Feb 27, 2012

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Question – When Do You Know How You’ll Rate A Book?

Okay, back-story time.

Carmel from Rabid Reads has started asking my Question on her blog on Wednesdays.  Last week was the first week she did this and it was quite fun seeing the answers she got from her followers on her blog.

Since she is sharing my Question, I thought it would be fun this week to re-ask the very first Question I asked back in June 2010.  So I went back to find out what my very first Question was and…found that it wouldn’t be a very good question to ask.  I didn’t feel I would get much communication going with that Question.  So I thought I would ask my second ever Question.  Well…that one was even worst!  So I went looking for my third ever Question and found it to be…just right.  *exhales*  Gotta love that third try.  Third bowl of porridge, third chair, Sleepy, Sneezy…oh wait, that’s a different story.

So here we go…

Rating a book.  We all do it.  Whether we are readers/bloggers or simply readers, we rate the books we read.  We all do it differently too.  Some use stars, some use paws, some use kisses and some use numbers.  Readers rate on their blogs, on Goodreads or Shelfari or Library Thing or they just rate in their heads.  We all rate what we read but when we come up with the rating varies.

For me, I will usually know what I will end up rating a book at the 1/3 mark or around page 100.  That was my answer back in July 2010 when I first asked this Question and it still holds true today.  Of course, something may happen near the end of the book that makes me change my mind – either good or bad – but most of the time, the 100 page mark is when I’ll know how many little books will show up at the bottom of my review when I post it on the blog.

Now what about you:  When do you know how you’ll rate a book?

  1. I think I really don’t know until the end. In some cases the book may not be very good at the beginning but it may have a great ending or vice-versa, so it’s difficult to know the rating for sure until the last word.

  2. It varies for me. Like last week I was reading Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent and I was just NOT connecting with the story in any way shape or form so I knew what it’s rating was going to be right away. But usually it’s about 1/2 way through or so that I get a rough idea of what the rating is going to be.

  3. hmmm, interesting question. I probably have a good idea at the 75% mark, but making me cry can jack up a rating and that doesn’t usually happen until the last 25%. ;o) smiles….

  4. Good question! I never know until the end. If the book feels like a 2 star to me (which in my world means I really loathe it), I keep holding out hope that that it will get better. That the author will do SOMETHING to redeem the story for me. And if the book feels like a 5 star, I’m nervous the author will pull something at the end to make me love the story a tiny bit less.

  5. I HATE rating. Sometimes I rate a good book with a 3, then an ok book with a 3, do not look at my ratings, cos they suck

  6. It really varies. Usually by the halfway point I have a good feeling about what the rating will be, but a too-easy ending can ruin it for me. (I’m looking at you Drink Deep!)

  7. I think it really depends for me. Sometimes I can tell within the first 50 pages that a book is going to be blow me away good, sometimes it will take the whole book for me to realize that I have been slowly sucked in and took on this beautiful journey. Sometimes it’s halfway. Sometimes I hate it right away ;P

    Every book is definitely a different journey for me!

  8. Good question! I usually know in the last quarter but sometimes I will know earlier if a book is really good or really bad. I think maybe I don’t really know till closer to the end a lot of time because I don’t really think about it until then.

  9. I develop an opinion as I read but I don’t give a book a final rating until I am completely done. Sometimes I am forced to rate different parts of the book differently and then average it out.

  10. BookaholicCat – Books can surprise you and change your mind, that is for sure. lol

    J.R. – It is disappointing when you know right from the get-go that the book isn’t going to click with you. 🙁

    Christi – Yes, you are your tears. lol

    Jessica – It’s hard to read books that you figure will be 2 star reads because, you are so right, you are just waiting for the author to do something, anything to make it better. lol

    blodeuedd – LOL

    Chelsea – Yes, there are those doozie books that change our minds at the very very end. And they really are doozies. lol

    Reading Angel – Every book is a journey – I like that. And it is quite true how even though most of the time we’ll know by a certain point, it doesn’t mean it will work every time. 🙂

    Vanessa – It’s true that if a book is really good or really bad, it’s easy to tell right away. It’s the in between books that are trickier to pinpoint. lol

    Jen B – Average it out! Great idea. 🙂

  11. I’m probably weird in this, but I go into every book expecting average. So from page 1, I think 3 star. Everything that happens after that either bumps the number up or down, but I don’t have a solid rating until close to the end.

    It’s sort of like pulling out a 15% tip (average) in singles and laying it on the table when you sit down (obviously, you’d have to guess at the 15%, but the point is the same). Every time the server screws up, you take a dollar away. Every time they… refill the water glass without having to be asked, you add one. Same basic thing with books for me.

    (Though if a book starts slipping too far below average, I just stop reading.)

  12. It takes me a while. Some of my favorite series had slow starts for me. I almost put down Darkfever and Unholy Magic. In both cases, I was forever grateful that I didn’t go with my initial impression. What a travesty that would have been.

    There are some books where you know it’s a 5 star right away, but even the awesome ones might end up with a terrible ending.

    I don’t commit to a rating in my head until it’s all over.

  13. I only find out what I am rating it when I have written the review! I can be all enthusiastic once I finish a book, and then I sit down and write the review, thinking back, and that initial great feeling is down a bit, and the grade is lower than I first would have given it. Or vice versa. I see the good things in a book I did not like very much, and rate it a bit higher. I do surprise myself with this sometimes.

  14. Oddly enough its not until about 12 hours after I have finished the book that i am certain of the rating but generally I have a good idea about 3/4 way through. Great question!

  15. Hm.. one of your hardest question for me to answer. I try to be fair and let the novel shape its rating as I read, so my final rate can be influenced by its very end (that’s why I have subcategories and ratings for plot, characters, writing, ending and cover). However I noticed that I usually start with a higher grade, if I enjoy the book I start witha 5-4 and then if there are plot parts or some other details which I don’t like the rating tends to decrease unless those minor things fon’t bother me too much.

    So in sho9rt to answer your question most of the time I have a final rating for a book when I finished it, but sometimes I can only decide on one after I’ve written my review and thought it over how much I did or did not enjoy it.

  16. I’ve actually had a tough time rating books recently. A few of my latest reads have started with a 4 (my highest rating) but then take a sharp decline at the halfway point and I think I will give it a 2 but then pull out a great ending and pull back up to a 3. So I’m always adjusting it.
    In general though, I would say I know around the 100 page point.

  17. I don’t rate a book until I have finished it unless its a DNF and then it is thrown across the room. I do tend to over think ratings. I will go back and forth, I’ll think gee the character development was a 5 where the plot was only a 2 and that slow patch really annoyed me so that is a 1 and whoever heard of a talking cabbage plant in a Historical Regency Romance. Well you get the picture, ratings come along when I write the review.

  18. Sometimes I know it when I read it but it’s often at the end of the book. Because we can always be surprised. But it’s true you know quite easily when you’ll love a book or not at the 1/3 of the story.

  19. Seleste – That actually makes total sense, going in with a 3 and moving up or down depending. 🙂

    Jen – There should be a whole different rating scale for first books in UF series because often they don’t reflect the rest of the series. lol

    aurian – How true! While writing down your thoughts, things can seem clearer. Good point. 🙂

    Shelleyrae – It’s actually a good idea to let the book sink in for a while. 🙂

    Stella – You’re sub-categories are great – and really clever. 🙂

    Karen – You sound like me. About the 100 page mark is the average but it’s not set in stone.

    Dot – For some reason I just can’t picture you throwing a book across the room. It’s like throwing one of your children. 😉

    melliane – Love surprises that change your mind for the better. Those are fun!

  20. Julie said- Dot – For some reason I just can’t picture you throwing a book across the room. It’s like throwing one of your children.
    I confess I don’t do it often, even when warrented,but yes, I have tossed books across the room making baskets, 2 points for me, the crowd roars. I can’t do it on my Kindle so they just get dumped in the “DNF” collection. Not nearly as satisfying…sigh

  21. I honestly don’t know until the very end and then I let the book absorb. Now that changes if I decide to DNF a book. But that is so rare.

  22. Hi, Julie! I hope you don’t mind that I answered your question here. I try not to judge a book until the last page.

    Great question – thanks for asking it again. I missed it the first time around.

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