Mar 9, 2012

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Review: Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors by Molly Harper (Jane Jameson #4)

Paranormal Romance
February 28 2012
Mass Market Paperback
336 pages
Pocket Books
Received from publisher

Yummy Man – Gabriel Nightengale
Kick Ass Chick – Jane Jameson

From Goodreads –
Just as Jane Jameson’s unlife seems to be stabilizing, fate sinks its fangs firmly into her butt. Despite her near-phobia of all things marital, her no-frills nighttime nuptials to her sexy boyfriend Gabriel are coming along smoothly. But the road to wedded bliss gets bumpy when a teenage acquaintance is fatally wounded in front of Jane’s shop and she turns him to save his life. The Council pronounces Jane responsible for the newborn vamp until he can control his thirst.

Jane’s kitchen at River Oaks barely holds enough Faux Type O to satiate the cute teen’s appetite and maintain Gabriel’s jealous streak at a slow simmer. As if keeping her hyperactive childe from sucking the blood out of the entire neighborhood isn’t enough to deal with, the persnickety ghost of Jane’s newly deceased Grandma Ruthie has declared a war on the fanged residents of River Oaks. Suddenly,
choosing monogrammed cocktail napkins and a cake that she can’t eat seems downright relaxing in comparison.

Tensions inside the house are growing…and outside, a sinister force is aiming a stake straight for the center of Gabriel’s heart. Most brides just have to worry about choosing the right dress, but Jane fears that at this rate, she’ll never make it down the aisle for the wedding all nice girls dream of…


Jane is back in Molly Harper’s fourth installment in her Jane Jameson series, Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors.  It’s been a while.  In fact, we thought that the third book published back in 2009 would be the last time we saw Jane in a new adventure.  But then Molly happy-surprised us and wrote a fourth book – and it has all the endearing qualities that turned us into Jane enthusiasts in the first place.

First I’m going to chat a bit about the story.  Jane and Gabriel are getting married.  I was glad to see that this wasn’t a Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men all over again.  Jane actually gets someone else to plan most of the wedding.  Iris who is a vampire concierge/event planner, is going to be the main character in her own book, The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires, coming out July 31st 2012.  I think she is going to make a good main heroine.  Clever and quick, a good combination.  On top of that, someone is trying to off Jane…or is it Gabriel?  *play spooky music*.  So basically, we have a wedding, attempted murder(s) and Jane becoming a mommy – more on that in a sec.

Now I’m going to chat about the characters. Let’s start with the star of the show, Jane.

Jane is adorable.  Very smart but a little spazzed, it’s that combination that makes her such a lovable character.  Her sarcastic humor and quick wit offer us many giggle-out-loud moments and her heart makes us want her to succeed in everything she does.  I have always liked Jane but I like her even more in this fourth book.  She is confident in her relationship with Gabriel and she is also comfortable with being a vampire.  In fact, she becomes a vampire sire in this book and she actually does a really good job at ‘raising’ Jamie.

Jamie is the teenager that delivers to Jane’s store.  Let’s just say that bad things happen and he ends up being turned…by Jane.  He was great.  Molly captured his teen-angst perfectly and I found myself smiling every time I appeared on the page.

Gabriel is just as debonair as always.  He is so the guy for Jane.  He is cool and collected when she… well, isn’t and he really does love her for her.  Dick and Andrea are always so much fun to read as are Zeb and Jolene.  It was so great to read them again.

We get to know a little more about Ophelia this time around which I enjoyed.  I also actually liked Jane’s mother and sister too.  Jenny is quite funny and mom isn’t as annoying as she was in past books.  Too bad I can’t say the same about Grandma Ruthie.

I was not a huge fan of the parts of the story where Grandma Ruthie graced the page.  I have never liked that character.  She’s just a mean old lady who didn’t really bring anything to the story other than being yet another person trying to stand in Jane’s way while calling her terrible names and pointing out falsehoods that just angered me.  In past books I looked past it all but this time around I just couldn’t.  I didn’t see the point in her being there.  She hurt Jane horribly for no real reason other than to hurt her.  I don’t think she added any humor to the book or anything new to the story.  Hers were parts I could have done without.

Other than that and the fact that there were a few plot elements that have not been done in the previous books, I quite liked this story.  I always find Jane endearing and Gabriel yummy.  I love watching Dick and Andrea and Zeb and Jolene interact amongst each other and with Jane and Gabriel.  I love the sense of family that these six bring to the series.  There were a lot of little moments near the end of the book that I wanted to write in “to be continued” so I really hope that somewhere down the road there is a fifth Jane book written.  I always enjoy my time with these characters and hate to think of it coming to an end.  Thank goodness they are forever inked on paper so we can re-read them over and over and over.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“’So I’m thinking…Vegas Strip next Friday?  We could gamble a little, get married, bail Dick out of jail, and be home by Monday,’ I suggested.

‘We are not going to get married in some dingy chapel by an Elvis impersonator.’

‘We could get a Streisand impersonator if it would make you more comfortable.’

‘Jane.’  He chuckled, exasperated.  ‘Is that really how you want to get married?  Skulking off like we’re ashamed of ourselves?  Was that what little Jane dreamed and hoped for?’

‘Little Jane thought she would marry Mark-Paul Gosselaar from Saved by the Bell in an English castle.  Little Jane was in idiot.’”

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  1. Reading Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever right now. Thanks for the review, this next book looks just as good.

  2. Someday I really will have to start reading this series! I don’t believe I have read a negative review about it.

  3. I don’t remember a lot about the story I confess, it’s been a long time since I read the other books. But I’m very curious to read this one and I’m glad you enjoyed it too.

  4. Candice – All the books in this series have that same light and fun feel. If you are enjoying the series so far you will for sure enjoy this latest book. 🙂

    aurian – It’s just so sweet and fun to read. One day, when you need something on the lighter side and just feel like falling for some great characters and giggling a lot, squeeze it in. 😉

    melliane – I re-read the series to prepare myself for this book’s release but really I didn’t have to. This book is it’s own story and it does recap a little on the event from the first three books. 🙂

  5. I enjoyed this book so much, because the characters are really fun to read. Unfortunately, I’m not sure Harper can go much further with Jane. All the pre-vampire angst she experienced is gone. She’s repaired her relationships with her parents and sister, her nasty grandmother is gone, she finally married Gabriel, her shop is doing well, and her friends are happy and settled. Plus, she’s become a vampire “parent.” Nice Girls Deserve Happy Endings, and Jane has hers, I think.

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