Jan 31, 2012

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Review: Something About Witches by Joey W. Hill (Arcane Shot #1)

Paranormal Romance
February 7 2012
Mass Market Paperback
320 pages

Received from publisher

Yummy Man – Derek Stormwind
Kick Ass Chick – Ruby Night Divine

From Goodreads –
Ruby Night Divine is a witch who runs a gun shop. Magic can fail – she knows that first hand, having experienced it with full-blown tragic consequences, far beyond what Dr. Phil can fix. Smith & Wesson is a whole hell of a lot more reliable, and nothing’s as cathartic as the ability to put a few holes in the things that piss you off. Like Derek Stormwind.

A powerful sorcerer, Derek is determined to get to the bottom of why she pushed him away and ran three years before. He also wants her help. A coven needs training to face a demon and his army of minions. Oh sure. It’s amazing what sweet things a guy will offer to get back into a woman’s heart, and into her bed.

Only in this case, she knows he never left her heart, and in her bed is exactly where she wants him to be. Unfortunately, her bed’s already made, and she’s close to losing her soul. And not even Smith & Wesson or Derek Stormwind can fix that.


Something About Witches is the first book in Joey W. Hill’s newest series, Arcane Shot.  Joey is best known for her super steamy hot hot hot BDSM erotica titles.  In the Arcane Shot series, she has gone where she has not gone before:  she has gone softer.  Please do not get me wrong.  This book is hot hot HOT.  In fact, I was really surprised to see so many mild BDSM elements in a paranormal romance book.  And I liked it.  I liked it a lot.  There was one scene in a room…with magic…wow.  Then the other scene…in a guest cottage…wow.  Really, if you were a little nervous seeing Joey’s name on a mass market series and were maybe a little concerned that some of Joey’s spicy edge would have to be toned down to match this audience, don’t worry one bit.  The spice is there.  Especially in the one scene…during a ritual…wow.

Now that we’ve gotten the hanky panky talk out of the way, let’s focus on the other parts of the book.  Yes, there is loads to talk about when chatting about Something About Witches.  There are many characters in this book, and all are really well written, but the two I am going to focus on are Ruby and Derek.  Let’s start with Ruby since my train of thought tends to get distracted when I’m thinking of Derek.  Mmm…Derek…

Ruby is a witch and her mother was a terrible woman.  She treated Ruby like a nothing and constantly talked her down.  She would tell her that her Power is nothing and that if she ever were to come into some Power that she should keep it secret because no good could come from it.  That kind of treatment really hurts a child’s self-worth and confidence.  It also confused Ruby so much that when she did come into some Power and a super-evil demon popped up one day, she didn’t quite know what to do and it caused a horrible thing to happen – an event that changed Ruby and not for the better.  There is Light Power and there is Dark Power.  Light is good.  Dark is bad.  And Ruby has started mixing both.  *da da dum…* Ruby is not a typical heroine for me.  She has a heavy heart and a truly damaged soul.  I just can’t imagine going through what she has survived.  This book takes place three years after that terrible day and still Ruby is in such a deep sorrow.  She acts and reacts the way anyone with her upbringing would and the way anyone who has gone through what she has would.  And even though she made me cry…twice!…I liked her.  Heck, the fact that she made me cry…twice…shows how well written she was.

Now to Derek.  If you love an alpha-male whose mere presence on the page makes you perk up a bit, you’ll love Derek.  If you love said alpha-male to have a crazy huge heart and to not be afraid of being completely open with the love of his life, then you’ll love Derek even more.  He is the goodest good guy.  He is dispatched to here and there when demons escape Dark and he is very good at what he does.  He is a real kick ass guy.  And yummy!  Near the very end of chapter one, Derek says to Ruby:   “You may be finished with me, Ruby Night Divine, but I’m far from finished with you.”  That line made me swoon.  Yes, chapter one and already this guy made me swoon, he is that good.  In fact, he is perfect for me Ruby.    Their story is sweet and there is no doubt that they truly belong together.

I enjoyed the world in this book.  I found the very beginning to be quick and wow then I found the story slowed a bit for a short bit while we were learning about Ruby and her life so far.  Then it got good.  Very good.  And there is something about magic in stories that is so cool.  I always find it so interesting how magic is woven and used and how every author sees their magic differently.  The magic is neat in this book and the magic fights are amazing.  Especially the last one.  The way it’s described…very good.

You get to quickly meet the hero and heroine for the next book, In the Company of Witches, which comes out May 1st 2012.  Raina is sassy and you want to dislike her but you can’t because she has heart.  And Mikhael…well, I’ll just say he is not who I would have put Raina with.  First, he is almost a violent lover and Raina, well she just doesn’t like men!  I think In the Company of Witches will be a very interesting read and I look forward to how Joey plays it all out.

Overall, I really enjoyed Something About Witches.  Joey has a lovely writing voice and it suits this genre very well.  This was a touching book that will definitely tug on your heart and make you root for the heroine.  And without a doubt you will swoon for the hero.  Super swoon.  Mega swoon even.  If you’re in the mood for a story set in a neat world with characters that will wrap you into the story with them and take you on an emotional and gripping ride, try this book when it comes out next Tuesday.

Oh,and if after reading this book you have a couple “but wait a minute…” questions, just email me.  I have answers.  😉

4 stars

Note worthy quote –

“She had driven him out here, but ultimately, she was what helped him remember what he was.  She was damnation and salvation both.  The definition of every woman worth a man’s heart.”

  1. Okay. I need this book right now. Thanks for the excellent review.

  2. Yep….I definitely NEED this one! smiles…

  3. Hey, you had me at alpha male 😉

  4. Julie, you’ve delighted and flattered me with this wonderful and thorough review. Since it is a newer, “supposedly” softer side of my writing (grin), I’m understandably a little nervous about how readers will react to it. Your review gave me a huge boost in confidence. Hope all the readers will enjoy it as you have! Looking forward to being here with you for my interview tomorrow. Thanks again!

  5. Great review Julie, I would really love to read it, but I think it is still too hot for my tastes.

  6. Aurian, if you like mermaids and/or angels and want to get a sample of my writing without the heat level, you might try A Mermaid’s Kiss. It’s the first in my Daughters of Arianne series, and is far more sensual in nature than the rest of my books. If you want to see if it’s your cup of tea, you can find an excerpt for it on my webpage, direct link here – http://www.storywitch.com/Books/DAS/Kiss/Kiss.htm. I also have some free short stories on the site that aren’t erotic at all: “Halloween Knight” and “The Crush” are both PG, and two of my favorites, particularly “The Crush” (smile). Regardless, thanks for coming out today to read the interview!

  7. Scooper – I agree, you do need this book right now. 😉

    Christi – While I read this I thought of you. Well, really I thought of Derek, but then I thought of you. I really think you’ll like it. 🙂

    blodeuedd – Yum!

    Joey – I found your book to be different from what is out there. That’s a very good thing. It’s hard to find ‘unique’ in PNR now. You done good. 😉

    aurian – Yeah…I think you may have some trouble with it. But Joey has a great voice so I would definitely try some of what she’s recommended. 🙂

  8. Julie, I love hearing that, because that is the concern for any author being published in PNR today. There’s so much out there, your story has to have something that makes a reader tell another reader “This one’s worth reading”.

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