Apr 20, 2012

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Review: Angel’s Flight by Nalini Singh (Guild Hunter 0.5, 1.5, 4.5 & 4.75)

Paranormal Romance
February 28 2012
Mass Market Paperback
368 pages
Berkley Sensation
Received from publisher

Angel’s Pawn

From Goodreads –
In Angels’ Pawn a vampire hunter faces off against two rival factions and the angel manipulating them both, and a vampire whose help is not entirely selfless…


Janvier, a vampire, and Ashwini, a Hunter, are amazing together.  Their chemistry is explosive.  The second she arrives at his door and he answers all suave and smooth, you know this is a couple that will have you fanning yourself.  But alas, in this story, it wasn’t meant to be.  No, that is really misleading.  What I mean is that this particular story is not a love story per say.  It’s not a HEA or even a HFN.  There isn’t even sex!  *gasp* But the heat is amazing between these two and you want them to get together.  I really think Nalini should write their story.  In fact, she’s thinking about it.  The story is quite good too.  An interesting mystery that Janvier and Ashwini solve together.  Quite an enjoyable read.

4.5 stars

Giggle worthy quote

‘She stepped out of reach.  ‘Go put on a shirt and get your mind out of bed.’

‘Impossible with you around.’

‘Pretend I’m holding a rifle.  In fact, pretend I have you in the crosshairs.’

Janvier sighed, rubbing at his jaw shadowed by morning stubble.  ‘I love it when you talk dirty.’”

Angel’s Judgement

From Goodreads –
In Angels’ Judgment a hunter must track one of her own gone bad, while surviving the deadly tests placed in her way by the archangels themselves. Unexpected backup comes from a stranger who might just be the most lethal threat of all…


In Angel’s Kiss, we meet the main heroine of the series, Elena, and her BFF Sara.  Elena is a Guild Hunter, hence the name of the series, and Sara is her boss.  Angel’s Judgement is the story of how Sara met Deacon and how they achieve their HEA.

I forgot how sassy Sara and Elena are.  We barely see that side of Elena anymore in the main series.  Nalini writes great chemistry and she got it down pat once again with Sara and Deacon.  He is just Yum!  The mystery is, once again, well done and interesting to read.  The only thing that I found a little odd was how Deacon leaves and sort of comes out of nowhere near the end and decides to stick around.  It just came a little more abruptly than I would have thought natural.  But other than that little tidbit, the story was solid.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“’They told me you had brown skin, brown eyes, black hair.’

That sounded about right.  ‘Who’s ‘they’?’

‘I’ll tell you after we talk to the vampire.’

‘Carrot and stick?’  She narrowed her eyes.  ‘I’m not a rabbit.’”

Angel’s Wolf

From Goodreads –
In Angel’s Wolf a vampire becomes fascinated with the seductive angel who rules Louisiana. But all is not what it appears to be in her court.


Emotions run high in this book.  Actually, it is quite a sad book.  Nimra is an angel who has her own court.  Her life is being threatened and Raphael suggests that Noel, one of his vampires, would be best suited to try to figure out exactly who is behind it.  Noel has recently been through a terrible ordeal and feels that this new assignment is the Archangel’s way of getting him out of his territory.  He is hurt by his recent torment and Nimra is hurt by the idea that someone who is close to her is trying to harm her.  Lots of hurt in this one, I tell you.  And hurt is not the only emotion that runs high – add to the story an aging man, a spoiled ‘young’ vampire, very loyal staff members, unrequited love and cats that will actually make you weep and you’ve got pretty much the full spectrum of emotions going on in here.

I did feel that Nimra and Noel made a nice couple but I found it strange how they came together.  It was both quick and slow.  Yes, I am aware that that sounds odd, but it’s true.  But overall, a very well written story and one you should read when you are in the mood for a little sadness.  I cried at the cat.  Really, I did.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“He made a mental note of the names, then asked, ‘What will you do today?’

Obviously still annoyed at him for daring to disagree with her, she shot him a look that was pure regal arrogance.  ‘Again, it’s nothing you need to know.’

He was ‘only’ two hundred and twenty-one years old, but he’d spent that time in the ranks of an archangel’s men, the past hundred years in the guard just below the Seven.  He had his own arrogance.  ‘It might not be,’ he said, stepping close enough that she had to tip back her head to meet his gaze, something he knew she would not appreciate, ‘but I was being polite and civilized, trying to make conversation.’

Nimra’s eyes narrowed a fraction.  ‘I think you have never been polite or civilized.  Stop making the effort – it’s ridiculous.’”

Angel’s Dance

From Goodreads –
In Angels’ Dance an angel trapped in the mountain stronghold of the Refuge finds herself under siege by a warrior angel from a martial court.


Jessamy is an angel who is very old…and also damaged.  She is earth-bound due to a deformity in her wing.  She has devoted her life to being the children’s teacher and the keeper of records.  The angel Galen is a weapons master who is transferring into Raphael’s territory and is immediately taken by Jessamy.  I love how alpha men sometimes just see someone and think ‘mine’ and that is exactly what happens here.  I found it adorable how Galen was not afraid to show and tell everyone that he is meant for Jessamy.

Jessamy is attacked and Galen takes on the role of bodyguard.  Again, super alpha but suitable for his character.  The story is lovely…then suddenly it’s odd.  Galen gives Jessamy space and I really don’t understand why.  There is even the hint of another man involved!  I didn’t understand why that happened.  Okay, if they were apart of a day or two that may have worked with the story, but they were apart for months – for no necessary reason.  That made me scratch my head, wondering if I missed something.  I understand Galen’s motives but I don’t see how it truly fit with this character.  But it all works out so it’s all good in the end.

There is quite a bit from Raphael, Dmitri and Illium.  Man I love Illium and I hope hope hope that his book is soon.  But next up is Jason and he is in this short story too…and what is said about him makes me even more excited for his book to come out September 4th 2012.

I was taken aback by the couple’s break but all in all this was another beautiful story of love and happy ever after.  Worth reading.

4 stars

Giggle worthy quote

“Illium knocked on the door of the home where he’d led them, eyes of deep gold narrowing when his gaze fell on Galen.  ‘It might be better for your health not to look like the cat that got into the cream when you see Jessamy next.’

Galen bared his teeth.  ‘A man has a right to declare his courtship.’  And make it clear that anyone who got in the way would be eviscerated.

The blue-winged angel shook his head.  ‘Barbarian, there’s declaring and then there is beating the point home with a club.’”


Fans of the Guild Hunter series will love this anthology.  It reminds you how well written and complex Nalini’s Guild world is and makes you crave another full book.  Overall a great addition to the series.

4 stars

Books in the Guild Hunter series –
Angel’s Blood
Archangel’s Kiss
Archangel’s Consort
Archangel’s Blade
Archangel’s Storm (September 2012)

  1. Nice review Julie, and I totally agree with you. And don’t you just love that cover?

  2. Julie I’m a bit confused. Is this paperback a compilation of 4 short stories? Should these short stories be read in order of the books. Im actually just sitting down to start Angel’s Blood. thanks

  3. Great review Julie. I’ve just finished reading Angel’s Flight and feel I’ve got to go back to the beginning – Angel’s Blood – reread them all and join up the dots! Also love her Psy-Changeling series!

  4. I love the series and this was a bonus for me!!!

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