did.  So this year I decided that I would start my list in January!  As soon as I finished a book that I thought should end up on my year-end list, I wrote it down.  Well as I was preparing to write this post, I checked my list and low and behold it had 37 books on it!  *sigh* So much for a top 10.  But I did manage to widdle it down a bit and what is left is what I am going to share with you today.

Just a couple little notes before I begin.  The list is in order from my mostest favorite to my favorite read.  And I sort of divide my list into categories.  It not only makes things easier but it also allows me to sneak in more books onto my list.  *g*

So here we go… *drumroll*

My Absolute Most Favorite Reads of 2011 – that were published in 2011

And let’s not forget…

My favorite reads of 2011 – not published in 2011

My favorite covers this year (of the books I read).  Yes, I am aware that the cover has nothing to do with the book or the author, but they’re still really nice to look at.  And there are others, but these are my most favorite.

My favorite new find – a.k.a. a series you absolutely must check out!

Series/Story Arcs endings that were truly kick ass

Favorite new series (with more than one book in it so far)

And this year, I am going to talk about the men.  My Favorite Book Men of 2011.  I have three categories of men.

First, my old standbys

Adam  Bones

Next, my new favorite men that I discovered in 2011

Rune Lon Atticus

And finally, the men who could come into a room and say “Come here babe.  We need to go to Wal-Mart because I’m out of Metamucil” and I would *super swoon*

Barrons Curran

So there you have it.  My loooooong arsed Favorites of 2011 list.  Did some of my picks make it onto your Favorites list?

  1. Great selection! There are some on that list that I haven’t read and now I “have” to read them. Hopefully soon I will get to them.
    And as always thank you for making me laugh with your super lines – “Come here babe. We need to go to Wal-Mart because I’m out of Metamucil” and I would *super swoon* – LMAO you are too much!

  2. Julie James wrote one of my favorite villains of the year in A Lot Like Love. I want Xander to be redeemed and get his own story.

    I will remain silent about Le Douche and your love of him 😉

  3. Oh great choices, I have read a lot of them and I really liked them too. I think now I need to read the others of your list lol.

  4. I really should think about fav cover of the year. As for the books, awesome choices, i hope to read some of those in 2012

  5. Looking at this list just makes me happy…and a little panicky… how are there so many on there that I haven’t read yet?!?! smiles….

  6. “And finally, the men who could come into a room and say “Come here babe. We need to go to Wal-Mart because I’m out of Metamucil” and I would *super swoon*” ROFLMAO (and yeah Barrons would do that for me too)

    I have been waiting for your list since you have recommended the most books to me this year. AND I thank you for that. You are the one who finally motivated me to read the Fever series after all these years and I finally did it. AND WHAT A RIDE IT WAS!

    So my TBR list just grew and I shall refer back to your list often.

    All the best to you Julie and here’s looking at a wonderful book reading year for 2012!!

  7. It pleases me to see The Renfield Syndrome on your favorites. Such an intense book, but so freaking good.

  8. Great list Julie! I’ve never heard of Kindling the Moon, but it looks really good. I’ll have to add it to the TBR pile. Like everyone else, I also LOL’d at the Wal-mart Metamucil joke. It’s so true though!

  9. Yup– agree with a great many things on your list, but most especially Barrons & Curran!!! Yuuuumy!

  10. BookaholicCat – You have to read Sierra Dean. That is all.

    Katie – Oh, face it. You secretly swoon over Barrons. When you’re alone at the supermarket…he’s who you think about. 😉

    Melliane – I’m glad you enjoyed them too!

    blodeuedd – This is the first time I do covers. So pretty ones out there!

    Christi – Many are UF I don’t think you’d dig. Yes, some of my fave, but I’m not sure about you. So you don’t need to panic too much. lol

    Michelle – I am SO stoked that you loved Fever. Now, you need to try Kindling the Moon, Shaedes of Gray and the Secret books. And Turn it Up if you haven’t yet. And Sweet as Sin. And… 😉

    Chelsea – It was amazing!

    Nicole – I will be very surprised if you don’t love it too. Read it. Read it now. 😉

    Michele – Curran & Barrons are AMAZING!

  11. You found me out Julie! When I’m looking for reasonably priced BBQ sauce, I think Barrons, take me, you douchy man with the grilling skills! *falls against shelves in a swoon*

  12. I second Secert McQueen series. It’s AWESOME!!

  13. What a fun post! I haven’t read a lot of the books you have, so I can’t say yes and no to most. But Kate/Curran and Larissa’s new series made my list as well!

    Happy New Year! Jen

  14. Katie – 😉

    Jennifer – It really really it.

    twimom – I love the lists you’ve posted so far on your blog. Kate/Curran are the best! 🙂

  15. Oh, Wow! So many I have yet to read but I truly trust your instincts so they will go on the wish list.
    Just wish someone would explain the attraction of Barrons who is, to me, god-awful. There I said it, now throw stones. 🙂

  16. Great list Julie! I had forgotten that Shadowfever came out this year. Now I so badly want to read Kindling the Moon and the Kevin Hearne books even more.

  17. Shadowfever, yes!! I know it was such great book, I can remember the anticipation. I definitely got a lot to add to my pile from your list, and OHHH Barrons and Curran I sooo agree with you!
    I hope you have a terrific 2012 full of health, love and prosperity!!!
    And thank you for sharing you love for books and opinions I truly appreciate them 🙂

  18. I love your lists!! There are so many books on that list that I wanted to read, but didn’t get to. :sigh:

  19. Wow, you have a few of the books I also chose listed. It seems like Dragon Bound made just about everyone’s list.

  20. Dot – I can’t explain it. Yes, he is an a**. But there is just something about him that makes me go YUM! But you either adore him or hate him…lol.

    Skye – Good. I want you to read them! 😉

    Lup – OMG the anticipation for that book! It was crazy… I wish you all the best in 2012 too. 🙂

    Colette – Yes, darn that real-life and time and all that… lol

    Paranormal Haven – You are so right about Dragon Bound. It’s on everyone’s list! As it should be. 🙂

  21. Loved Shadowfever and Magic Slays! Still need to read Dragon Bound, I hear great things. I got Hounded, but it just does not seems to have romance in it so not sure I’m going to like it. You have, for sure given me some new books to add to my list.


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