Apr 2, 2012

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Question – Are There Some Genres That Take You Longer To Read Than Others?

A couple of weeks ago, I started reading a book.  It was a good book, a book I’d been really looking forward to since it was the latest installment in one of my favorite series.  When I first cracked open the cover, I couldn’t wait to dive in.  I picked it up every chance I got…yet found myself still reading it one week later.  One week people!  Yes, mind you, I did take a little pause to go into my Lover Reborn reading hibernation, but still.  Even 4.5 days is considered excessive for me to read a book.  Then again, I should not have been that surprised, it was an urban fantasy book after all.

I can’t really pinpoint why but urban fantasy books usually take me the longest to read.  I’m assuming it’s because the world building is more intricate and more detailed but then maybe it’s because they tend to be heavier and my emotions slow my reading down.  Next up for me would be the paranormal romance books.  I usually read them faster than UF books but still not as quickly as my fastest reads:  contemporary romance books.  No contest they are my fastest.  I mean, even with my busy everyday life I can still manage to read a contemporary book in about 1.5 days – 2 days if I have less than my usual amount of reading time.

So how about you?  Are there some genres that take you longer to read than others? 

  1. The genre I read really fast is YA..but except for some really special titles, I’m not that found of this genre.

    Then I read quite quickly UF and PNR genres. Thrillers is also a genre I go quickly through. The ones wich are taking me longer are fantasy and literature.

    However, it depends mostly on how gorgeous is the story of the book and how yummy and kick ass are the characters! 😉

    Ps: how do you manage to read so fast? For now, I’m not working (I’m looking after my baby) and I’m reading more slowly than when I was spending 3 hours a day in the bus to go to my work! 🙂

  2. humm, I had to think about that one.
    See my UF books and historical books tend to be the longer books but I fly through them. The contemp are shorter but I put them down a lot more often.
    I know one book that I recently read was a contemp and it took over a week to read it! It was because the story just was not a page turner. I really dislike when a book takes that long to read. Its not the book wasn’t good; it just wasn’t grabbing for me.

  3. As long as they are fiction, they go pretty well for me. I have issues with anthologies just because I lose my reading rhythm and it’s easier to break. UF and paranormal definitely take more concentration just because of the worlds, but I don’t think they actually take me longer to read… smiles!

  4. Well Wolf Hall by Mantel (his fiction), that one took forever. Sure it was long, but it was not that, it just had to be read slowly

  5. Usually it takes longer for me to read Fantasy books. I guess it’s because the world tends to be very complex, the amount of characters is always higher than UF or paranormal and the names of the characters are different from the norm and difficult to remember.

  6. Contemporary Romance. Just thinking about it makes me cringe a little! I just can’t seem to get as involved with the story and characters if there isn’t a little “para” in the “normal.” Take a werewolf, vamp, fae and insert them into the story and it’s so much faster reading! I can also do non-paranormal if it’s well written suspense. But even that takes a bit longer.

  7. I’m kind of a book slut and I’ll read pretty much anything. But I tend to lean heavily toward PNR, then UF, HR, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, chick lit, and then some straight mystery.

    I struggle with straight up fantasy though. I don’t know why as I read PNR/UF regularly. Maybe b/c the fantasy is very ol skool in the descriptions and the conversations sometimes seem so stilt and formal. My BF loves fantasy tho and he has pestered me to read R.A. Salvatore, his favorite author. I’m “reading” one now but I’ve taken breaks and I think have read at least 6 other books since I started it. Shhh… don’t tell him. I have to finish it, but it’s taking me forever….

  8. I tend to stop a lot when I really don’t want the book/series to end. Kind of savoring the book, taking a lot of breaks, but in the end, it usually grabs me and it gets way past my bedtime after all.
    I usually read contemporaries much faster as well, perhaps because there are not details of fighting or information you can miss when reading something paranormal. I tend to skim a little bit more when it is not exciting reading material. Which makes it read much faster 🙂
    Lol, am I making sense here?

  9. Just like you contemporary and historical romance are my fastest reads, while I think erotica is my slowest. Maybe because after a certain amount of pages/exertions I just need a break and be able to breathe without the surcharge of sexuality.

    I noticed that on my way to/from work I usually read about 7-9% of the book in one sitting (Kindle version of pages), so I think what makes romances go faster is that I want to read them at home in bed as well, while that’s not usually the case with UF.

    I’m a bit afraid of fantasy and sci-fi (one of my challenges for this year) how heavy they will be on details and descriptions and if I will struggle reading them…

  10. Zendastark – Yes, YA reads easily too. And I’m like you – other than a couple of series, I don’t really do YA anymore. And you have a baby that would be why you don’t read much. I wake up early to read and read late at night, nap time and sometimes even during free-play time if the boys are really behaving themselves. lol

    Michelle – That is true about books that fail to grab you. They take forever! And you get bitter that it’s taking you forever to read them. LOL

    Christi – They do definitely take more concentration. Maybe that’s my issue – I’m trying to hard to envision everything and I don’t concentrate very well for very long because of interruptions (a.k.a. kids and husband lol)

    blodeuedd – Some books do read better when not ‘inhaled’ I suppose. 😉

    Bookaholic Cat – I don’t really read fantasy – just haven’t had the opportunity yet – but I can totally see how that genre would be slow to read.

    twimom – Since you’re ‘forcing’ yourself, you’ll read slower. Then you’ll be bitter. Then you’ll read even slower. Then you’ll be bitter. It’s a vicious cycle and I have been there too. lol

    erin – You’re not the first to say that fantasy is slow. Makes sense but now I’m nervous to give it a try. lol

    aurian – No fight information! That makes total sense!

    Stella –

    “Maybe because after a certain amount of pages/exertions I just need a break and be able to breathe without the surcharge of sexuality.”

    Very funny…yet very true. 😉

  11. If the first book in a series doesn’t grab me in the first 3 or 4 chapters I leave it aside. My excuse – I’m getting on. So many fabulous books out there, so little time!

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