Dec 30, 2011

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Review: Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs by Molly Harper (Jane Jameson #1)

Paranormal Romance
March 31 2009
Mass Market Paperback
355 pages
Pocket Star

Yummy Man – Gabriel Nightingale
Kick Ass Chick – Jane Jameson

From Goodreads –
Maybe it was the Shenanigans gift certificate that put her over the edge. When children’s librarian and self-professed nice girl Jane Jameson is fired by her beastly boss and handed twenty-five dollars in potato skins instead of a severance check, she goes on a bender that’s sure to become Half Moon Hollow legend. On her way home, she’s mistaken for a deer, shot, and left for dead. And thanks to the mysterious stranger she met while chugging neon-colored cocktails, she wakes up with a decidedly unladylike thirst for blood.

Jane is now the latest recipient of a gift basket from the Newly Undead Welcoming Committee, and her life-after-lifestyle is taking some getting used to. Her recently deceased favorite aunt is now her ghostly roommate. She has to fake breathing and endure daytime hours to avoid coming out of the coffin to her family. She’s forced to forgo her favorite down-home Southern cooking for bags of O negative. Her relationship with her sexy, mercurial vampire sire keeps running hot and cold. And if all that wasn’t enough, it looks like someone in Half Moon Hollow is trying to frame her for a series of vampire murders. What’s a nice undead girl to do?


I love this book.  It’s fun, funny and just adorable.  If that’s not enough to convince you to give it a try, how about this:

Jane Jameson is a librarian.  She loves her job and just can’t see herself doing anything else.  But suddenly, she gets fired.  After a night of drinking and pouring her heart out to a stranger she meets at a bar, she gets shot by a drunk hunter who mistakes her for a deer.  Yes, you read right.  A deer.  Luckily the stranger happens to be a vampire and is following her home (in a non-creepy-stalkery sort of way) and catches up to her in time to turn her.  So even though she dies, she survives.

See?  How can you not want to see what happens after that?!

Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs, the first book in Molly Harper’s Jane Jameson series.  In Molly’s world, vampires are out but is hasn’t been that long.  You can buy synthetic blood at Wal-Mart and you even receive a welcome basket when you become undead.  The whole idea is fantastic.

This is definitely a ‘world set-up book’ but you are not completely bombarded by information.  You learn what you need to know through Jane’s internal and spoken dialogue during almost the whole book. And that is where you tend to laugh out loud.  Often.  Yet there is still a story to this book – it’s not just a set-up book.  And even though the story is a little ‘coming out of left field’, it’s still solid and still manages to surprise you and keep you guessing.

You get a good taste of all the characters you will be following for the duration of the series.  Jane, of course, is amazing.  Quirky, smart and sarcastic she warms your heart.  You feel for what she is going through yet you can’t help but laugh often at the predicaments she seems to find herself in.  Gabriel, the stranger who turns her, is just yummy!  Prim and proper, he’s not sure what to do with Jane.  She amuses him, something nobody has been able to do for him ever really.  I love how he starts off practically with a stick up his a** but ends up a little looser.  You can already see what Jane does to him and I like it.  Zeb is Jane’s best friend and he is wonderful.  He balances her very well.  Jolene is Zeb’s girlfriend and wow, she is such fun!  Finally there is Dick.  He is Gabriel’s opposite.  I love his role because he adds the finishing touch to this group of misfit friends.  Overall, each and every character in this book is well placed and plays their role really well.

A little note, each chapter begins with a quote from ‘The Guide for the Newly Undead’ and let me tell you…funny.  I know I use that word often to describe different parts of this book but really that is the best word.  This book is funny!

This was actually a re-read for me.  This series was originally written with three books but Molly has written a fourth book, Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors, and it’s coming out at the end of February.  When I read Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs and the other two books in this series, they immediately landed on my Favorites list.  They are so warm and fun it’s hard not to like them.  I thought since it had been a while since I read them that I should read them again in order to prepare myself for the latest book’s release.  I am so glad I decided to because I have not laughed so hard while reading a book in a while.  I will definitely be picking it up again at some point because I like it that much.  I honestly don’t remember many specifics about Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men but I remember it being equally funny and that there is a crazy ‘southern’ wedding involved so can’t wait to dive into it again so it can jog my memory.  And of course, so I can laugh like a crazy person once again.

As for Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs, if you like books with a sassy and quirky humor, I would definitely give it a try.  It sets up the series really well and it makes you want to read more about the wonderful gang of characters you just met.  Definitely a book I recommend to anyone looking for a fun, and of course funny, read.  Did I mention it was funny?

5 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“’Explain why you were found outside Dick’s burning trailer after you were recently seen having a lovers’ quarrel with him at a party.’

‘That wasn’t a lovers’ quarrel!  That was a friendly conversation!’

‘You were seen hitting him repeatedly.’

‘It was a friendly conversation that involved me hitting him repeatedly.’”


“’Would you kick her ass already?’ Dick said, shoving me back toward ***.  ‘Come on, Stretch, man up.  You can do better that this!  Get mad.’

I nodded, rolling a dislocated shoulder back into place with a grunt and staggering back toward my opponent.

Behind me, Zeb yelled, ‘She tried to hurt Fitz!’  He turned to Gabriel and Dick.  ‘That’ll get her mad.’

Gabriel rolled his eyes.  ‘She’s been framed for murder twice over, shot in the back, her arms were set on fire, and her parents are being held hostage.  You think tampered dog water is what’s going to make her angry?’

‘You tried to hurt my dog!’ I wheezed as I lurched.”

Books in the Jane Jameson series –
Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs
Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men
Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever
Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors (February 2012)

  1. I think I’m the only one who didn’t love this book. ):

  2. Colette – Oh no! Was it not your kind of humor?

  3. ok ok I laughed at your quotes. I’m in! I did buy the 3 books and they are safely sitting on my bedside table. You’ve convinced me to pick them up right after I finish this Courtney Milan series.

  4. Read it and enjoyed it, and I even got book 2 and 3 waiting but I am being such a lazy ass as usual

  5. I enjoyed this too and would like to read the others but somehow never quite do – I must this year!

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

  6. I have all three book but I just finished the first. I’m not very good with getting the review out there. 🙂 I’ll try to put out book two’s before you, hahaha! I also thought this book was funny and cute but just did not Love it 🙂 Great review! I had to laugh again reading the quotes. I need to start marking quotes I like in my books, I like seeing them in your reviews.

  7. I have this book and haven’t read it yet. I can’t wait to start it now.


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