Mar 12, 2012

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Question – Have You Ever Had A Physical Reaction To A Book?

Okay, I bet your either thinking one of two things:  One, you could be thinking “What sort of odd arsed question is that?” or two, you could be thinking “Well of course I have!  I’ve cried and laughed to a story, both of which are physical reactions.  Duh.”

Well, to that I say *cough*that’s not very nice*cough* (as you can tell, I have yet to master the *cough**cough* insult) then I would say “Wait!  There are other ways one can react to a book!”

Okay, let’s be serious here.  How often do you say or hear someone say:  “I was so angry by the end of the book I just wanted to throw it across the room!”  Or even:  “I hated that character so much I wanted to kick and stomp on the book!”  I will say that I have never had THAT strong of a reaction to a book before but I do something to books that I absolutely adored:  I hug them.

Yes, I am a book hugger.  I doesn’t happen often but the books that I have rated 5plus stars have all received hugs from me.  And maybe even some of my stronger 5stars.  If I was just blown away by a book and am feeling all good and mushy once I close the cover for the final time, I will hold the book up against my chest, squeeze it a little bit and usually also let out a nice big *sigh*.

So other than crying and giggling and laughing, the only physical reaction that I’ve had to a book has been the hugging.  I’m sure one day a book will anger me so much I’ll open my front door and pitch the book outside but for now, I can’t say that has happened.

Now how about you?  Have you ever had a physical reaction to a book?

  1. Musing Bookworm says:

    My most memorable reactions to books have been negative. I felt physically ill and had to remove the book from the house while reading Jessica by Bryce Courtney. I’ve never finished it.

    The other book was Golden Fox by Wilbur Smith. I literally through the book across the room at a wall and yelled at the character. That was a DNF as well.

    Both incidenta/scenes revolved around the treatment of women and children and torture. It obviously struck a deep nerve that I had no idea was so tender.

  2. Lol, I love this post! Yes, I have hugged a book or two as well as wanted to throw one or two against the wall and recently I had the desire to burn one but instead I plan to get rid of it at my UBS. I shamelessly walk by my bookshelf on occasion and pet my favorites. The Bronze Horseman Trilogy, The BDB books, and certain stand alone books that are precious to me and I re-read every year. (And yes, all of my precious books I have a copy I re-read and a copy that is considered “do not touch” lol. The “do not touch” copies are mostly autographed copies as well.)

  3. Kimberly says:

    Eating! I normally dont snack while I read but if the characters are eating great food, so am I.

  4. I hugged some of them but it was really rare. When I can’t put one down, I sometimes kiss them when I’m overwhelmed by the emotions the book gave me. I kiss them and I mentally thanks the authors to give me such good moments.

  5. Wait… wha!? You hug your books? 😛

  6. I usualy react to the angst a hero might be feeling so I get the complete set too with the stomach cramps and the sweaty hands…..

  7. I’ve definitely had physical reactions to books! A great plot twist makes me want to throw my book in the air in surprise. Just recently, I read something in a book that made me want to throw my Nook across the living room. I love it when a story is so great that it gets a physical reaction. 🙂

  8. I love this!! I have also hugged a book or two that I loved. I have never thrown a book but I have closed a few in disgust and slammed them down really hard and had to walk away! I controlled my temper but I WANTED to throw Perks of Being a Wallflower across the room! I just slammed it down and gave it the evil eye for a while before I read the last little bit!

  9. YES!!! I have thrown a book across the room and yelled. Now that I read all my books on my iPad the most I can do is delete them and vent on blogs or twitter 🙂

  10. Lets see, I have for sure cried and laughed. I am a book hugger too, but I have also thrown and slammed down books. Some have even made me react a little more lovey to my husband 😉

  11. Rain Maiden Jen says:

    I recently read The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe and found myself itching my arms a lot.

  12. Does foaming at the mouth in anger count? LOL I’ve a had a few villains get that reaction from me but only really in the Outlander series. I’ve texted my girlfriend at 4am knowing full well she wouldn’t receive my text but I was so very angry at the character.
    I’ve cried a few times but not many that are memorable. I did tear up in Maya Banks “Seduction of a Highland Lass”

    Yes lots of book hugging too though. Thats my favourite.

  13. I recently read a book by Jessica Verday that after reading the end of the series I felt a profound longing. Like I was heart broken but ok with it. It was the wierdest thing because I was ok with it. Almost like the end was bitter sweet and hearbreaking but the right ending for the story.
    I also get flushed when reading certain romance novels lol.

  14. When I finshed The Hunger Games, I threw the book across the room and screamed “Choose Peeta! Choose Peeta!”. My kids just sat, slack jawed staring at me. When I finished Kushiel’s Dart, I jumped up, ran to the library and got the next book. The Woman In Black made me shiver. I had to put the book down and walk away. I had trouble touching it later to put it away. So creepy! Serendipty made me dance and giggle. That book was so…fun? sweet? uplifting? I love it when a book gives me a physical reaction at the end. I double love it when a book drives me to suggest the books to everyone I know. (p.s. All of the above books qualify in the last catagory.)

  15. Musing Bookworm – Ooo mistreating women or children not cool. I draw the line at children being tortured or hurt. I even have trouble reading about kids being kidnapped. That makes me physically ill. I don’t blame you for throwing those books away. 🙂

    Amy – Petting books! How could I forget?! I pet my books all the time and I will even touch my favorites lovingly if I come across them at the bookstore. lol

    Kimberly – Eating! You are so right! I never thought about that before. Smart lady you…

    Zendastark – I am so happy to read that you mentally thank the authors. We can’t forget that they are the reason we have such strong reactions. 🙂

    Carmel – Shush you… 😉

    Marina – Not the stomach cramps! I have felt that a couple of times too if a book is particularly suspenseful and I can’t finish it that day. lol

    Amanda – It really shows the authors is writing something special if they can get someone to react so strongly. Although sometimes it’s the wrong kind of special. lol

    Shannon – The evil eye! That I have done. lol

    Vicki – Yes, thank goodness for blogs and twitter for venting over books.

    Candice – I totally agree with the lovey part. Kind of takes him by surprise too. lol

    Rain Maiden Jen – Yeah…I would itch too. And I so wouldn’t be able to read a book like that! You are a brave woman.

    Michelle – I have tweeted and texted when I knew the receiver wouldn’t be there to get the message. I call it ‘messaging my invisible friend’. We have great conversations. lol

    Wren – That is the best when you feel strongly about a book but you’re okay with it. I think that means the author did good. 🙂

    Jen – “Choose Peeta!” LOL I can just imagine the look on your kids’ faces.

  16. I’ve gooten goosebumps more than a few times, and while I have never thrown a book across the room I have tossed it to the side more than once. I have laughed out loud and on very rare occasions I have cried. I’m not sure I ever hugged a book though I have stroked a few in reverence, smiling goofily.
    What a fun question Julie!

  17. Yes, if a book is exciting I get all twitchy. Once I cried over a book in the middle of grade school, it was really embarrassing.

  18. Lol, great question. The normal reactions like laughing and crying of course, getting angry with the characters, of course, and also throwing a book down in disgust. I remember throwing one in the trash once because it was horrible. And I am one who can never part with a book, even if I DNF it, so that means something.
    Stroking the cover, perhaps, but hugging? No. Venting about what an awesome book it is, o yes.

  19. Oh, I do have physical reactions to books. Laughing and crying are the most frequent, and I hug the books I like and lovingly touch their covers. I don’t throw books, but I do slam the down if they make me angry. I even felt physically sick once a few times. And if something scary goes on I sometimes get goose bumps or flinch. I guess I react a lot. Great question!

  20. I have mentioned that I have thrown a book or two across the room into the circular file. But, I have just last week had my first hugging experience, I read Eloisa James’ Paris in Love. Then just yesterday I had a rather nauseous feeling after reading a self-pub book by a local author. Awful! sickening!

  21. Well, I’ve never thought if that. But now it’s true I laugh, I cry but I think it’s the only thing. I’ve never done anything else. Or I don’t think so.

  22. I have desperately wanted to throw books across the room (generally when the main character is acting in a foolish, out-of-character, or asinine fashion), but I have too much respect for my books and now my e-reader to do this. So instead, I close the books with a resounding THWACK and put them down in disgust, while muttering to myself. I do talk to my protagonists as well – they just don’t listen. I’ve been known to giggle with glee, and bestow adoring kisses on books during particularly happy times, and reverent kisses at the end of particularly good books. Certain passages from novels have also inspired my dancing around the room joyfully, while clutching my book to my chest. I call this my “happy book dance.” 😀

  23. I recall years ago reading a book (sorry I forgot the name of it) my sister passed along. She gave it to me with a warning “You’re gonna get really mad at one point.” I didn’t believe her until I reach the part of the book that was oddly damaged already. I never thought it possible, but I actually screamed and threw the book across the room in absolute fury. The book tore in half. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a violent reaction with a book again, but I have laughed out loud on more than one occasion (including today) and have cried deeply.

  24. Shelleyrae – The goofy smile is mandatory I think when stroking a book we loved. lol

    heidenkind – In middle school? Wow that must have been a really good book!

    aurian – I threw one in the trash too. Twice.

    Pepca – I don’t know if I’ve slammed a book down before. I’m trying to think but can’t remember. I’ll have to pay closer attention. lol

    Dot – Yes, you may have mentioned throwing your books a time or two on your blog. 😉

    melliane – Laughing and crying are good signs too. 🙂

    Jessica – “Happy book dance” I love it!

    Rocki – You tore the book in two?! Wow. You have a powerful pitch! 😉

  25. Am I too late?? lol
    I never gotten a bad physical reaction towards a book, but I sure wanted to go Annie Wilkes (the crazy bit** from the movie Misery) on Karen Marie Moning’s arse at the end of Dreamfever…lol
    I know your question was about books, but I just had to get it off my
    Don’t teller tho 😉

  26. LOL @LUP – I should have added that OH YES I have had that reaction when an author leaves me on a cliffhanger and the next book isnt out for 2 years!!!

  27. Books are my escape, I go inside that world when I’m reading and nothing else exists. One I’ve been reading I love it and it does have quite an affect,going into that world but I am quite frustrated with it as when you just think it’s getting to the conclusion there’s another book you have to get, so far I’ve read six and I know there’s about another two at least. So please to Authors out there could you try to keep it to at least three in a series.

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