Feb 20, 2012

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Question – What Shape Are Your Paperbacks In?

Simple question this week.

There is something incredibly satisfying about cracking the spine on a brand spanking new paperback book.  It’s the sound of a new adventure beginning!  When I read my paperbacks, I crack the spine maybe 4 or 5 times.  I don’t fold my pages and I don’t flip them back.  I take pretty good care of my paperbacks.  See…

These are a few of the ones I read recently.  Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs I’ve read twice.

So that is the shape of my paperbacks after I read them.  What shape are your paperbacks when you reach the end?

  1. I have to admit to cracking the spine too. However, I can’t stand dog-earring the pages. LOL

  2. OMG, you crack your spine?!?!?!?! *shudder* I don’t care how many times I read a book…my books always look as good as they did when they bought them. Used book stores LOVE it when I come in to trade. smiles….

  3. Zendatark (France) says:

    I do exactly like you Julie! I love cracking the spine of the books I read. It’s like a proof of my reading and I love dog-earring the pages of my books ’cause when I re-read them, I see where I stopped the first time. lol
    I’m becoming a kind of freak with my book habits.

  4. Since I started book blogging I take better care of my paperbacks but I still have a bad habit or two such as flipping them back but that only happens when I’m really comfy and really into the book.

  5. A lot of mine look new. I take very good care of my books. When I’m at the book store, I’ll actually sort through and pick the book in the best condition. They’re like my babies 🙂

  6. I’m a total spine cracker! If I buy the books brand new then unless I take them in the bath with me they’re in good condition with just a light cracked spine. If I read in the bath then the pages get a bit wet but I’m ok with that, and they don’t look too bad. However sadly I’ve taken books in my handbag and then spilt my water bottle all over then (you’d think I’d learn but nope!) as it’s leaked and my pages get all fat and I hate that! If I loved the book I’ll re-buy it because I hate it that much!! And worse I’ve spilt orange juice over a book and turned the cream pages orange!! Worse nightmare!

    On a side note I get sweaty hands whether my hands are warm or cold they just get sweaty so sometimes my page edges get a bit damp :/ which I don’t like at all! Which is why I prefer ebooks!

  7. I dog ear, crack spines, read in the tub, and also make notes in the margins if I love a passage and think I can learn from it. I love my books almost to death!!! Certain books I have had to buy over because of how I abuse them…all in the name of love, though!

    Though sometimes if I’m not loving a book, I’ll take really good care of it so I can sell it to my usb.

  8. I try not to crack the spine too much, but I also want to be able to read comfortably. The things I love most, if I read the ebook first, as I can’t wait for the paperback to arrive, and then the paper book goes unread and new and shiny on the shelf.

  9. Pretty much the same, I want to see the page, so I am a spinecracker

  10. I used to show my paperbacks a lot of tough love when I first started reading, but I didn’t like the way they looked when displayed on my shelf. So now I’m very careful and they look close to brand new by the time I get done with them.

  11. i try to avoid cracking the cover, i don’t dog ear…i care for them like precious tresure so the majority is in perfect codition ( lovely booksmraks in paper for helping ^^)
    now sometimes i receive gently used books i take care of them but i can help the state there was when arriving.

    yes i love my books^^;

  12. I definitely crack the spine, but dog ear-ing is a major sin, in my opinion. It actually impacts the way I read, much like when you buy used textbooks that someone has already highlighted. It’s too strong of a signal for me to ‘read’ differently. That probably makes no sense.

    I must also admit to having dropped a few paperbacks in the bath. I’m pretty lazy and sometimes reach with my foot to turn the hot water on to re-heat my bath, and occasionally I’ve knocked the shower nozzle on! Face full of water! Hardcovers with plastic wrapping surviving that very well but paperbacks get pretty drenched.

  13. Rain Maiden Jen says:

    My books look like Christi’s, no spine cracking here. If its a book that I probably wont read again, I pass them on to someone else or donate them to the local library.

  14. My paperbacks look as good as new, I don’t crack spines nor dog ears, nothing that will make the book look bad. I hate it when I lend a book and they return it with sings of usage… I know, I have issues but I like them to look good as new.

  15. Barbara Elness says:

    My paperbacks are almost perfect when I finish reading them, you usually can’t tell they’ve even been read, occasionally there’s a small almost dent along the spine but that’s it. It’s a “thing” I have, I don’t like to crease the spine.

  16. I’m with Barbara and the rest of the non-spine breakers. My paperbacks look new even after several readings. I’m very careful b/c I like them to look nice on my bookshelves. I just got into the habit of not breaking the spines and I do it unconsciously now. When at the used bookstores, I will also pick the copy that looks the best. I’m a cheapskate but I’m a picky one 🙂

  17. Ack! Spine cracking – no no no! My paperbacks look like they just came off the bookstore shelves when I’m done with them. I just can’t crack the spines! It’s one reason I always hesitate loaning out books too…other people might not take care of my babies like I do, LOL!

  18. When I used to read paperbacks (only ebooks now) they would still look brand new when I finished with it.

  19. Okay ladies, I’m gonna be bad here and leave one reply for all of you. I am surprised by most of your reactions to my cracking the spines of my books. I thought everyone did that! I mean, how on earth do you read the words near the middle of the book if you don’t crack it? Here I thought I was, not only normal, but pretty good with my books. Shows what I know…LMAO! I don’t mind books looking a little disheveled on my shelf – it shows I loved them. But I must admit that I too look for the book in the best condition when buying at the store. If someone is going to crack the spine it’s going to be me – not some random spine cracking stranger. 😉

    And Ally and Sara O – your comments had me laughing so hard! LOL

  20. Oh no, oh my, my poor eyes and heart hurt: for me cracking the spine is a criminal offence! 😀 lol I have a superpower: I can read loong paperbacks (Diana Gabaldon 1000+ pages long books) without cracking their spine. I take very good care of my paperbacks, no dogearing, no making notes in the book. My books look as if they were brand new, and that’s just the way I like them to be 🙂

  21. Mine look like new, hahaha. I can’t bring myself to crack the spine if they are new. If it is a used book then I will.

  22. For honesty’s sake, I should probably add that there are many, many chocolate stains inside my favourite paper books. Every time I re-read a favourite and notice that, I feel a deep sense of shame, which in turn sends me to the kitchen to assuage my shame with more chocolate. It’s a vicious cycle 🙂

  23. {faints} You break your spines? {runs away screaming in terror}

    My NEW books still look new when I’m done. If I bought it used (I rarely do just because I want my books to look new) then I’m not as careful. NEVER DOG EAR or BREAK the spines.

  24. I admit, I’m an incurable spine-cracker (and not the chiropractic kind!) I love mass-market paperback books for their size and portability and the feel of them in my hands — and they are pretty much mauled by the time they leave my hands! My oldest daughter is horrified by this because she is the opposite, even putting a cover on her paperbacks to keep them in mint condition.

  25. Mine look like new ^_^/ can’t buy us books here/ so i guard them w/ my lif… noo mmm bookcase lol

    gr8 question

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