Jan 12, 2012

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Review: Xavier’s Loving Arms by KT Grant

Contemporary Erotica
December 29 2011
198 pages
Decadent Publishing
Received from author

Yummy Man – Xavier Marks
Kick Ass Chick – Rebecca Price

From Goodreads –
Xavier Marks has the looks, great job, and more than enough money to throw around. The only thing missing is a woman by his side. He hasn’t had much luck in love since he caught his fiancée cheating on him, and isn’t too happy about his current bachelor status. But that may all change when a cute barista from a coffee shop catches his eye. Perhaps she can help him lick his wounds?

Life hasn’t always been too kind to Rebecca Price. With a grandmother suffering from dementia, and the threat of foreclosure on her childhood home, she may have no choice but to turn to a possessive ex-boyfriend who won’t settle for anything less than marriage. She hides a shameful secret that still threatens to destroy her. She’s ready to give up all hope when a suave, yet seemingly kind-hearted man enters her life and comes to her rescue.

Rebecca is wary of placing her trust in Xavier, who wants to be more than a shoulder for her to lean on. But as the two grow close, Rebecca’s guilt over her past discretions continue to haunt her. Xavier wants to show Rebecca that the one place she can feel whole and at peace is in his loving arms.


When I think of KT Grant and of the books I’ve read that she’s written, I think “not afraid of going there”.  As a romance reader, there isn’t much I haven’t read about yet still KT manages to surprise me.  But how she surprises aren’t with her bedroom scenes (although they are pretty spicy) but by the subjects she breaches in her stories.  One such subject is eating disorders.  In Xavier’s Loving Arms, KT writes a character who has dealt with bulimia, who has received treatment for it and is now facing the aftermath of all that.  I loved how it’s not all flower petals and gumdrops.  I loved how Becca isn’t magically cured.  I loved how KT really captures what it’s like to deal with an eating disorder not only while you are in the thick of it but for the years to follow.  I loved how real she makes it and I appreciated that immensely.

I just thought I would get that out of the way.  Now let’s talk about Becca without focusing on her eating disorder.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t Becca’s biggest fan.  In fact I wanted to shake her on more than one occasion.  She is written really well because my heart just went out to her many times while reading this but I just didn’t get why she was constantly making herself suffer.  It’s almost like she enjoyed being a victim and characters like that frustrate me.  Both her parents died and her Grandmother is in a home being cared for because she has advanced dementia.  (You see, already you feel for this girl, right?)  Because of her life’s situations, she couldn’t finish college and therefore works two lower paying jobs while trying to keep the roof over her head.  This isn’t working very well.  Why?  Because this roof is a three-story mansion that was purchased by her grand-mother years before her illness hit.  The house is about to be taken from Becca because she can’t afford it.  So you see how crappy her situation is?  But I couldn’t help but wonder why she wouldn’t accept help from anyone.  Yes, she received one all-strings-attached crap-tacular offer from her ex Devdan, but she has other friends who could help her out.  Yet she always refused.  I didn’t get it.  Yes, she feels weak and vulnerable, but isn’t there a point where even the proud would accept a hand?  Let’ say when you have a handful of months to pay for your house or you are out on the streets?!  For some reason it bothered me so much that when the bitch in the book, Caitlyn, comes up to Becca and tells her that she thinks she’s nuts for not getting financial help, I cheered her on!  I cheered on the bitch!  I was just very confused by all this.

Let’s talk a bit about Devdan.  Wow did KT do a good job writing him.  I hate him.  You will hate him too.  He is such a…  Well, I’ll let you come to your own colorful-word-filled conclusion because really this guy is a piece of work.  That’s all I’m going to say about him.  Bastard.  Okay, maybe I had one more little thing to say about him.

And now to Xavier.  As soon as I met him in The Claiming of Suzy, there was one word in my mind and that was ‘smooth’.  And it still fits him.  That man is so smooth – but don’t worry.  I don’t mean he’s smooth in a slimy used car-salesman sort of way.  He’s just velvet in the way he talks, the way he moves…everything.  Part of me wondered why he was so interested in Becca but then I realized that he is the type of character who would not use a few personal issues against someone if he truly cared for them.  He’s a stand up guy…a knight in shining armor…with a slight kinky streak.  Me like.

I did find some of the dialogue, both internal and spoken, to be almost unnecessary.  What I mean is that some of it stated the obvious.  And some of it was a little too sweet – even for sweet ol’ me.  But otherwise I found the story read very well and that the pace was great.

Overall, the story of how Becca and Xavier came to find their HEA was a tender one.  Xavier really understood what Becca needed and had the patience she needed.  And even though I found Becca frustrating at times, her character was well done because I often felt myself wanting to give her a hug…after bopping her on the head a couple of times.  I’m glad I read this book.

3 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“Shit, I’ve become a perverted stalker.”

  1. Lol, now I think of Alan Rickman, it was cos you mentioned velvet and his voice is like velvet 😉

  2. Xavier sounds like a swoon worthy hero! Nice review.

  3. Great review Julie! I think I’m going to add this one to my list…especially just so I can come up with my own colorful-word-filled conclusion about Devdan! LOL. I can understand your frustration with Becca not taking any help. My one question that came up from your review was why she didn’t sell the mansion and get something more in her pay range. I’m sure it’s touched on in the book…but really? I wouldn’t need a mansion if I’m living all alone…just a thought. 😛

  4. Great review Julie! I don’t think I would have the patience to finish this book when I am so much irritated with the heroine.

  5. blodeuedd – Alan Rickman’s voice is very smooth isn’t it…lol

    BookaholicCat – 🙂

    Deanna – Devdan *mumble grumble*

    aurian – I never thought about not finishing it but I did often put it on my lap and say “why why why?” lol

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