Jul 12, 2010

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Question – eBook or Print Copy

I have finally jumped on the eBook bandwagon!  I didn’t much like the idea of having to pay US exchange every time I wanted to buy an eBook, so I decided on a Kobo instead of a Kindle.  So far, I’m thinking I’m only going to use it to read galleys and books that aren’t available in print.  I may one day give up on print copies, but until then I still plan on buying ‘old school’ books when I can.  Next I started thinking — if I fall desperately in love with my Kobo, will I give up printed books all together?  And what about a long running series?  If I own every previously released copy in print, will I buy book eleven in eBook format?

Which leads me to my question:  For a long running series (example: The Black Dagger Brotherhood), if you own the previous books in print, would you continue to buy the subsequent books in the series as an eBook or would you go for a ‘whole set’ and continue purchasing the books in the printed format?

  1. If I already have a series started in print, and it is a favorite, I definitely keep buying in print. But I do prefer my Kindle to read on.

    I have been known to purchase a new release (let’s say Dreamfever) at 5am on the kindle, and then purchase the print copy too..just don’t tell the hubs!!

  2. I haven’t really had a good chance to read on my Kobo, because before I really had the chance, it decided to become defective! I’m sending for a new one. I’ll have a better understanding of the “reading on my eReader” craze one I get it back!

    And Mandi, I don’t see the problem with getting the book in print AND in eBook…lol Totally acceptable as far as I’m concerned!

  3. My Dad is a book collector. We have about ten big bookcases in our basement filled with his collection, which he alphabetizes. He’s been known to steal books I leave around to file into his collection as if they’re his. I got him the Kobo for fathers day even though everyone told me he wouldn’t like it. At first he struggled with the interface but when he discovered all the free books it came preloaded with he was sold. He loves free. I think I was hoping he wouldn’t like it so I could keep it for myself, ha!!! I would still buy a book if it was one I’d read again, or lend out, etc.

  4. If I started the series in print then that’s what I’ll continue with. Although, I do have some favorites in both formats – books I know I’ll read again and again.

  5. I have this dilemma all the time. I feel I have to point out that I live in the UK and read alot of American authors and feel that it’s only been in the last year and a half more of the American authors I read have been brought into our bookshops here.
    I recently purchased a sony ereader but before that I was buying ebooks in only certain series. For example in the UK I found it really hard to get the first few books on Lora Leigh’s Breeds series so I ebooked it and have been ever since for the rest of the series.
    Another series is Christine Feehan’s Dark Carpathian series which I started buying in books but then switched to ebooks because I was sick of pre-ordering them through Amazon to only get emails saying I would have to wait an extra month or they didn’t know when I would be sent the book because they had run out of copies, even after pre-ordering 6+ months in advance.
    If there’s an author I really really love (Nora Roberts for example) and know I will love the story I will buy the book, and have it sit oh so prettily on my bookshelf.
    But my problem occurs when there’s a series I love and you know it’s going to go on for 10 books or longer (Nalini Singh, Psy-Changeling series for example) I have all 8 books in the series so far but I’m limited on bookshelf space I can only fit 4 or 5 bookcases in my flat and I’m already on my 3rd bookcase. So what will I do when I run out of bookcase space and the series still goes on? I have no idea. Because I love the series so much I may have to buy them all in ebook!
    But to your question above, if you really love the series buy them in paperback because you can read them anywhere, like in the bath or on the beach where its more dangerous for you to read on your ereader. If you like to read in places like that 🙂

  6. Ally – you found the solution! Buy the whole series in eBook format – even those you already own in print! lol I’m sure the publishers would truly love that. And reading in the bath with a paperback…I suppose it’s safer than the eReader…lol Your comment has also made me glad, as a reader, that I live in North America. Poor you with the waiting…

  7. If I own a series in print, I continue to buy in print. But, I do have a problem waiting sometimes so I end up owning some books in both ebook and print. *redface* That being said, I prefer to read on my Kindle if I can so I’m more likely to start a new series in ebook.

  8. FV – I am seeing a common thread here. Jason and I argue because he doesn’t think I should buy print books anymore, but I say yes! But now I understand that I must buy BOTH eBook and print versions of my mostest favorites! Yipee!
    Thanks ladies!

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