Jan 17, 2012

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Review: Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men by Molly Harper (Jane Jameson #2)

Paranormal Romance
August 25 2009
Mass Market Paperback
376 pages
Pocket Star

Yummy Man – Gabriel Nightengale
Kick Ass Chick – Jane Jameson

From Goodreads –
Once a devoted children’s librarian, Jane Jameson now works at a rundown occult bookstore. Once a regular gal, she’s now a vampire. And instead of a bride, she’s an eternal bridesmaid — which leads her to question where exactly her relationship with her irresistibly sexy sire, Gabriel, is headed. Mercurial, enigmatic, apparently commitment-phobic vampires are nothing if not hard to read. While Jane is trying to master undead dating, she is also donning the ugliest bridesmaid’s dress in history at her best friend Zeb’s Titanic-themed wedding. Between a freaked-out groom-to-be, his hostile werewolf in-laws, and Zeb’s mother, hell-bent on seeing Jane walk the aisle with Zeb, Jane’s got the feeling she’s just rearranging the proverbial deck chairs.

Meanwhile, Half Moon Hollow’s own Black Widow, Jane’s Grandma Ruthie, has met her match in her latest fiancé. He smells like bad cheese and has a suspicious history of dead spouses. But Jane’s biting her tongue. After all, would a nice girl really think she has a future with a vampire?


Before I begin, I just want to remind you that this is the second time I read this book.  I am doing a re-read of the series to prepare myself for the release of the fourth book, Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors, coming out February 28th 2012.

Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men is the second book in Molly Harper’s Jane Jameson series.  While book one was all about Jane and how she became a vampire (and all the hilarious events that follow), book two is about Jane’s falling into her new life and her relationship with her family, with her friends (old and new) and of course with Gabriel, her yummy sire.

There are really three main parts of this story.  Well, three that I focus on anyway.  First of all Jane is trying to handle her family and how they are mostly in denial of her new ‘condition’.  They are not coping very well.  Her mother is one of those over-bearing types who just wants everyone to get along and who tries to meddle (with love) in everyone else’s business.  Now if that were my mother, I would have more issues than Jane.  But seeing how this is not my mother, reading about her (and Jane’s Grandmother with her new beau) is quite funny.

Speaking of over-bearing types, another big part of this book is Zeb’s mother (Zeb is Jane’s best friend) and how she is trying to meddle and get Jane and Zeb together and get married.  Yeah…she doesn’t know that Jane is a vampire and Zeb is engaged to another woman!  In fact, the third main part of this book is Zeb and Jolene’s wedding!  The things Mama Ginger would say and do in this book are just appalling – and once again really funny thanks to it not being my mother doing or saying these funny yet awful things.  Her toast-ish at the engagement party is just priceless.  Now the reason why Zeb’s mother is in quite a tizzy is because Zeb and Jane have been best friends since they were very young and Mama Ginger has always imagined that they would get married and have lots of little babies – yet Zeb and Jane have never thought of each other in that light.  Mama just doesn’t seem to understand that Jolene is the one Zeb really loves and wants to marry.  Not Jane.

Jolene is a werewolf and is part of one big monster family.  Huge and in everyone’s face.  The pre-wedding events, from Jane’s dress fittings to the parties to pretty much everything, were really cute and well written.  You can just imagine yourself in the middle of this mess of an event, just wanting to stand back and giggle at all of it – and again thank someone high above that it isn’t you.  I love Zeb as a character and Jolene is a great match for him.  I really feel for what he goes through in this book and that he goes along with it all and keeps his head up high just makes you like him all the more.

Dick is a character that really comes into his own in this book.  He is funny in book one but he just seems to settle better in this book.  I love him.  He always puts a smile on my face when he appears on the page.  And Mr. Wainwright…he’s so sweet.  Such a wonderful old man.  He’s another one who makes me smile but in a warm-and-fuzzy sort of way.  I’m glad Molly handled his situation the way that she did.  That too gave me the warm-and-fuzzies.

Gabriel is still nice…very nice…but I wanted to shake him sometimes.  He’s keeping something from poor Jane and we don’t know what it is!  Even by the end of the book we are still scratching our heads wondering what it could be.  I do remember that all is answered in the third book, and I sort of remember what it all is, but I am still looking forward to reading book three to see if I remember correctly.  If I’m right, I’ll happily stop shaking Gabriel and go back to hugging him and sometimes accidentally brushing up against his…arm.  I was totally thinking arm.  Sure I was.  *g*

All in all, I really enjoyed my second read of this book.  I’d forgotten that the humor is a little toned down in this book – but that’s not saying that I didn’t giggle the whole way through.  I think as Jane is getting used to herself and her new role, she is less defensively sarcastic and more her natural snippy self.  It’s nice to see.  I like how Jane has developed in this book and I like where she’s headed.  Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men is a fabulous continuation to this series and if you like smart and fun books (that are a little bit chick-lit) then you have to give this series a try.

5 stars

Giggle worthy quotes

“’I have some bad news, honey,’ Mama said as I picked up the phone.  She’s long since parted with the niceties of phone greetings.  After a dramatic pause, she said, ‘Grandpa Bob passes last night.’

‘Awww,’ I moaned.  ‘Another one?’

This may seem like a strange, even cold, reaction.  But you have to understand my grandma Ruthie’s marital history.  She’d been widowed four times, via milk truck, anaphylactic shock, spider bite, and lightning strike (the lamented, aforementioned Grandpa Fred).  I wrote a poem titled ‘Grandpa’s in an Urn’ in fifth grade.  I had to spend a lot of time in the guidance counselor’s office after that.”


“’Smugness is not attractive on you, Jane.’

‘Smugness is one of my best features,’ I retorted, backing him against the footboard of my bed.  ‘I’m really, really good at it.’

‘I’ve noticed.’”


“’Can we talk about the headgear?’  He nodded to the gauze, which I now noticed was spotted with blood around his left ear.

‘Everything’s fine,’ he assured me as Gabriel and I disengaged and got to our feet.  ‘It was just an accident.’

‘Zeb, you’re wearing a sling around your head,’ I said, inspecting the dandy bandaging work and earning a slap on the hand from the testy groom.  ‘You just got out of the eye patch!’

He sighed.  ‘I was fishing with Jolene’s family, and uncle Burt cast back – ‘

‘You got a hook in the ear?’  I cringed.  ‘Oh, gross!  Was the worm still on it?’

Zeb made a face.  ‘No, but thanks for the silver lining.’”

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  1. I’m almost convinced to give this series a second chance, and is not that I hated it, is just that didn’t do anything for me. So many people like it, specially this book..maybe I will.

    I’m so excited!!! Shades of Gray by Bonilla is going to be release on audio..yay! I’ve been trying to find the time to read it but now I’ll just wait for the audio.

  2. Molly Harper is one of my favorite authors – so glad you’re enjoying her books!

  3. I haven’t read #2 & #3 although they are in my TBR….I need to move them up the pile! smiles…

  4. I really need to try this series out! The covers are fun and you have been a big fan of them. Glad you’re making time for rereading the series so that they are completely fresh in your mind for the release of book 4! 😀 Great review and I’m happy to see you enjoyed it even a second time around.

  5. Not read this series, but after your review of the second book, which is most often a dud in a series, I might push it ahead on my TBR. Thanks Julie, great review.

  6. This is one of those series that I wanted to love but couldn’t get into. One of these days I’ll start it up again.

  7. Yes yes yes, I shall read book 2 soon (that is what I keep telling myself) 😉

  8. Great review, I agree, it’s a really fun series, and I’m still waiting for the new one. Can’t wait to know more about it.

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