Mar 19, 2012

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Question – Do You Have A Go-To Hero Visual?

Yummy men.  Yeah, I thought that would get your attention *g*

We all like yummy men.  How do I know?  Well, we would not be reading the books we read if we didn’t love yummy men.  While reading, we conjure up visuals for the heroes on the pages.  Some people use actors or models as their visuals while others use people they know from their everyday lives, such as that hot bartender or the UPS guy.  And others don’t refer to anyone in particular and just use their imaginations.

I would say that I fit mostly into that last category of people.  I don’t keep track of actors or models so it’s not natural for me to conjure their image in my mind while I’m reading.  And about picturing people I know in my every day life, well…let’s just say that the men I know do not look like this:

but rather look closer to this:

But I must say that there is one man/model that seems to capture the essence of a few popular and well-loved characters.  I am talking of course about Paul Marron.  Yes, even though I don’t keep track of models or actors that much, I still know who Paul Marron is. For those of you who are not familiar with him, let me show you.

Excuse me while I pull myself together and wipe the drool from my mouth…

Paul is on so many romance book covers, it’s insane.  I swear he’s on at least 80% of them!  And I am glad because that means that images of him will live on my keeper shelf forever.  And if you look at the images above and think ‘wow, wait until you see what the art department of many different publishers can do with him pictures.  Many manipulate Paul’s image and create perfect visuals (in my opinion) for many of my – or your – favorite and well-loved characters!

He is the perfect Rehvenge

He is the perfect Lothaire (from what I have heard)

He is the perfect Vlad

There are many more but those were the three I found the most impressive.  So for me, I suppose, Paul Marron is my go-to hero visual, if I can’t really come up with a good enough one in my mind, using my imagination and the authors words.

So what about you?  Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum, Johnny Depp…Do you have a go-to hero visual?

  1. Well… I belong to the last categorie as well…My yummy heroes are all virtuals but if I should choose one man who represents quite well my model, it would be Hugh Jackman!
    Argh…. Hugh Jackman being Dragos (my last favourite Yummy hero! hi hi).
    Love this post!

  2. Oh, my…you may just have found my perfect Seth… 🙂

  3. David Gandy FOREVER!!!

  4. Matt Bomer. He’s my Holden, but he’s just so damned beautiful he could be a lot of different characters.

  5. I love Paul. But my absolute fantasy hero would be a Brett Hollands lookalike. I wish Brett did novel covers!

  6. I tend to have a fair number of characters who look like Jensen Ackles and Christian Kane, but the “unplanned” one is the buff, long-haired blond with a bit of scruff and blue eyes. I never really had a solid picture of someone until I was introduced to Todd Thomas ( — scroll past the first picture though :P). I posted that he looked like Jay from Forever Summer. And then I was thinking…”Huh, he kind of looks like ________ too. Oh, and ________. And… oh shit, I have a type.” LOL

  7. infinitieh says:

    Paul Marron all the way! Although most of the time, I don’t have an image of the hero or the heroine when I read a book.

  8. I would say about 80% of the time I see Jesse metcalfe (who first became famous in desperate housewives) even when the physical description doesn’t fit him! He’s my Barrons, Curran, Owen Grayson, etc…

  9. I don’t have a particular guy in mind but usually go with the virtual guy that is influenced by the authors description and the guy on the cover. I hate when the cover and the description don’t match! BTW, Paul M. is certainly worthy of many PNR and UFR book covers.He does put the “Yum” in Yummy Men.

  10. I love Paul Marron on my book covers, but you just picked two I really disilke. But I agree, I have so many books with parts of his body on my shelves, hmmm.
    I usually don’t visualize my heroes, but a hot cover makes me wish he was real …

  11. OMG Marco Dapper is so yummy!! He can be my “to go” hero, if I’m honest I prefer blondes… don’t tell DH. Paul Marron doesn’t stay behind, as you said I love how versatile he is, just little changes and he can be any of our favorite heroes.

  12. Zendastark – Hugh Jackman! Great choice!

    Linda – Mmm Seth… 😉

    CdnMrs – He’s my Barrons. Mostly. lol

    Sierra – OMG He’s the perfect Holden!

    Caren – Yes, he is very pretty. Those eyes!

    Seleste – I can see how he would fit quite a few characters. Again, the eyes – amazing!

    infinitieth – I agree. I don’t always have a clear image in my head while I read. Heck, sometimes the image I do conjure up looks nothing like the character in the book! lol

    Fayfi – Yes. Yes. Yum. Yes.

    Dot – Gah! When the cover looks nothing like the character. Annoying. It’s hard to get past the photo even though you know it’s not right. lol

    aurian – Hot covers for the win!

    Bookaholic Cat – How on earth did you know the name of the yummy guy in my post?! LMAO! I didn’t even know. I just called him “guy I wish was my Canpar guy” or “guy who makes me pet my computer screen in secret”. 😉

  13. Very interesting that he is on those covers yet each of the covers themselves certainly look like they are a different person. Cool.

    My favourite characters seems to be what I have pictured in my mind. I don’t usually participate in those “casting” dream forums because my thoughts and thoughts of others don’t usually match. Sometimes they do though. I wish I could draw so I could draw my favourite character and show how I see them.

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