Apr 2, 2012

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News – JR Ward Announces the Next BDB Book…And It’s Qhuay!!!


Liza, from Blogging with Liza, was one of the lucky ones who went to JR Ward’s signing in Cincinnati this past Saturday.  She took AMAZING notes and wrote an INCREDIBLE post about it on her blog.  I thought I would share some of my favorite parts of her post with you today.

First up, and most importantly, the hero and…hero of the next Black Dagger Brotherhood were announced and sure enough, it’s Qhuinn and Blay, better known as Qhuay!  JR also announced this on her Facebook page simply by saying: 


I don’t think this is a huge surprise seeing that Qhuinn was the last to ‘think/speak’ in Lover Reborn and what he ‘thinks/speaks’ is ZOMG!  I am happy it’s their time.  I’m not as ga-ga as most of you are over this couple but I am still happy their book is next.  I love how Qhuinn and Blay have evolved as characters and look forward to seeing them finally get their HEA.  Not sure how much lovin’ we’ll get seeing these are Paranormal Romance books and not erotica but I guess that remains to be seen.  I think most BDB fans are happy about his seeing that there was apparently a roaring cheer from the audience at the signing and that, as of last night, there were 11,193 likes on JR’s FB page and 3,083 comments left by readers.

Now, I mentioned Qhuay lovin’, at the signing someone mentioned that too.  They asked Ward how much lovin’ will be ‘shown’ in her next installment.  She wouldn’t answer but instead threw the question back at the audience asking:  “How much do you want?”  Smart lady that JR.  lol Also their book will start right where Lover Reborn left off.

Apparently a new subplot involving Z will take place in Qhuay’s book and for that I am happy.  I love his character and have been hoping for more from him in the past few installments.

The little cliffhanger involving Layla and Qhuinn and whether or not she is in fact pregnant with his baby at the end of Lover Reborn is apparently not really a cliffhanger.  Ward confirms that Layla is in fact with child.  Seriously people, are you really surprised by this bit of news?!  And when asked if there will be a Layla, Blay and Qhuinn threesome she said no f-ing way.  She would be afraid the fans might try to take her out if she did so. And no she doesn’t know the baby’s name yet.

We will find out in Qhuay’s book what happened to Qhinn’s brother.

We haven’t seen much of the Scribe Virgin in the last few books and the reason is that she is “in her own kind of hell right now.”  Ward is trying to figure out what it will take to bring her back and believes it will take Wrath being in peril.

Ward said that “Assail is a mystery in itself” – whatever that means.  lol

We will get books about the Shadows (Trez and iAM) and that there will be controversy over who Trez ends up with.   

JM will be inducted into the Black Dagger Brotherhood but Ward didn’t say when. Another induction will happen “very soon”, but she wouldn’t say who would be inducted. I agree with Liza here in thinking Qhuinn is next with all that was discussed in Lover Reborn.

Rhage and Mary’s novella is almost finished but she still hasn’t started on Wrath and Beth’s. 

Lassiter will get his own book but Ward is not sure what series it will appear in.  I REALLY hope it’s the BDB because I like how Lassiter fits into the BDB world – especially after Lover Reborn.  He was amazing in that book!  Throwing him into the other one would feel wrong.

Ahgony, Phury and Cormia’s son is born 5 years after Nalla.  Therefore we have to wait a while to meet him. But Ward did say he is awesome.

When asked if any new unmentioned characters will be introduced soon she said that she is writing the B.O.B. (Band of Bastards) era right now and that she doesn’t want things to get too big and lose focus right now. But she does see more new characters being introduced after this era.

She also said that Throe and Xcor will have some stuff to deal with since they both have a bond with Layla now. *sigh* Still not sure how I feel about all of that…

There was an interesting little tidbit about Layla.  Ward says that Layla is still trying to learn who she is. There is a bit of “brain wash” done to the Chosen so she is just starting to explore who she can become.

Finally, there will be a second Insider’s Guide but it’s at least 3 of not 4 books away yet.

So there you have it.  These were the more interesting notes for me but be sure to check out Liza’s post to read everything she learned.  There is a lot of good stuff there!  Enjoy!

Now tell me, how do you feel about all this info?  Good?  Bad?  Ugly?  😉

  1. Great update! This is the most in-depth one I’ve read so far. 🙂 Honestly, I hope Layla ends up with Xcor. The thing that I love about the BoBs is that Ward did an excellent job making them sympathetic characters. They’re misguided, sure. But at their core, they’re honorable. I can’t wait to see where this series goes. It’s definitely one of my favs!

  2. Amanda – I still feel they are ‘forced’ villains. I think if there will be a shift, it will happen in the next book. Maybe then I’ll not mind Xcor. 😉

  3. Julie great blog. Ever since I finished reading Lover Reborn I’ve been dying to know who the next book was going to be about and I am so pleased that Quinn and Blay get their own story and can’t wait till it comes out.

    Like Amanda, I too would like Xcor and Layla to end up together but how that’s going to happen especially if she is pregnant with Quinn’s baby. She’s being through so much rejection as a Chosen where they only want her for her blood. But I always think of Marissa and what she went through before her and Butch met what they went through and still ended up together. Also there seemed to be a connection between her and Xcor.

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