Apr 21, 2012

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Sins of the Son Launch Party!

On Saturday, April 14th 2012, the city of Ottawa hushed for a moment as Linda Poitevin made her way to Collected Works Bookstore to officially launch her newest book, Sins of the Son, the second book in her Grigori Legacy series.  This is the second launch party that I have attended for Linda and this one was as fun as the first.  A few factors came into play making it such a fantastic evening:  First off, I was in the city without my kids having a totally ‘grown-up’ evening.  Big deal that right there.  Second, Linda is so lovely and her husband is also very nice that it’s impossible not to have a nice evening when in their company.  And third, my companion for the evening was Carmel from Rabid Reads.  We are always a giggly mess but in the very best of ways.

When Carmel, her boyfriend Paul, Jason and I arrived at the bookstore, Carmel immediately went out in search of Linda.  She was busy so we browsed…only to realize that we hadn’t even said boo to our men since we passed the door frame.  They looked around seeming a bit uncomfortable, but they are good sports so they eventually wandered over to us where we told them to take out their cameras because it was photo time.  Jason took photos, Paul took photos.  Then we told them to leave.  Really, they didn’t need much encouragement – you could practically see the dust fly as they left.

The ‘official’ part of the party began with Linda’s husband saying a little word…or two.  Not only is her husband a man who can work a crowd, but he is incredibly proud of his wife and it’s so nice how much that shines as he speaks of her.  At the last launch, he spoke of his dreams of becoming a kept man.  This time around he talked about things Linda was saying while writing Sins of the Son and/or awaiting edits to come back.  Things such as “this is not as good as the first book” or “no one is going to like this”.  Then he followed up the comments by reading excerpts of some of the reviews that have been posted online squishing Linda’s concerns.  It thought it was really fun.

When Linda took to the podium, she said thank you to all her readers (you can read exactly what she said in her launch recap here) and followed that with a reading.  The scene she chose was perfect, and Linda is an amazing reader.  Seriously, she should do audiobooks, she’s that good.  If you need proof, you can hear her read in the Sins of the Son Trailer/Excerpt here.

There were lots of congratulations and lots of people there to show their love and appreciation of Linda’s work.  Of course, I got my copy of Sins of the Son signed and I even got one of Linda’s fancy bookmarks with it.  All in all it was a wonderful evening and I look forward to celebrating book number three.

Here are some photos of the evening.  Enjoy!

Me & Carmel. I think two things when I look at this photo: I really need to remember to adjust my glasses before having my picture taken and, do you guys notice the “Little Miss Giggles” book on the shelf behind us? Very fitting of us together.

Me and Linda.  I made her a balloon flower bouquet.  🙂

Carmel waiting for the reading to begin.  Everyone say hello to Carmel.  “Hi Carmel” *waves*

This photo comes directly from Carmel’s blog.  You see, I looked and looked for the photos I took of Linda while she read but couldn’t find them anywhere.  Then I remembered that I may have perhaps left my camera on it’s Macro setting so all of the photos that I took were a total blurry mess.  So Carmel’s photo it is.

Then I remembered that, after giving up on my camera, I took photos with my phone!  Score!  Yes, they are grainy but hey…it’s a good picture.

I also found this photo on my camera.  Linda at her signing table.

And of course, there was cake.  🙂

And as we were about to leave, we grabbed Linda for one last shot.  It really was a great time.

  1. Oh, Julie, you are SO good for my ego! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I truly had a fabulous evening as well, and you and Carmel were one of the greatest highlights. Thank you again for coming, and for the beautiful balloon bouquet (it’s still gracing my piano top, albeit a little limply now!). Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I love the pictures. I appreciate the blog post as I love reading about author meetings and readings.

  3. What a great post Julie, the fun really radiates out of it!

  4. It sounds like you ladies had a great time. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to go to one of her signings.

  5. How cool that you got to go to a launch party!! It looks like you had a lot of fun…another series for me to try. 🙂

  6. wow it sounded like an amazing event, lol now I’m jealous, thanks for sharing all of this with us!

  7. What a fun writeup!

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