Jan 23, 2012

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Question – Do You Enter Book Blog Giveaways?

So far in 2012 I have been very lucky to have some very generous authors offer some great giveaways.  I have had a giveaway every week – and sometimes two!  These giveaways have made me realize something:  I don’t often enter the giveaways on other blogs.  Why?  I can’t really tell you.  If it’s a book that I really want (and I know I won’t be getting it from the publisher) I’ll enter.  But even then it’s it’s not every time.  I should enter more giveaways because goodness knows there are some amazing ones out there.  And what have I got to lose if I do enter?  I’ll tell you what I’ve got to lose, nothing.  And what do I have to lose if I don’t enter?  The great book(s) the blog is giving away!

So what about you?  Do you enter book blog giveaways?

  1. I do but sporadically. It also depends on how much money I have to spend on books that month. If I’m broke = I enter more giveaways. I’ll usually go at it hard core for a couple of hours every few weeks as most giveaways last at least that long if not longer. Plus, who doesn’t love winning free stuff? Especially books! 🙂

  2. Since getting books in English is really difficult for me , i’m entering the giveaway open to international ( and not facebook or twitter) also it permit me to discover new authors and such so i really appreciate

  3. I do…however, I have cut back a lot this year. When I get a giveaway book I feel like I really should read it ASAP, the problem is with my crazy schedule and less reading time I still haven’t read SEVERAL books I’ve received in Giveaways. So I’ve tried to cut back a lot and I hope to get some catch up reading done on books that I’ve bought and really want to read away from books I feel I HAVE to read. Hope that makes sense. 🙂

  4. I do enter giveaways, usually only for books I’m interested in, but I’ve won some books that I normally wouldn’t have read or purchased on my own and found new authors that way. So I don’t always enter, but I do enter a lot.

  5. Yes, I love entering book giveaways. But only if I want to read the blog. Books not in my genre, will be better of with people who will read them and love them.

  6. I do it all the time although not as much as I used to. I have a section on my blog which lists iternational giveaways, so I enter them as I found them. Most of the time I can’t afford to buy all the books I want when they come out anyway, so I’ll try giveaways for a few months, them buy those books on reduced price if I can’t win 🙂

  7. I used to enter them all the time, but haven’t been as of late. Not really sure why come to think of it *shrug*

    You make a good point though! Bloggers work really hard to organize these giveaways, if it’s a book I know I’d like there’s no reason not to enter 🙂


  8. Yes! I do for books I genuinely want to read but probably won’t buy for myself. Especially if my library doesn’t have them. That way I get to test out an author and consider buying more of their books. If I own one and like it, I’m very likely to buy the whole series. That way it’s a win-win all around. I never enter if I don’t think I’ll enjoy the book. That just seems wrong to me when someone else will get some enjoyment out of it. I’ve actually won a few books, too. However, the last one I won never showed up! A bit disappointing but c’est la vie.
    The only limiting factor is being Canadian. We get left out a lot!

  9. I sure do, but now I try to enter when I really want a book 🙂

  10. I only enter if it’s for a book I really, really want to read.

  11. Irene Jackson says:

    I like to enter giveaways. I have found new to me authors that I have enjoyed and sought out more of their work after reading a copy I won. Then again I’ve won a copy of a book I really fancied the sound of and couldn’t finish it !

  12. BlackwaterMama says:

    I do enter giveaways. I also do blog hops when I have the time to do so. I love to find new authors and series to try.

  13. I do all the time and I have won from you!!!!

  14. Lol! I never win! I don’t enter that often anymore, but recently I got to host a giveaway. I think that feeling is more awesome 🙂

  15. I enter a lot of book contests. Of course, I really love to win books by authors I alread know and love. My favorite thing is to get books that I wouldn’t have purchased. I have found so many wonderful authors that way.

  16. For a time I was entering quite a few and winning quite a few. But that was before I started blogging and now I have more books than I can manage. so now I enter only when the book really appeals and I may not get it elsewhere.

  17. Yep, I enter book blog giveaways. For me, it’s a great way to find new authors and new genres I normally wouldn’t even be aware of. I’ve found some great new authors that are now on my must read list because of them. The giveaways are great if you are on a budget and I’ve got to say they are fun! 🙂

  18. Hey guys! I see a theme here – a theme I had not even considered. Most of you enter giveaways in order to discover new authors. If you like what you read, you go buy more by that author! That is SO COOL! How did I not think of that?! You ladies are all so smart…

  19. The field is pretty narrow sometimes since I am outside the US but I am selective in what I enter anyway, choosing those that I am genuinely interested in reading. i don’t win often but I am always thrilled when I do.


  20. It depends on the giveaway and the books offered. I don’t need more books to take up space on my TBR shelves if I am not going to read them. A lot of books, I plan to buy myself and just do that. I find giveaways are a good way to try new authors that I am interested in, but not willing to pay the price for their book yet just to satisfy my curiosity. So, yes sometimes I enter. ;o) smiles…

  21. I found your blog because I was looking for places to publicize my first-ever blog giveaway. (Haven’t gotten ANY responses yet!) I have won a couple of giveaways online, so I guess that there a lot of people who don’t enter them, increasing the odds of winning for those who do! I only enter for books or audiobooks that the review has made me want to read or listen to, though.

  22. Laurie – Do you do twitter? It’s one of the best places to promote a giveaway! 🙂

  23. Hi, Julie! Yes, I do use Twitter, but probably not enough and haven’t built a big following for either my personal or blog account. I do have my blog posts set to automatically go to Twitter, but I probably need to do more promotion than I feel comfortable doing!

  24. Patti D says:

    I love entering the book giveaways but not for the getting things free aspect.
    I have found many new authors from getting a book from a giveaway…and I have also read some fantastic blog posts and learned about authors.
    Having insight to how they write or what they think, has made me look differently at some authors that I would have normally not even thought of.
    Sooo, pls keep the giveaway coming! Also, I do pass my books onto others as well, so that they too, can enjoy the “win”!

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