Apr 12, 2012

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Guest Post Revisited: Book Girls Are Hawt

Back in 2010, I was trying to come up with a post for the blog.  I started venting to my husband that I couldn’t come up with anything snappy and he said:  “I’ll write a post for you.”  I just stared at him, blank.  Then I thought:  “Sure, why the hell not?!”.  Turns out he can write some pretty amazing posts – who’d a thunk it 😉  I thought since it’s been almost 2 years since his first post appeared at Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks that I would share it with you all once again – because it really it a good one.  And by the way, when he writes for the blog, he calls himself Stanley Dimitrious.  Really can’t tell you why.  

(Originally posted June 14th 2010)

Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks is very excited to have Stanley Dimitrious here today. He’s a hardcore gamer, a first class napper and a fantastic lover (he made me put that in there). He also happens to be my husband.

Although this post will find its way onto a blog that I’m sure 99.9% of readers are female, I do hope that the men take a moment to read it and perhaps learn something that they might have passed by.

I’ve been happily married now for almost 9 years. (Wow 9 years. That makes me sound so old) I have 2 kids, a turtle and a wife who just until recently had nothing she could really call her own as far as a hobby / interest is concerned. Now don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t like there were no attempts made to get her involved into some fantastic pastimes. There was the introduction to video games. That either transformed my wife into a raving lunatic while trying to master snowboard jumping in some game a few years back or into a woman who just stopped giving a shit (like the time when she played Halo, shot at the ground for a few seconds, spun in circles and then proceeded to cease playing and start folding laundry). She also bought all this scrapbooking stuff on our honeymoon to go along with all this other scrapbooking stuff she had from before we were married. To this day I have never seen her scrapbook. (Remember, I said 9 years earlier) Bottom line: It got to the point where I questioned whether there was anything that my wife liked and if it was still acceptable for me to buy video games and electronics for myself and have her get nothing. It was weird and didn’t make sense. That is until she was coerced into reading the Twilight books.

I’m pretty sure that I made a pact with myself at a very young age to stay away from the girl who likes reading the harlequin romance book with the god awful picture on the cover of some Dolly Parton look-alike and some dude who really should be playing football or drinking with the guys rather than prancing around in a shirt that Prince would wear on stage that you’d pick up from the local car wash. Needless to say, when my wife came to me all excited about these books I had mixed feelings. “Oh no! What’s next? You’ll be 400 pounds sitting on the couch with a few cats reading your book smut eating cake icing right out of the container.” Sure there was fear but I could never have prepared myself for what was about to happen.

Being the only driver in the house and living in a small town, I became the ‘book store errand boy’. It wasn’t all that bad at the beginning. The books I was picking up looked like “regular” fantasy novels and I, being a bit of a fantasy fan myself, figured I could pass them off as something by Terry Brooks and be on my way. It was only once I started having to pick up books that made the 16 year old girl behind the counter blush and ask me “Are these the ones sir?” while showing me a book with a picture of a burlesque show girl raking her nails on the back of some dude on the cover that I began thinking “Get me the heck out of here before some of my guy friends see me with this stuff.” At first it was embarrassing but I’ve come to embrace the whole obsession my wife has with these romance books. So much so that when the Chapters book store girl asks me if the books are mine, I’ll respond: “And what if they are, hmm?”

My wife’s reading has elevated our marriage to new heights. It’s truly unbelievable what a little bit of imagination stimulus can do for the female mind. I can see that the stress levels are getting lower and the adventurous and fun side of my wife is shining through more and more every day. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that my wife now has an outlet and has branched out socially through this website that we set up together.

I guess the point of this rant is to never discourage a loved one from following their passion — even if it’s something as simple as reading romance novels or collecting autographs from authors. We men who are married to these book girls are the lucky ones. Because book girls are well… Hawt.

  1. What a great post! And a very romance book worthy name, Stanley Dimitrious. =)
    He sounds just like my husband, though for me he forced me to quit gaming (said he never saw me when I was addicted to a new game) and attempted to teach me how to golf (did not end well). Now I am addicted to books and writing reviews, and he actually brags about it to his co-workers/friends!
    Thanks for reposting this Julie, it made me smile!

  2. Love it! what a fun post! smiles….

  3. What a sweet post. 🙂

  4. Stanley needs to post more at YMAKAC!!! Awesome post and does Stanley have a single brother? 😉

  5. I love Stanley Dimitrious’ posts and this one was one of the best, I’m glad you decided to bring it out of the closet. Stanley Dimitrious should have at least once a month post, he can even post about Zelda and a naked Link riding their big birds. 😉

  6. Great, great post!!!! and a finger up in the air to all those people that say romance readers have unhappy husbands. I hope that wasn’t too vulgar..I didn’t say what finger…:)

  7. Awesome post!!! I think it’s the gamer side that appreciates the reader girl more. My guy is a gamer and he’s mentioned it many times how relieved he is that I read so he doesn’t feel guilty playing for hours or buying stuff. The only time he balked was when I asked him to enter a facebook contest for me (I don’t have one and never will). When he saw the covers of the mostly historical romance books and that he’d have to “like” them, he begged me not to make him do it. He said that “everyone” would see it and he couldn’t bear under the pressure of the ridicule he’d face. I let him off the hook of course, but I still appreciate his willingness to let the house be overtaken by my books and he even builds me more bookcases!

  8. Ah! I always love hearing from guys who don’t judge the romance readers. And really, they’re the ones who reap the benefits! Congrats, Julie, on having such a fabulously wonderful and supportive hubby!

  9. What a great post Julie, I immediately emailed it to my boyfriend to read. You really have a great husband.

  10. Julie! Do you think your husband could teach some things to mine? No, I’m kidding. 😉
    Mine was fully aware of my love of books when he meets me nine years ago and as much as I respect his furious need to make sport (especially football), he respects my passion. He never said anything about me buying a lot of books.
    However, the day he writes something so cute about me and my hobby, I can tell you I’ll shout so loud you could hear me!! 🙂
    PS:Bravo Stanley Dimitrious, your wife is so lucky to have a god in her bed and a so talented writer! 😉

  11. This is so funny and sweet. Thank you for re-posting!
    What a terrific story.
    My husband and I tell each other the reason we get along so well is that we share the same bad habits. 😉
    Reading and gaming!
    He’s the techie that makes my blog and I couldn’t do it without him.
    But going to the bookstore and buying books with romance covers on them? Without me there?
    Let’s just say it’s a good thing ebooks came along…

  12. Lexi – My husband is proud of my blog too. That is actually something I never expected from him. lol

    Christi – 🙂

    Amy – I tell him he can write as many as he wants…as long as they work for my readers and that I can work them into my schedule. lol

    Bookaholic Cat – Don’t encourage him. *g*

    Lup – LMAO!

    erinf1 – Yes! I love that my husband is into games then I don’t feel guilty that I want to read! LOL

    Jordan – He wrote another post about ‘reaping the benefits’. I may have to re-post that one one day. *g*

    aurian – I hope your bf enjoyed it. And yes, Jason er…Stanley Dimitrious isn’t too shabby. 😉

    Zendastark – The only time he complains about my buying books is when he wants a new gaming console and I tell him it’s too expensive. Then he’ll pull out the “lets add up all the money you spent on books and see”. Well, with all the games and consoles he purchased for himself before I ‘found’ reading, I still win that argument. *g*

    Marlene – Jason is much better with getting my books for me…as long as I have them put aside with MY name on them. Once I told the lady at the store over the phone to keep the books under ‘Jason’ and when he arrived to pick them up, he ‘got looks from everyone’. He just kept saying ‘they’re for my wife…she reads a lot…she writes a blog…’ LOL!

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