Apr 7, 2012

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News – Iced Cover

I am aware that I should have titled this post “Old News – Iced Cover” seeing that most of you have, I am certain, seen this already. But I was sick last weekend and didn’t have a chance to share it here so I’m doing it this weekend.

Karen Marie Moning revealed the cover for her upcoming book, Iced, on her facebook page.  It’s the first book in her newest Fever World series.  Well, that’s what it’s called on Goodreads and on the author’s site with the full title being Iced: A Dani O’Malley Novel, yet according to RT it’s called the Deckle Edge series. Hmm…wonder who is correct. 😉

This new series is to be a trilogy featuring Dani, Christian MacKeltar, Ryodan and the mysterious ‘Dancer’.  (We either meet or hear of these characters in Karen’s Fever books).  Each book is to be a stand-alone mystery set primarily in Fever-Dublin but there will be a larger story arc unfolding in the background that will tie up at the end of the third book.

The cover wasn’t released with a blurb but rather with a teaser as told by Dani.  Check it out:

I figure the folks that are the most interesting get to go to heaven. I mean, if I was God, that’s who I’d want there with me. I also figure being eternally happy would be eternally boring so I try not to be too interesting, even though it’s hard for me. I’d rather be a superhero in hell than an angel in heaven. What the feck would I do all day if I wasn’t kicking demon ass?

Iced is due out October 30th 2012. Perfect release date for a book set in the Fever world. The next two books, Burned and Flayed, will follow…eventually.

And just one more thing:  This new series will be told via first person perspective from Dani’s point of view.  I will definitely be reading these books because I adore Karen’s Fever world, but I’m not sure how I will feel about ‘feck’ this and ‘feck’ that.  Maybe Dani will ‘mature’ enough in these books and grow to eventually be able to say the actual word?  We’ll see.  *g*

  1. Any idea the timeframe of this book? Does it fall immediately after Shadowfever or is it months/years after the events in Shadowfever? Is Dani still a tween? I agree about having to read “feck” repeatedly. It was annoying throughout the Fever series & can only get worse if the entire book is told from Dani’s perspective. Although, I am immensely curious about how this book will play out. I am a HUGE KMM Fan, read all her books, and am seriously curious how she is going to write the book from a teen/tween POV when all her prior books are written with such sexual tension and heat. She is a true master at that, but it seems, based on the premise I’ve read of Iced so far, those things will be taking a backseat in Iced??!!?

  2. Michele – I’ve inquired about the timeline and will let you know if I hear something. 🙂

  3. Michele – Just got an email back from KMM’s assistant. Iced starts the day after Shadowfever ends. 🙂

  4. Michele says:

    That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks so much for looking into that Julie!

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