Apr 16, 2012

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Question – How Do You Break Your Reading Slump?

Last week, one of my mostest favorite people in the whole entire world lost her will to read.  Whatever she picked up, she didn’t enjoy.  It just didn’t click and it made her very sad…which in turn made me very sad.  She’s a blogger like me and she loves to read.  In fact, she reads more than I do!  And she is always so passionate about the book she just finished so it was really sad to see her so low.

What she was experiencing is often referred to as a reading slump.

We’ve all been there:  those days in a row where no matter what book or what genre we try to read, it just doesn’t float our boat.

The first sign is usually feeling bored with a book.  The second sign is you are constantly putting the book down to go and do other things like, clean the toilet or wash and wax your car…by hand.  You know, things you would usually use reading as an excuse to NOT do them.  Third step is trying a different book, maybe a completely different genre or themed book, and still feeling the same boredom with that book.  The fourth book is frustration because damn it, you should be loving this new book because goodness knows everyone else does!  And the final step is curling up in a ball and crying because all the books you try have been meh and you know that you are officially in a reading slump.

When that happens to me, there are two things I may try to break it:  I’ll pick up a book that I absolutely adored and re-read it or I’ll pick up a contemporary romance title that is witty and smart and funny.  That usually works for me.  Thankfully I have not had many reading slumps but now that I have announced that to you all, I am no doubt going to have one any day now lol.

What about you:  How do you break your reading slump?

  1. I am in a reading slump right now and I have 4 out of 5 signs mentioned above.
    I’m currently reading a book which I have started 5 days ago but keep putting it down to clean my room, do my nails, watch Revenge (all 16 episodes), play with the cats, read blogs.
    Right now I don’t have any idea how to break the slump, hopefully I’ll just snap out of it.

  2. Vicki Casso says:

    Reading slump right now. I got too involved in the Game of Thrones books and can’t seem to get into any new books. What to do, I’m knitting a baby blanket for my nephew and his wife who are expecting their first baby. I hope it goes soon because I have the new Devon Monk book to read!

  3. I had two bad reading slumps in my life and I got over with patience and a change of genre. Those moments were linked to my personal life, my mind was to busy to concentrate on a book, as good as it was.
    For now, I experienced another crisis: I’m not in a reading slump but I don’t read as much as I did ’cause I don’t have enough free time right now, and it’s really frustrating when I have so many good books on my shelves! I make up fo it buying more books. It’s endless! lol
    Ps: I hope this post won’t you be dogged by bad luck! 😉

  4. I go back and re-read one of my all-time favorites! That always seems to jumpstart me again!

  5. Going back to re-read a favorite also works for me. Sometimes just powering through the stump works or if it’s really bad, I go to my favorite book store and just hang out for a while.

  6. Sometimes I’ll take a day or two off and veg out in front of the TV. That usually works.

  7. Oh this post is so true. I get really frustrated when I get in a reading slump. In fact I recently reviewed a few books that I rated 2 or 3 and then when 4 has been my best rating for a while, I get in a slump. Here are a few things that I found have worked for me.
    1. Bring out your fav DVD and watch it. I need to step away from the books.
    2. I totally do what you suggested and do a re-read of a book I loved. That totally works except for when you finish that book you love so dearly and the next book you pick up is, meh. Then I slide back down.

    This is a new one thing I am trying right now. I am totally trying a completely different genre. I have picked up a suspense romance. Although I am not finding it very suspenseful I am totally loving the story. Of course it is Julie Garwood, who is one of my all time favourite writers, so I thought I’d give her modern books a try. Completely addicted to all her historicals so I am trying contemp. So far its working.

  8. Ariani – Sometimes slumps do just end. I bet you have very pretty nails now though. 😉

    Vicki – It’s so true how a very good and enthralling book can start a slump because no other can compare. Great point!

    Zendastark – You have a good reason to be a little slower! But yes, I get it that it’s frustrating when you don’t read as much as you are used to. 🙂

    Michele – Me too.

    Paranormal Haven – Just hanging out in a bookstore…is there anything better? Great suggestion!

    Jennifer – Yes, change of scenery/head space. Another great suggestion.

    Michelle – Ooo I can’t wait to see what you think of the romantic suspense! And a slump is actually how I read my first ever historical ages ago. I tried a completely different genre for me.

  9. Northwoman says:

    What works for me is either a different genre or something really easy and fun to read. That would be contemporary romance like you mentioned or a book from a series that is familiar and beloved. Something with humor is also a pickup. Or I go read fanfiction which is shorter stories.

  10. First, you really do need to take a break from reading for a few days. Don’t try anything. And then, pick up a book you loved as a child, one of those you like to reread when you are sick. And then, no matter how many shiny new books you have waiting, re-read a series you absolutely love. That way, you know you are not going to be disappointed by your book. And then, slowly, you will get your groove back, and read the shiny new ones and enjoy them again. Watch a tv series or something, but do take a little break first.

  11. I agree with other commenters, Reading Slump can happen as a way to tell you to slow down with reading. At least that’s how it happened with me. I just lost my interest for books (*horrified gasp*) for some time (thankfully just a couple of days, otherwise it really would have worried me). I was burned out: too much work, not enough sleep, to many review dealines, and in the end I felt bored by books. I “retired” from reading/blogging, gave it a few days of no reading at all, just watched my favourite series and before I knew it, in about 3-4 days I was craving to read something 😀 (Though I can tell you, I was SO relieved!)

  12. *Raises hand* That’s me!! YAY – I’m one of your mostest favorite people in the whole entire world!! WOW what I’m honor. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    What I did to get out of my reading slump, I read a great book, Summoning the Night by Jenn Bennett, that was my antidote for my reading slump. In a sense I owe to you because you “almost” forced me to read it. *hugs*
    P.D. You are also one of mostest favorite people in the whole entire world ( I hope Evelyn doesn’t read this) LOL

  13. It happens sometimes as well, it’s always so sad to be in a period like that. When it’s the case I normally do other things I don’t usually do lol, like drawing or watch some movies/TV shows (yeah because reading takes a lot of time). Like that it changes my mind and I try to reread.

  14. I have to admit I don’t think I have ever had a reading slump and honestly the idea scares me LOL!

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