Mar 29, 2012

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Silly Stuff – Motivational Posters

Leave it to Jason to send me some *clears throat* interesting things via email while he’s at work.  He sent me these ‘motivational posters’ a while back and yeah…  Some were terrible, some were well…images only men would find funny and some were actually quite funny.  I thought I would share those with you today.

A quick heads up, not really good for little eyes.  Not like little eyes read my blog but still.  😉

  1. Ohhhh…some are..hum…Yeah, you get it: men’s humour! 😉

  2. *snicker* That common sense one reminds me of my car’s sun shade thingie you put in the windshield. It has a warning to remove before driving. *smacks forehead* And here I thought hanging my head out of the window like Ace Ventura would be fun!

  3. HAHA, I love them

  4. Oh man I get on one of those sites and I have tears of laughter. I love them.

  5. This is fun, thank you!

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