Feb 6, 2012

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Question – Have You Ever Changed Your Rating?

Has this ever happened to you?  You read a book.  You are SO into the book you hardly notice when your kids are running past you with no bottoms on or your husband decided to serve ice cream sundaes for supper because, apparently, that is a perfectly acceptable meal to serve.  You reach the end of the book and you literally hold it to your chest, take a deep breath then stand so you can jump up and down a few times because this was the best.  book.  ever.  You write your review (or you go to Goodreads and rate it there or you simply rate it in your head) and you give it 5 stars!  You can’t get over how much your life has changed thanks to your reading this book and you tell everyone who will listen – including that slightly smelly and sorta creepy guy who insists on sitting next to you on the bus every morning – that they must read this book!  Suddenly, about a month or so later, you think about the book that made your existence a little sunnier and you find yourself thinking: “Was it really that good?”  and think to yourself ‘4 stars’.  Then, the next morning while eating your Frosted Flakes cereal, you think: “Hell yes it was!” and think to yourself ‘5 stars’.  Finally, while shaving your legs in the shower, you think of the fantastic book and you think…  Well, you get the idea.

With me, I can’t say that it has ever happened to me quite to that extend, and never with my 5 star books, but sometimes I start to do a double-check on some of my 4 star books.  I never consider bringing them down to 2 stars or anything like that, but I sometimes find myself thinking whether or not I should have rated the book a solid 3 instead of 4.  It doesn’t happen often but the odd time it does.  I very rarely go to my review post or Goodreads and change it there, but in my head, I change it.  And if I talk to someone about that book, I’ll mention it to them. Usually for me, going from a 4 star rating to a 3 star rating means that instead of placing the book on my keeper shelf, I may donate it to my library.  I means I still really enjoyed it and still totally recommend it, but I just don’t see myself re-reading it.

Now how about you?  Have you ever, either in your head or physically on your blog or on Goodreads, changed your rating of a book you read?

  1. In my head? All the time. Online? I think I did once, back before I gave myself a little time to think about it before I posted any reviews, anywhere (including a simple star rating on GR). I tend to get caught up in the story and forget to stop and think on the details. So I have to give myself time to think before writing a review – did I really like why te character did this? Did I really like what happened or why it happened? It’s a process. Lol

  2. in my head yes on my blog…not after posting but sometimes just before and not a lot but between a 3 or 3, 5 or 4 i’m still knew to blogging so i have to decide my rating on my few experience^^

  3. Guilty!! Although, I have never changed my rating after the fact. I read so much and for me, the true rating of a book is how well I remember the story a month or so down the line…but that’s not a very good way to write reviews.

    I’ve had it go both ways, two months down the road, I can’t even remember what that 5 star book was about. But just recently, I was talking to another blogger about a book I read a couple of years ago that I gave a 3…I STILL REMEMBER IT (that’s HUGE for me) and what I remember is awesome, so why did I give it a 3?!?! That was before I wrote reviews, so all I have is the star-rating and it still befuddles me.

    Yup, guilty! smiles….

  4. UGH so many times! Always confused, book is good but don’t feel like giving it four star but deserves more than three stars… so I add a 1/2 more star 😉

  5. Yes *hangs head in shame* i try to tell myself nooo! Sure the other book is better, but do not change the grade..and then I do. But I try not to

  6. I think this has happened to ALL of us at some point. Reviews/ratings are so subjective that the slightest thing can affect them.

    There are books that I KNOW are worthy of a solid 5-stars and nothing will change that. However, the ones that usually confuse me are the ones that I can’t technically find anything wrong with, yet they don’t affect me emotionally the way other books do…so on the one hand they deserve 5-stars because all the right ingredients are there but then again, maybe not because I didn’t get emotionally involved. The question then becomes should I rate on a technical level or an emotional one. [insert mental implosion]

    Oh, and then there are the books that I don’t know HOW I feel about so my rating is affected by what my fellow bloggers think…”if so&so thought it sucked, then maybe it did but then Jane Doe thought it rocked so maybe it did.” [insert mental implosion]

    And finally, there are the books that take me so long to finish or that I read in a some sort of funky daze that by the time I’m done I have no idea what the hell happened. “Did I like that book or not?” Ah screw it… [insert mental implosion]

    My rambling makes me feel like I got a bit off topic here but my point actually is there are a lot of things that can make us question our original ratings of a book. I try to never change it on Goodreads so if I’m ever uncertain, I’ll review without rating. As for what goes on inside my nead, that’s a whole other can of worms!

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

  7. Sometimes, when I finish the book and really loved it, I think it is a @ and then while writing my review, and really thinking about the book, I can still change it. But never after my review is posted.

  8. I have done it… couple of times. *hides in shame* Sometimes after finishing a book I’m in a “book high” and I give it a high score, but when I start to think about it with a cold head I start to see the not too good things about it and realize I gave it a very high score. Now I try to wait couple of hours of days before giving it my rating. I prefer to wait than to regret my score.

  9. I do it quite often but mostly just in my head. I can’t say I’ve ever gone back to Goodreads and changed my ratings. I don’t see myself doing that unless I felt it was very important lol. Who knows? I may encounter that situation something. I do often feel like I am a little too liberal with 4 and 5 star ratings. Sometimes I almost feel bad giving a 3 but I know it really doesn’t deserve a 4. It’s weird cuz I don’t usually feel super bad for 1 or 2’s but then again if a book warrants that it deserves it.

  10. As others have said – in my head YES! I know of two specific examples that I really wanted to change “for the record” as well, but didn’t. The review is good for the time it’s written. I always give my first impression “rating” as soon as I’m done. It’s usually something like “3.5 or 4” or whatever – but a range and why. Then later (hours, days…) when I write the review, I write the whole review and determine what my rating is of the range I first noted (I’ve never been really off and gone outside that range of my first, gut reaction, but I’m not opposed to it.) Then I let the whole thing stand for a while (hours, days) before I read one last time and post. And that’s it. It’s my opinion of the book at the time I read it. I’m gonna leave it as is.

    Once time, I gave a book a lower rating (4.5 instead of 5) because I felt that people that hadn’t read the series wouldn’t get as much out of it. Later (weeks), I thought, this is wrong – it’s MY OPINION and yes I’ve read the whole series up to this point and if I think it’s a 5, then I give it a 5… Another time, I felt a book in one of my favorite series wasn’t up to snuff. I gave it a 3.5… when in my heart it was a 3. I did so b/c I loved the series. Then, when the next book came out, I felt it was better than the one prior, but still not as great. It was then that I wished I’d gone with my gut and gave the first one a 3, so that when I gave the current one a 3.5, it would show it was better. BUT I never went back and changed. It is what it is.

  11. MamaKitty – It’s so easy to get caught up in a story! lol

    miki – It definitely takes some time to figure out your rating system as a blogger. It’s almost like there’s more pressure to rate it right. lol

    Christi – I am totally with you on remembering a story. THAT is the best way to judge a book. Unfortunately, we can’t wait a few months before writing and posting our reviews. 😉

    Prangon – Thank goodness for those 1/2 stars! 😉

    blodeuedd – You try not too, you are very right there.

    Isalys – Seriously, I’m STILL giggling about the [insert mental implosion] parts of your comment. LOL

    aurian – I’ve only ever changed my review on a post once – and it was for a better rating. And even though I sometimes think I would like to change my rating, I would never change what I wrote about a book. My reviews still stand firm no matter what – it’s just that sometimes I could add a few unfavorable points after a while. lol

    BookaholicCat – “book high” – I like that. I like the idea of waiting a bit too, but unfortunately it’s not always possible. I feel it’s important to go with your gut. Sometimes your gut knows better than your ‘book high’. You’ve told me to go with my instinct a few times. 😉

    Vanessa – Because 3 is such a ‘meh’ rating! lol It’s not good but it’s not bad… I know what you mean about feeling almost bad giving that rating. lol

    twimom – OMG Jen I’ve done that too! I give a book a 3.5 when really I should have gone 3 or even 2.5 just because the previous books in the series ‘saved’ it for me! So nice to see I’m not alone there! lol

  12. I have. If I read a book and can’t make up my mind between a two or a three. or a three and a four…ahhh Goodreads needs half stars!!!

  13. I have a time or two changed stars into between finishing the book and writing the review. Most often because I don’t tend to read critically so it isn’t until after I have finished and start organising my thoughts that flaws start to emerge. I give very few books 5 stars though so it is often a case of three or four stars which is between good and very good that I waver

  14. Yes Julie, it has happened several times. Weird that it only goes down, meaning that I never feel the urge to upgrade a book from 3 stars to 4 but rather to decrease the rating. I think my enthusiasm and the fact that I’m still breathing the novel when I wrote my review/did the rating is the reason for that. Sometimes when I browse my Goodreads account I see ratings for books I read several years ago and from several years looking back I see the flaws more clearly and my reading experience has lost a bit of its vivid colour. But I don’t know if I have actually changed the rating on my reviews at the blog. Rather on Goodreads. and maybe I only did that on older books. Hm, maybe I’ll have to take a look..

  15. I go back and forth in my mind with the rating but, once I put it down on a post it’s a done deal. If not I’ll drive myself friggin’ insane.

  16. It happens sometimes to me but it’s quite rare. It’s often for the books I like but which weren’t a blow minded. I had the problem for a Laurell K hamilton book not a long time ago. for the 5/5 I never have a problem like that it’s mainly for 3-4/5 stars

  17. A few times. Usually I’m torn about the rating to begin with, then after I write my review I realize it was better/worse than I had rated it after all.

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